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Why Physical Immortality?

In a 2002 article for the website "Better Humans", Bruce J Klein asked the above question and then expanded on the two reasons why he feels people should be considering physical immortality. First, because the advances in human longevity and science suggest that it might be possible, and second; People dying diminishes our knowledge base unacceptably. He also quotes from the book, "Life, Liberty and the Defense of Dignity", by Leon Kass, who was George W. Bush's leading bioethics advisor, who wrote, "After a while, no matter how healthy we are, no matter how respected and well placed we are socially, most of us cease to look upon the world with fresh eyes. Little surprises us, nothing shocks us, righteous indignation at injustice dies out." Klein suggests this is offered as an argument for justifying death - that death is preferrable to stagnation and should therefore be endorsed. The full article may still be available at:, however, the site can be slow to load and the route to the article is no longer obvious.

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