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A Religious Story: A talk on physical immortality

I just thought I would tell you a story, my story, my religious story. And then share with you a few things I have learned along the way and then we can have some dialogue and see what happens.

Mainly, my life was consumed with being the youngest of six children and a family, and surviving that - with four older sisters. Then, in my senior year in high school, a friend of mine told me about Jesus Christ and how you're supposed to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour and be born again and have eternal life. That all sounded like a good idea, so I thought I'd try it. That night, after he went home, I got on my knees beside my bed, like he suggested, and I prayed. I asked Jesus to come into my heart, and I asked God the Father to come into my heart, and I became a born again christian. I had a mountain top spiritual experience. It was the first mountain top spiritual experience I ever had. My friend told me about prayer and reading the bible, and I went to church camp that summer.

I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York, in the Catskill mountains, and the fellow that taught my friend in high school how to get his life straight with the Lord, became a minister in Los Angeles. As my brother was living in Los Angeles, I went there to go to college with my brother, and to study with this minister. I was out in California for a year and then decided to go to the church college and become a minister. I majored in bible and philiosophy in college. I was a crummy student in high school, I was one of the failures of American education. I had never read a book by the time I got out of high school, so I fell in love with the bible. When I went to college, after I graduated from high school, I could read King James' english better than twentieth century english. I was in love with the bible, it was really a fascinating study, and it definitely did teach eternal life, that Christians have eternal life. So I gave my life to Jesus hundreds of times, thousands of times, and to God. I was totally dedicated to serving the Lord, and being a good Christian, and having eternal life.

While I was in college, I went to church one day and my friends said that there was a member of the church who had died and that they were having a funeral, and I said, "What do you mean, died? I thought Cristians had eternal life. Weren't they a Christian? I thought they were a good church member and they were Christian, how come they died?". So they said, "Well, Christians die." And I said, "That doesn't make any sense". So I asked all the preachers. There were three churches of the Reformed Presbytarian Church in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania where I was going to Geneva College, and I asked all these preachers and all my college professors,"Why do Christians die? How is it possible to die if you've accepted Jesus and you're now free from sin and death. How can you die? I mean, what's going on here?".

None of them gave me an answer that satisfied me. I was so disturbed by that, I wondered whether or not I should become a minister in the church, because if the church didn't have the answer to that question, what the hell was going on. Luckily, Jesus came to my rescue. Jesus told me I wasn't supposed to be a minister in the church, I was supposed to be a minister to the unchurched. So I gave up that idea and decided to become a businessman.

After I graduated from college, I went into sales and social work and struggled to find my career. It took me about seven or eight years to find my career, and my career was to be a business consultant. In the process I became spiritually enlightened - in about 1960, as the result of a wonderful woman who enlightened me. While I was working my way through college, I graduated in '62, I was working in the library and as I was putting books away on a shelf, I came across this book and the title of it was: "How to Live Forever". I thought, "Well, nobody in the church knows how to do that, so maybe I should read this book." I took that book home and read it and was fascinated by it. I loved the book. It was by a guy named Harry Gaze.

That was a very formative piece of literature because it spelled out at least the idea of physical immortality and put words to something that I had asked about. then I learned about immortal Yogis and then I came across "Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" and other books and the Church of Religious Science and Unity Church and Charles Fillmore, who was the founder of Unity Church, taught physical immortality. I was spiritually enlightened, I believed in physical immortality, and I was working with self-improvement principles, that was, you know, what life was all about. And I kept getting more miserable.

I was more miserable every year. I was able to produce miracles in my own life and miracles in other people's lives: healing miracles, prosperity miracles, all kinds of miracles. But I just kept feeling more and more miserable. For six years. In 1967 I had a climax. I was going to the beach and I jumped off this wall into the sand and there was a coke bottle in the sand that was broken and went into my foot and I started bleeding to death. I actually went blind. I looked at the sun and I couldn't even see the light of the sun. While I was lying there on the beach, deciding whether to live or die - this experience probably only lasted ten or fifteen minutes - I had noticed that my life had been more and more miserable for six years, even though I'd been practising self-improvement and I was spiritually enlightened, and I decided that I was going to live. That I was going to become successful in every way as was measured by the world, and if I was still miserable, I was going to fly my Lear Jet into the Empire State Building as a testimony that life is fucked.

After I made that decision, my eyesight came back, and I went home - I was so nervous that, although I was with friends, I just wrapped a towel around my foot and drove home and I was almost healed by the time I got home. So I recovered from that experience and then went into a state where I slept for a week - I got up about once a day to go to the bathroom and to eat something, sometimes. I was thinking when I came out of that state that I'd figured out what was going on. I realized that my mother had died in 1956, this was 1967 - my mother died in '56 and my father in 1959 - and I realized that the death urge had tightened its grip around my soul and body, and I was dying.

Although I was practising self-improvement - which, actually, looking back at it, you can see it kept me alive, right? - I was struggling with this death urge, which I'd learned from my family tradition, and I realized that this death urge had been trying to kill me, and I was fighting it, all the way, for six years. Then I started working with affirmations like: " I'm no longer a sinner, I'm now a son of God and I deserve eternal life". Basic ideas like that. I worked with affirmations constantly for six months.

