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The Next Step

I've been thinking about what it really means to break the barriers of aging and death. This often means dealing with sickness, with one disease or another, or with the "dis-ease" among people that creates illness. I've been giving thought to what it means, not to struggle with these problems, but to go past them. What does it mean to go beyond sickness, disease, aging and death, so that we can really live?

There are a number of us who have come together as a body of people on this planet to end death. We genuinely care about one another, and what we have together is very special. But at times I Still experience a gap between us. There is a space between us yet. We seem to have developed a philosophical attitude with one another, a feeling of nonchalance. It's as if we've come so far together, and now we're asking ourselves, "What's next? Where do we go from here?"

There is another step for us to take together. There is a stepping into one another, a step that will take us deeper into one another's flesh.

I want us to be more than a passing fancy with you. There is a connection we can make with one another from the fire of our lives, a connection so deep that it seems to be between our very cells. When we have this, then something resonates in every cell and atom of our flesh when we come together. We feel that we have found our lives in one another. And then we continue to go deeper into each other's flesh.

There is a stepping into a greater cellular bonding, and this is the step that will end the indifference between us forever.

Beyond Mass Consciousness

It's easy at times to let our belief in immortality make us feel separate from the rest of humanity. Reactions from the popular media, and from other people, can make us feel that we're just a little bit "off". We can let our desire for a different quality of life isolate us, and then begin to take on the self-consciousness of being a group. It can even seem that there's a mentality making us feel guilty for being who we really are.

There is a new intelligence that has never before been on this planet. There is a deathless intelligence that must come from each and every one of us. I want to know whether we're going to stifle this new intelligence, or let it bring about a metamorphosis in our physical bodies. Are we going to stifle it for the god of public opinion, or are we going to choose to live and make a difference?

Do you realize that it's never been the masses who have made a difference on this planet? The masses have never given consent to a change that has benefited the rest of humanity.

It has always been a nucleus of people who have made a difference. It's always been a very few who have moved from a passion to bring about something new. It's always been a small core of people who have experienced the potential, and then they have had to keep moving in spite of the gravity of mass consciousness.

So if we're waiting on the acceptance of public opinion, we're never going to bring about the quality of life that we desire on this planet. I know, for myself, that I cannot stop expressing what I feel so passionately, no matter what others may think. My desire is for every person on the planet to awaken from this mass consciousness, but I cannot hold myself back while I am waiting for this transformation to happen.

Beyond Self Awareness

And yet there have been times when I've wondered, "Why me?" Because at times it has seemed that I'm just too vulnerable, too emotional, that I feel too much. It has seemed that this awakening should have happened to someone who could just be intellectual about it, and not care about anything else. Because to absolutely feel so deeply has sometimes been overwhelming.

I experienced this questioning a while ago when I developed hypoglycemia. I took thought, and there was a period when I felt a downward spiraling in which I couldn't even control my own thoughts. And when it seemed that I would be consumed by depression, there was a spark within me that said "No!" I gave and gave to this spark. I let go of my self awareness, and I allowed a whole different feeling to flow through my body.

There is something about losing one's self awareness that takes you away from yourself and the struggle. There is something about losing your self awareness in a sickness. There's something about losing your self awareness in a disease that causes you to experience a quantum leap, into a dimension that is a super power to your body, that offers you super health.

Some people drop this self awareness through meditation or chants. I do it by simply letting the body have its way. I allow the emotions to have their way. I just allow whatever is happening to happen. I give myself permission to go past my self.

Claiming One Another

The other night, I ran into Dale during one of our Scottsdale meetings. There was just a falling into one another. It was what I would term a cellular intercourse, a deep nourishing of each other at the cellular level.

This is what I want to see more of, this falling into each other. Then when you go out in your daily life, you're feeling the essence of that, you're feeling the power of that nourishment surging through your body, and you know that you have somebody with you forever.

I want to live, not merely survive. I want to feel as I've never felt before. I want to feel you. I want the electricity of our bodies to meet and create a greater electricity together.

I'm not looking for some kind of false high. I'm not looking for a good feeling that vanishes as soon as the experience is over.

What I want is for us to make such an impact on one another that we can never become platonic. I want us to be so connected that there's no room for death to have its way anymore. I want to touch you so deeply in the cells of your body that, wherever you go, that touch of me is still working within you. When there come tormenting thoughts that want to flood your mind, your body, I want it to be that the intelligence of our bodies together overrules the negative forces operating within you.

There has to be an alertness of the body intelligence. When a virus enters your system, there's a message sent out to the whole organism, and a sudden rush of antibodies surrounds the foreign invader. As a rule, you never even take thought about this. It happens outside your conscious awareness. This is the intelligence and operation of the body.

I have such a hunger that this begins to happen for all of us. When you're taking thought about who you are, or you're hearing discouraging words, or you're hearing that someone thinks you're really "over the top," then I want a sudden release of antibodies carrying a message of a new life. I want a deathless intelligence to flow through you. I want it to be that you know who you are, that you've found home, and that you don't question anymore.

I just want to pray to you, asking you to never become platonic with one another. I can never feel platonic with you. I never take you for granted. Not for a moment, because I do not experience you as being outside me - I experience you as part of me. Some of you live in me so deep that you keep me awake at night.

I don't know how else to define this phenomenon. I've used so many terms to describe it - I've called it a feeling of being organic, or cellular, or spiritual. But I know that the aliveness of our spirit is what begins to work and stimulate the physical form. I know that the awakening of the spirit is merely preparatory to the whole body coming alive. You cannot separate one from the other.

There is something yet for us to experience together in the opening of our flesh, something that keeps the health of one another. I know that our health is an individual choice, but I also know there's an organic movement that speeds up the process. It speeds up when you, individually, make a decision that nothing is going to hinder you, nothing is going to shake you.

I've gone through some things this past year that have been very uncomfortable. But I've found thatl could not stop, no matter what. My connection with people kept me going. I cannot live by myself as an immortal individual - the body would not continue to function.

I cannot live unless I stimulate others to live. This is what I want each of you to get in touch with - it's your responsibility to speak for your life. I want it to be that you're not looking for someone to believe in what's happening, but that it's your movement that causes your body to become strong. I want it to be that it's your movement making the difference.

I claim you. This is our next step. We have to lay claim to one another, and we have to be passionate in that claim. We can't afford to be platonic or nonchalant. We have to be passionate in our feeling for one another. I claim you as my own - for now and forever.

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