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The Elixer of Life

Putting Our Faith in Science

There will be no scientific discovery - no pill, no device, no secret elixir - that will enable you and me to be here forever. Science alone will never be the answer. Because as long as we deny our flesh, and our togetherness, then humanity will continue to create new diseases. As long as we reject our bodies, we'll continue to find new ways to destroy ourselves, no matter what science comes up with.

Science has already discovered some wonderful cures. Yet we keep creating new diseases. AIDS is the biggest example today. I'm all for science, and everything it can do for us. But we will always create something new to use to kill ourselves if we don't value what our togetherness is about.

When you think about it, cryonics could create one of the most dreadful hells you could ever imagine. Can you envisage how horrible it would be to be thawed out and cured of one disease, only to come down with another a year later, and be frozen again? Would you want to live that way? You'd get tired. You'd get worn out. You'd get frostbite.

Our bodies are so good. We human beings have the most powerful chemical laboratories imaginable right inside our own bodies. We create the diseases, and we can create the cures. Our bodies are so powerful that we can create the best diseases that have ever been, and we can spread them throughout the universe. And these diseases aren't created out of thin air - they're created out of a discomfort with human flesh.

As long as you think your life might be kept through science in some way, then you're denying the capabilities of your physical body and our physical bodies together. And so long as you think that science is all you need, then you'll resist really being together with other people.

Isn't it amazing how people always look for a way out of really being with each other? It would be so much easier if someone would just come along with a pill we could pop. Then we wouldn't have to be together. Then we wouldn't really need each other. Then I wouldn't have to trust you, wouldn't have to put my whole life in your hands.

One thing I love about immortality is that there's no getting around each other. There's no way out but one another. And when we're not rejecting each other anymore, then the biological signals are there in the body, and our bodies can function as they're supposed to.

The Struggle to Live

We see it all the time. We just got a fax from Australia telling us about someone who had recently come to a meeting for the first time. He said he was looking for the elixir of life, something he could drink, something he could swallow with a glass of water. He didn't find it, so he left.

When are you going to be tired of chasing the elixirs? When are you going to be willing to quit looking under every little rock, chasing every new possibility that comes along, chasing yourself to death? Oh, it wears you out. I'm tired of seeing bodies wear themselves out chasing life. It's so important that the struggle end. People don't die naturally - they wear themselves out. And you can wear yourself out looking for life as quickly as any other way.

I find it amazing. We live in a society that mostly teaches death. Yet at the same time, if you listen very softly, you'll hear people struggling so hard to live.

Immortality is not about struggle. It's not about pain. It's not about being perfect. Immortality is easy.

Do you know that there's a resting place for your body? That you don't have to wear yourself out anymore? There's a high for you to have in your life, a high that doesn't require you to take any drugs. There's a joy that you deserve, a joy that's your rightful inheritance.

You have to let it all go. You have to cut it all loose. Then, whatever is going to be there, you're not going to miss it. If there's anything created in science, I'm for it, but I'm not going to miss it when I really open up my guts to be here with you.

Are you hanging on for dear life? Are you still afraid you might lose your life, because you might miss some new little thing that comes out? You can be so busy watching out for some new treatment, some new experience, some new process, that you're missing each other.

Taking Each Other

It's going to take human beings who are willing to give their whole selves to one another, to end death on this planet. It's going to take people who are willing to swallow each other wholly, to take each other down in every cell and atom of their bodies. It's going to take human beings who are ready to quit looking for the messiah pill, to quit looking for the elixir of life.

It's going to take people who know that it's our bodies that keep each other, so that the atomic energy of our flesh can really flow.

It's not about having dinners and lunch and getting to know each other. It's not about superficial relationships. It's not about having someone you can tell your problems to. I've got to have people who nourish me, and people that I can nourish.

All it comes down to is just receiving each other. It's just making a decision that you're not going to leave people anymore - instead, you're going to nourish them as you never have before. It's just about being with you, loving you, caring for you no matter what.

When you've made a decision that you have no other life but one another, then you're not split anymore. Then you've ended the tearing of the flesh. You've given yourself and others permission to be imperfect. You've give up any excuses to leave each other. Then you don't have a laboratory that's creating death on one side, and life on the other. When your body's not split, then something entirely new can happen.

But we need you all. We need all of you doing that together. We need a force so strong that it enables our laboratories to work better than they ever have before.

So, people can say what they want to from now on, but I'm going to have to tell the world what I feel about this. I've tried some of these elixirs myself, but I've realized that they give no life. As long as I adhere to the belief that there's some scientific way I could become immortal, I'm telling myself a lie here in my flesh. Immortality is only possible when I've settled in myself that I am the laboratory, that we are the laboratory together. It's only possible through the caring for each other's bodies that goes past love, through that chemical exchange, through the chemical action and reaction of each other's flesh.

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