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The Power of One

The Chemistry of Separation

There is a covert chemistry that exists to keep people from really coming together as one. There's a fear of people really joining together. There's a power in oneness, and people are afraid of that power. So they do their best to divide and separate people, to keep us apart.

Let me give you an example of the way this chemistry operates. I have heard that some people are afraid to bring their friends to our meetings in Scottsdale. They say their friends like hanging out with the people, but they are afraid their friends won't like Jim, Bernie or myself. Other people confide in us that they think we are wonderful, but that they can't stand some of the people who come to the meetings. Sometimes I wonder if it's the same people who are saying both things! Do you see the way this chemistry works, to divide and separate us, and to keep us from coming together in a total oneness?

This chemistry of separation can be found in many elements of our culture, but it can be seen most clearly in our religions and our political structures. It's so easy for religions to make people suspicious of one another. Many religions warn people not to be seduced. Some even predict that in the last days, there will be all kinds of wicked spirits who will deceive many, even the elect. All these dire warnings cause people to fear one another. They begin to feel one another, but then they begin to question their feelings. What they feel with one another may contradict what they have been taught are the right beliefs. So they leave one another because of their beliefs.

Of course, this separation is never preached openly: it is all done covertly. All the religions say that you can trust the righteous - it's just that you can never be quite sure who the righteous are, so you end up not fully trusting anyone.

This chemistry of division can also be seen in the way religions seem to break up into sects. While we were in Israel recently, I couldn't help noticing all the different Jewish denominations. You can go to one section of a city and all of a sudden everyone is wearing these little beanies. So of course they won't have anything to do with someone who isn't wearing a beanie. You cross another street and suddenly everyone has their hair in curls, so they want nothing to do with the ones in beanies.

All these belief systems are created to keep the people from really being one. Their purpose is to keep people from really finding one another. It's the same way in the Christian religion, the Buddhist religion, and the Islamic religion. People separate from others standing right in front of their faces, all in the name of a God they've never seen. Amazing, isn't it?

It's as Paul the Apostle said in the Bible, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." You see, the real war is going on between the gods of our minds. It's the war of ideologies, the war of different belief systems, that maintains a separation and division within the body.

Legend has it that at one time the gods became so afraid of people working together, building a tower to heaven, that they decided to create all our different languages, to sow confusion among us. Supposedly these gods said to each other, "See, the people are one, they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. We've got to confuse them"

I want to tell you that it was no gods coming out of the sky who confused our language, but the gods within ourselves. It was these gods in our minds that brought people down from the oneness they were beginning to feel, and created all the confusion.

These gods want to confuse you. Religion wants to confuse you. Politics wants to confuse you. All these human creations operate to keep a separation going, rather than letting us really become one flesh, rather than letting us create a quality of life that's never before been on this planet. What we've done so far is wonderful, but it's minuscule compared to what we can really do in being one.

This is one thing I feel the gods were right about: there's nothing we can't do when we come together as one. There's a oneness of our flesh together that can absolutely dissolve any disease. There's a oneness of our minds together, a oneness of our cells, that can take care of any problem.

One Road

I must be with those people who are one. I'm not after the many - I'm after the one. I'm after the oneness, the people who can be the greatest individuals on the planet, and yet still come together as one body.

Why do I have to be with the one? The one doesn't have a choice. The many do have a choice. The many can find a million paths to walk in separation, but the one has only one road, has only one direction. The one can even experience an illness that it is not unto death. The many can experience illness and it will be unto death.

I have no choice. If you have a choice, there are many open doors. I don't have many open doors. I don't have many exits. I don't have an invisible dimension to go to. I've already been invisible. I took form. I'm not going back to that which is lesser. I don't care how often I hear of spiritual entities in invisible worlds - I'm staying right here. I don't care how many times I hear that there's a light at the end of the tunnel - I'm not going towards the light of the spirits. The only light I'm going towards is the one generated by the cells and atoms of your body.

I thought recently of a friend who spent many years studying yoga. He was taught how to leave his body and travel to another dimension. He realized later that he was being taught how to die. Oh, Anthony, I am so glad that you screwed it up! I'm so glad that you didn't graduate. I'm glad you flunked your course and became a dropout. I'm glad you dropped out of a system that was preparing you to die. I'd like to begin to see a few more dropouts like you.

I wish there would begin to be such a resistance to this world of angels. I don't understand how people can get so worked up over them. It doesn't make sense. The Bible clearly says that the world to come is not given to angels: "For unto the angels hath he not put in subjection the world to come, whereof we speak." Where are people? Why can't they see the whole picture, instead of just seeing it in parts?

My world isn't given to angels - it's given to flesh, bone and blood human beings. It's given to people who are making a covenant of everlastingness in the cells and the atoms of one another's flesh. We are here, one body, to make a difference on this planet.

Are you here to make a difference, or are you just passing through? If you're just passing through, then you'll leave this earth even more of a mess than it was when you came into it - just as individuals leave the hotel room a mess, because they're travelers. They leave it for the maid to clean up. That's the way it's been. Human beings have always left it to someone else to clean up. We must take responsibility and clean ourselves first, and then we will clean the planet up automatically. But we won't do it if we're just passing through, if we're going from one dimension to another.

Yes, you may say, but what about all the immortals in the other dimensions? Come on down, honey. Come on in and make yourself at home. You say, but yes, I know of a 263-year-old woman who came from another planet. Come on down honey - I'm here. I don't claim to be 263 years old. I don't claim to be from another planet, to keep you from asking for my birth certificate. Why is immortality more credible when it's coming from someone claiming to be an alien from another planet? It's the same division working, the same chemistry of separation that makes it easier to believe when it's coming from the gods, than when it's coming from another human being.

Please, don't let the gods rob us from reaching our heaven with one another. Don't let them keep us from experiencing nirvana with one another. Don't let them take from us the power of one.

Think from a deathless intelligence. Make an everlasting covenant with me, in the cells and the atoms of my flesh. Give up the choice of death and separation. Let the trumpets sound, proclaiming that it's time for all dimensions to come together in the dimension of the physical body, and time for us to remain here forever as one flesh.

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