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The Power of Living Unlimited

"Every one has an opportunity to live a life free from limitations." - Bernadeane

"There's such a large life for all of us here as human beings. I feel we have the power over sickness, aging and death." - James Strole

How to own who you are

It's so vital to be a strong individual . . . To be able to feel the emotions in your body but not be knocked out of life half the day, or half a week, or a whole month or whatever the case may be.

The reason your body should be blessed

Bless the flesh, don't discount it. Treat your body as whole and feel your power over sickness and disease.

How to end the addiction to love

If you want to know how to end the addiction to love: If you're living with somebody, or thinking of living with somebody, intimately, it shouldn't just be because you're attracted to them.

Change what you say, change your life

The letter "D" is very dramatic. It has a lot of uses in the English language and most of them are negative. Be done with the negative "D" and then apply it to the rest of the alphabet.

Unlimited people give back and have more

Be stirred to give more and come out larger. When you're given quality, reciprocate quality, and then there's more.

Three signs you're living a dogs life

We're having a real big problem with our dog. She just wants to chase shadows. And she would sacrifice her health to chase these distractions. How her behavior relates to living a life of survival.

Plug in for unlimited happiness

Doing one thing every day that makes you happy is not enough. That's not what will get you in touch with your electric body.

The one revolution you can actually participate in

There's a huge technological revolution happening. But the human revolution is the same old same old.

Make a stand for life and have real togetherness

The greatest religion on this planet that everybody belongs to is the religion of death. People that say they're not religious, it's a lie.

How to end your stress addiction

Create something exciting in your life that matures you and you get off even the worry of time.

The source of more excitement

It's not enough to just live unto yourself - it's not exciting.

Three steps to a better intimacy

To feed your soul you've got to be devoted to one another.

The one ingredient you must have for a successful relationship

When you're together with someone, the tendency is to blend in with that person in a way that you don't step outside the two of you.

The missing link to living forever

This whole world is built with people who are so dogmatic about their beliefs that they're constantly turning on each other

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