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Unfixing Ourselves

Relationship Fixation

When people come together in a relationship, they usually mold each other into a fixed place. Then there is no further movement with each other. They may live for years in fixation, without each individual being able to do what they feel in the moment. This is what causes a living together to go dead, when we fix it right from the start, so that nobody can move freely.

It's not good to try to fit everyone into the same mold - not even in a relationship. Each person involved in an intimate living is an individual. Together they are a collective whole, but each is an individual. Each person needs to move freely. When we try to put one another into a mold, this causes great confusion within the individual. When there's confusion in the individual, there's confusion in the collective whole.

We need to each move individually so that our collective togethemess can be a real togethemess. Otherwise there's a measurement that goes on: one is having more fun than the other; one is loving more than the other; one's being loved more than the other; one's getting hurt more than the other; one gets more attention than the other; one makes more money than the other; one's skinnier; one dresses better. When we try to fit each other into the same mold, then all the measurements begin to happen.

If I think that someone is not fitting into the mold that I've built for them, then I'll think that something's wrong. If I think something's being done wrong, then I'll be out to fix it. I'll be thinking about how to fix the situation. While all the time I'll keep putting myself deeper and deeper into a confused place. Because the truth is that everything happening right now needed to happen. The truth is that everyone is moving the way they need to move. But if I don't see this truth, and I keep trying to fix the situation, then I put myself in hell.

When we put people into a mold, and we expect the same kind of response from each person, then we're restricting the flow of aliveness between us. No two people are the same. Every person is different. Every person feels differently. Every person moves differently. Every person lives differently. So if you're in a relationship, you have to spread your wings, you have to spread your body. You have to expand yourself, and allow the other person who's with you to have the same kind of movement. When we're unable to move freely, then if we're really organically one flesh, it calls for a shake up. There has to be a shaking to bring about a living for each person.

These are the things that cause fear in the flesh. To take us out of the mold is to cause great fear of loss. We've been afraid to step out into the deep of that, to take our responsibility to bring about what we really hunger for. This is a new way to live for most people. We just have to remember that, when we're really organically one flesh, nothing can take us apart, nothing can put us together, and nothing needs fixing. We just need to walk a new way, a way we've never walked before, and to keep walking it moment by moment by moment.

There are no patterns to follow, no rules to follow. You just have to get in touch with the excitement of your flesh. Find out what causes you to feel alive, and then move on it. Even if everyone around you disagrees, you need to move on what really causes you to be alive. This will even help those that disagree. It will help them if you will be free and real about what you're doing. They will see something with you that will cause a hunger in them for something more.

Fixation Cessation

In my own life, at one point, I wanted to fix everything back the way it once was. I thought if I could just do this and that and have it this way, I would be just great. Well, I found it's not possible to do that. None of it was working for me. I was going crazy with it. I was going crazy in my head, and in my body. I found it's not possible to be that old way anymore. I can't fix anything anymore to fit someone's image of how it should be. I came to the end of that. I had to force myself into a new way of living. Now, I find I don't even want to try to fix it anymore. I will always speak my passion, but I'm not going to fix anything. Instead I want to move on, feeling new and fresh, living moment by moment.

I realized that, when we fix one another, when we fix our relationships, when we mold them and try to get them to come out a certain kind of way, we cause restriction and suppression of the flesh. There's no way the physical form can live with such suppression, with such a fixation. There are transitions to be made, and if we're fixed, we can't make the transitions we need to make. We have to keep changing, to keep moving all the time. If we're fixed, and we've got everything fixed just right, then we're never going to be able to make the transitions we need to cause the body to prosper and be alive.

So many things that used to be right, are no longer right for us. The way we eat today is different from the way we used to eat. The way we raise our children today is different from the way we used to raise them. It used to be so right to discipline your child in a certain kind of way, fifty or sixty years ago. It's not right today. What we're doing today is good for now, but it's not right for tomorrow.

This is why it is impossible for your body to prosper if you are living in the past. To go back to try to fix the past is an impossibility. It just keeps us drained of energy, trying to fix something that can't be fixed. I have spent years trying to fix things that just cannot be fixed, no matter what I do. It's just ridiculous to give my energy that way anymore. We need to get on with the living right now. We need to get in touch with what needs to be going on right now, with what needs to happen to our bodies now. It's really important that we go with each person, with what they feel to do at this moment. Every moment is going to call for something different from each one of us.

It may not look right to anybody, but if it feels right to you - do it. Do what feels good - not what looks good to the world. Do what feels good in your body. This is how you prosper. You can do everything right for everybody else, but if it's not right for you, then you're dying with it.

The moment I give to that which isn't really complementary for me, I'm not feeling good in my body. If I'm not feeling good, then I must not be moving in the moment, must not be giving to a freshness right this moment of what really is for me. Instead I must be living in what's happened in the past.

It's really important for me to speak what I'm feeling every moment. It's important that I move on my feelings, that I make them physical, that I let my words become flesh. It sets my body at rest.

When there isn't a rest in our flesh, we need to get in touch that moment with what's going on. Why isn't there the rest? Why does it feel as if there's an upheaval going on inside? Am I trying to fix something that can't be fixed? Sometimes it seems that I should move another way, but when it doesn't feel good, and I feel as though I'm sinking, then I have to get in touch with what I'm feeling right now. What do I really need to be doing? How do I need to move?

When we give to this, we can start hearing the sound of the flesh. There is a sound of the flesh that comes through; that penetrates the brain. When the brain puts out a call to the body, for a response that causes you to feel whole, then you begin to hear a sound from the whole body. It's quite amazing.

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