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The Body Electric

Doing things the right way will not keep you here with me forever. Eating right, exercising right, doing the right things will not keep you on this planet forever. It may extend your life, but it's not enough to keep you alive and living. There's a getting in touch with one another that needs to happen, a getting in touch with the body electric. The body electric is so important to our foreverness.

There is a song that starts, "You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest...." It goes on to use other images of nature. The song is very moving, but it shows how hard it still is for us to speak directly of what we do for one another. We don't even yet have the language to describe it, so we use familiar images from Mother Nature. We are still strangers to one another, people who do not even have a language with which to communicate, when it comes to expressing what it is we are to each other. We need to find a new vocabulary to describe the body electric that we have formed.

There is a place for people in the medical community to be here with us. We need them moving with us and working with us. At the same time, I want them to get in touch with the body electric of who we are. From this will come forth the knowledge of what we need. Out from the organic body will come the scientific advances. Out from our physical connection will come what we need to be on this planet forever.

There is a place too for body workers, but they must also get in touch with the body electric. Then there will be a nurturing to their work that will transcend the methodology they apply or the skills they have learned.

The Human Touch

The word that flows from us is so electrifying. We do touch the body electric. Wherever we are, we make a difference with people when we speak. The spoken word can even split the very atom of the cell. But putting the word into operafion is imperafive. Only then does our word become flesh. We need to put into operation the treasuring of one another, the treasuring of human flesh. We need the physical touch of one another.

So many humans on this planet have been deprived of the nurturing touch of flesh. People have armored themselves, some even to the point where they cannot stand to be touched. Individuals have shut themselves off, have conditioned themselves not to feel too deeply, not to feel down to the marrow of their bones, to the very cells and atoms of their bodies.

Many who live alone don't experience being touched enough. Some who sleep alone aren't being cared for enough. Others are in relationships, living with others and yet still alone. There needs to be a rushing to these people, an embracing of them, a spending time with them, because the human body needs this nurturing. They all need to feel the warmth of the human touch.

There is nothing like the human touch. It may be wonderful to commune with nature, to experience the various vibrations given off by the plants and the animals, but the bark of a tree is pretty rough - it can't compare to the touch of flesh.

There is a very real, physical energy that is transmitted when we touch another. We have seen it with the hands, with different energy fields and pattems going forth from our hands. There is something in the physical touch which changes and shifts blocked energy in the body. There are cells that will respond. Let the body speak to the body, without any conscious effort or struggle. Go with the language of the body that knows what needs to be touched or moved.

Propel Each Other

There is a touch, a contact, a feeling that everyone needs - not out of any insecurity or lack, but simply because it is a basic human need. Each of you needs to feel that your life is held, that you are really valued, that you are more than a body warming a seat. It's important that your flesh is held, that it is alive in every cell. It's important to even those of you who have been together for a long time to begin to touch each other in a different way. Touch one another in a fresh, new way. I feel that we have not yet completely implemented the holding of one another. We have not yet fully benefitted from the resources that are in one another, even to keep disease away from the body. You can actually lie with one another and experience an intercourse of die energy of your body that nurtures. This is cellular intercourse. This is getting in touch with the body electric. I'm not talking about sexual intercourse, yet what I am speaking of is what makes such intercourse total. Then it isn't just the genitals that you're having intercourse with, it isn't just the sex organs... it's every cell and atom of your body, and through the sexual organs comes then an expression and release of the whole body.

Whatever you do, it must be done from an aliveness. Anything done from a struggle only becomes a greater bondage to you. All that we need will come forth from our aliveness with one another. We cannot control one another, but we can propel one another forward with our aliveness.

There is a fire I want to kindle within the body so that there begins to be a shedding of things without a struggle. Let things go because it's a joy, not because it's a labor. Let death go, not because you are struggling and afraid of sickness, disease and dying - let death go because you're so alive you have no place for it anymore. Let death go because of the joy of your living.

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