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Physical Immortality and Living

The Difference

I've found that being physically immortal makes a difference in how we respond to one another. It makes a difference in how we look. It makes a difference in how we feel.

You don't get physical immortality, you awaken to being physically immortal. You can't do anything to get it - you can't be perfect enough to be physically immortal, or nice enough, or bad enough or anything else. There's no way you can get physical immortality. It takes a cellular awakening, a biological happening.

An Immortal Conscience

Once that biological awakening takes place, we can no longer live the way we used to live. We can't treat each other the way we did before. We now have an immortal conscience.

An immortal conscience is different from a mortal conscience. The mortal conscience calls for control, it calls for thinking all the time how you are to move, live, eat, sleep... the list goes on and on. The control that comes from a mortal conscience can drive someone crazy, literally insane.

An immortal conscience doesn't regulate how I move. An immortal conscience does not control me. I move intuitively without taking thought of my movement. I speak before I think about what I'm going to say, I live before I think about how to live, I love another before I think, "How am I going to love you?"

An immortal conscience doesn't require me to look after you. But because I'm physically immortal, I'm connected to you, I can feel you, and so it serves me to move immortally with you, because otherwise I'm the one that suffers. You might think that you would be the one to suffer if I didn't move as an immortal body, but I have to tell you: I' m the first one to experience the depths of suffering, when I don't move with you in a way that is for you.

An immortal conscience does not require us to worry about other people. Worry stems from self-centeredness and self-indulgence. If you feel so worried about other people, it's because you yourself are so worried about yourself all the time.

Worry feeds on itself, and I refuse to keep the cycle going anymore. An immortal conscience doesn't require us to worry, it requires us to enjoy ourselves, and to enjoy other people. Enjoy immortality to the hilt, to the fullest, and you'll find that you won't have to worry anymore.

Beyond Doubt

I never hear the sound of death coming from within me any more. I don't hear the sound, I don't feel it in my form. Not any one of you ever has to hear the sound of death any more, because really the sound of death comes from oneself.

My self used to have to do with my ancestry, and all the human beings that have been before me. I could hear voices, at one time. I could hear accusations from within, saying "Oh you fool, that you would think that you can be on this planet forever. You fool, that you would think you won't get sick and die. Look around you - you see people dying all the time. No one's ever been on the planet forever."

I'm not troubled by these doubts anymore, because I'm not looking forward to forever any­more - I'm experiencing forever right here, right now. I'm not expecting physical immortality to give me forever - I'm forever on two feet. There is no eternity that I'm waiting for, I'm eternity walking. What I have experi­enced is that, if I'm not eternity walking on two feet, then there's certainly nothing for me to look forward to!

People have asked me, "How do you know when you've really had a biological change? How do you know when you're really cellularly alive?"

I'm finding that the answer is simple - once you've awakened, you can't help but know it, because to be physically immortal is to really know who you are. The dead hear nothing, they feel nothing, they see nothing, they taste nothing - but those who are really alive feel everything.

So I don't hear the sound of death anymore, I don't hear the voices that call me the fool. I'm not subject to my ancestry. I'm not subject to the environment. I'm not subject to Mother Nature. I'm not subject to the zodiac, and what gets reported about it every day in the newspapers.

For me, not one of you is limited in any form. What do you have to say about it? I see you whole right now. I don't see you in need. I see you the way I see myself. I've chosen to treat you the way I like to be treated. I'm free! Let's go on with the living! Let's be free together.

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