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A Vital Intimacy

Be able to go beyond yourself and your little circle of intimacy you think is so great. Express to others, be able to pour out your heart to others. It’s really something, because without that we stay very limited, limited in our human contact, and we must have greater human contact - beyond what we've ever dreamed. It has to get greater all the time. But it’s not going to get greater when you have an intimacy that you pour yourself all out to and you have nothing left.

I feel there’s a lot of you here that, though you feel deeply, you're still into certain things in your life of intimacy and relationship that you don't have the inclination or even the energy sometimes to pour out to anybody else.

Receive Bernie's call and you’ll be able to live vaster yourself and give it to everybody and everybody will benefit. Everybody you know. Save one life, you save the world. These people who say they love the whole world, they don’t have a clue what intimacy’s about. Right off when I hear a person say that, I go, “Oh, man, this person not only doesn’t have a clue - they don’t want intimacy.” This is their escape. You know, "I love the whole world but I'm not going to love you." It's the same thing with these anti-abortionists who love fetuses but hate people. They’ll even kill people for their love of the fetus.

Once you settle this in your body, it’s a great thing. Then you can really be intimate. You can be intimate with the person in your bed and you can be intimate with all bodies on this earth that are here for you. People that are ready for you and that’s what we’re about. We are about the human touch. We are about the flesh. You need to give that human touch. That touch is why you're alive here today. You need to reciprocate that human touch. Not to satisfy anyone sexually, but to satisfy the hunger of the cells of the deathless body, that flesh, the DNA that’s crying out for that nourishment.

You need me to be fertile with you. If I’m wrapped up in a small world I can’t be fertile with you. I’m sterile. And some of you, as amazing as you are, still you're sterile. Because even if you're not in a relationship you're thinking about, “Well maybe something will come along that’ll be really great.” You still have hope of a relationship. I would like to see you stop all hope of that fucking world, all hope of death. Not even want it anymore. And then you can really have an intimacy and the flow of our life.

We’re out to stop all these little worlds that keep there from being the real nourishment that needs to be for us as physically immortal human beings in this world. This type of movement actually increases your capacity to have an intimate living because you're both so vast, the love is endless. You won’t have to capture or encapsulate what’s really real. It’s either real or it’s not. So, no one’s left empty any more. You don’t have to have a relationship to feel fulfilled, to feel a deep calling unto the deep in your body. In fact, it’s vital you don’t have relationships in order to feel that.

It’s like the story Chuck told of a time Bernie and he made love and they experienced that they were making love to every man and women on earth. What a wonderful feeling. And if you find yourself getting a little bit jealous of that with your mate, then you have issues. You have issues because you're thinking small. Because when you're with somebody and you can feel that vastness, man, you’ve got something together and you’ve got something with everybody. It’s huge.

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