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Without Sin

When it gets right down to it, being human is the best there is. Yet most of us have been taught that being human is the worst. We've been taught that it's not godly to be flesh and bone. We've been taught that we are all sinners, and that it is sin that causes corruption of the flesh.

I don't believe that it is sin that corrupts our bodies - I think it is the consciousness of sin. You see this in so many societies. The Hawaiians enjoyed each other in ways that Christians would consider sinful, yet they were originally one of the healthiest and happiest races on the planet. It wasn't until the missionaries came and gave them a consciousness of sin that they began to have diseases they'd never known before.

I feel that it is so crucial that we remain free of this consciousness of sin. I can't emphasize this enough. I'm not talking about feeling perfect, or feeling pure, or feeling that we have it all together. What I'm talking about is a feeling of total wholeness. When you have this feeling, then you need never feel sinful, even when you absolutely fall on your face. For me, this feeling of wholeness is synonymous with physical immortality.

When you have this feeling, then you can not only forgive yourself for your sins, you can forgive everyone around you. This is the big one. Many people feel so condemned themselves that they're out crucifying everyone else, because they can't forgive their own flesh.

Who on this planet deserves not to live? The mass murderer, sitting on death row? I believe every human being deserves to live. There's only one unforgivable sin - and that's death. If you die, then you can no longer forgive yourself. Everything else can be forgiven.

I'm not out to bring the world a message of immortality. I'm not out to persuade anyone to adopt some new doctrine. The world is so bored with messages. This planet doesn't need another new doctrine.

What I want is to bring people this feeling of wholeness. I want a living that is totally without any consciousness of sin. I want to live with people who make no distinction between sinner and saint. I want a living with people who have a feeling for their own flesh, and who are able to give this feeling to others. I want to give the world a feeling of what this kind of living is like. This is what the world needs. This is what people are hungry for

So Many Sins

Sometimes it's easier to forgive each other for the big sins than for the little ones. What would you do if you met someone who had spent some time in prison? You might decide not to hold it against them. You'd probably feel pretty big about it, too, being so forgiving and all.

But what about the person who said something offensive to you about your business, or about your belief system? Can you forgive them, too? Can you be with them, no matter what? Can you find them sinless in your body?

Many people consider it a sin to deviate from the norm. There are many people who think it is a sin just to be different. This is how people end up sinking to their lowest common denominator.

A Passion For Flesh

Charles Paul, Bernadeane and myself - and all those involved with People Forever - are doing something so special in the world. We're bringing people together who have nothing in common. Immortality is not our common denominator. It's got to go past immortality, otherwise we'll start discriminating between mortals and immortals.

The only thing we have in common is a passion for human flesh that's never been before on the face of the earth. The only thing we share is a feeling for one another that's unadulterated. It's not something you can turn on with this person, and off with another. It's not a feeling you can contain in some little box. It's a feeling that bubbles over, that spills over onto every person you meet.

When you have this feeling, then it's not a matter of right and wrong. It's not a matter of sin. You don't have to repent. You don't have to go to the high priest of immortality and confess all your sins (so that you can feel free to go out and sin again). You don't have to accumulate bad karma and come back as a bug.

When you have this feeling for human flesh, then you can allow a person to make a mistake without condemning that person to death. When you have this feeling, then you can make a mistake without putting yourself on death row. You may have made a mistake, but you don't have to die. You don't have to get cancer. You don't have to get heart disease. You don't even have to get a cold, if you don't want one.

You don't have to condemn yourself for your sins anymore. Instead, just start correcting them. Don't worry about what may look like a sin to someone else. Just be concerned about moving in ways that are complementary to you. Stop worrying about being condemned to hell if you don't change your ways. Instead, start changing your ways because you're condemned to live here forever, and because you want to live better all the time.

Realize that real living is about sometimes making the wrong turn. But what's great about real living is that you can always turn around, even if you've been driving down the wrong road for days.

The Forgiveness of God

Stop waiting for god to forgive you. Take responsibility for forgiving yourself. Be big enough as a human being to forgive yourself and to forgive others.

I hope that telling you to take the responsibility away from god doesn't make you think that I'm a hopeless sinner. I hope you won't condemn me to hell because I talked about god in some way that offended you. If you feel like this, then I guess you've missed everything that I've been talking about.

For me, it's clear that humankind created god for his own purposes. You can see the examples right on down through history. You can see it in the first civilizations that worshipped the sun. You can continue to see it right on down the line, until you get to the more ethereal and sophisticated gods that we worship today.

When I realized that god had always been the creation of humanity, I didn't feel blasphemous. I didn't feel like a pagan. I didn't feel any of these emotions. I felt that I'd gotten rid of all the bogeymen. I felt that I'd come unto the revealing of the mystery. I felt divine. I felt holy. I felt whole.

You may believe that god exists. If so, then I don't want to argue with you. If there really is a god, though, then there's one thing I want you to know: I'm his best servant. I'm living his creation. He created me out of his own image, and from that place I'm sinless. I'm whole. I don't need repentance. I don't need to be forgiven. All I need is to be lived, in the holiness of our flesh, with those whom he created to live with me.

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