Before I went into that experience, I had a brand new Mustang, Ford Mustang, a first generation Ford Mustang, came out in 1966. I swore, because I had a Model "A" Ford in high school, that if Ford ever produced a new model "A", I would buy one, and the Ford Mustang was the closest thing to it. That said, a brand new Mustang, and as a result of experimenting in business and investing in real estate and buying and selling, I had seven houses. So, there I was in Los Angeles, with this beautiful Mustang and seven houses, and I was struggling with death and life. I realized that I needed to go to work and pay my bills and at the same time I didn't have time because I was too busy healing this death urge. So they took my Mustang away, then they started taking my houses away.

Six months later I didn't have any houses, I didn't have any car, but I had my body. Because I realized that my Mustang wouldn't do me a damned bit of good if I didn't have a body, right? And my real estate wasn't going to do me any good without a body either. My body was most important.

At any rate, people think that physical immortality is dangerous - not as dangerous as owning real estate and Mustangs - but I decided to try it and I found that it made my life richer. In fact, as a result of working on healing my death urge for six months, I was happy. My misery disappeared. My misery disappeared, success became effortless, and I felt fantastic. I felt fantastic and succeeded in the world effortlessly from 1967 until 1981 - and I'll tell you what that was about in a minute.

When I was celebrating victory over death, I took a look at all the books that I'd read about physical immortality, and I realized that Harry Gaze had died, and that Charles Fillmore had died, and all the great metaphysical ministers, and leaders, and thinkers that had taught physical immortality, had died. So I re-read all their books to see if they knew anything about the death urge and I realized that they didn't know about the death urge. I thought, "Boy, they were pioneers and they helped me save my life, and they gave me enough physical immortality philosophy so that I could heal my death urge, and now I have another piece of the truth. But I also realized that my body was still doing things without my permission.

I had read about these immortal yogis, so I thought, "Well, I wonder if they're still alive?". I decided to go off and if they were still alive, I would find one and I would discover what they knew that enabled them to master their bodies in ways that I wasn't mastering it.

I met Harry Gaze's wife, and I asked about her husband and she said, "Yes, he was doing a series of two lectures on physical immortality at the Church of Ledger Science in Los Angeles and he died on the way to the second lecture". I decided not to trust anybody who teaches physical immortality unless they were at least three hundred years old.

In 1974, I discovered the secrets of breathing, but before that though, I started a spiritual community called, "The One Year Seminar", because I had a lot to offer. The basic idea of "The One Year Seminar" was not to have superficial relationships, but to have people that wanted to practice basic techniques of self-improvement, and hopefully actually unravel the death urge. So I wanted to meet with the same group of people every month for a year, to see if anybody could unravel the death urge in a year, because, it took too many years of stabbing in the dark. And even if you're not stabbing in the dark, the death urge has it's own emotional logic. I've learned a lot about the death urge.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about. After I unravelled my death urge, I began studying death, I became fascinated by death, I love death. I wanted to know everything about how it works. I used to go to convalescent hospitals and study dying people, in order to figure out how death works. Every time somebody died in my environment, I would go and talk to all the relatives until I figured out exactly what it was that killed that person. Jesus tried to do the same thing. He said, "If you believe not Moses and the prophets, neither will you believe the one raised from the dead but I'll do it just in case". He was right, nobody got the message, raising him from the dead didn't save anybody, not even his own disciples. Everybody who dies, dies for us, to teach us how death works.

To study death is very enlightening. I realized that death has no power - Jesus said that, right? He said it doesn't have any power except what you give it - he demonstrated that it didn't have any power because he did it and it didn't work. He resurrected his body, and many yogis have resurrected his body. I have a book called, " Physical Immortality for Christians" and it's about the five immortals of the bible. Jesus wasn't the only one in the bible who conquered death.

One of the reasons why I like the Shiva Purana - the Shiva Purana is my favorite scripture - is because it covers millions of years of human history and it's about people who live for millions of years on the planet: and some of them are still alive today. The Shiva Purana tells in explicit details, how to master the body and how to conquer death. I have some copies of my newsletter which I'll give to those of you who are interested, because it has a chapter from the Shiva Purana on how to conquer death and the way it was taught millions of years ago - and the rules haven't changed. The rules of the body, of mastering the body, are the same today as they were millions of years ago, because nature is fundamentally the same.

So, we had this group, this "One Year Seminar", and out of the seventy people or so that started in the group, probably only one of them, that I know of, unravelled his death urge, during that year. One of the things that I learned about the death urge is that some people can't even feel, or begin to work with their death urge until after their parents die. And that makes it kind of elusive. It's very elusive, so when the death urge hits you, it's like a ton of bricks, and you feel like committing suicide.

I was suicidal for two years, from 1965 to 1967, and was fighting off suicide with all the metaphysics I had absorbed, all of the philosophy and religion that I had absorbed, and I fought it off successfully, until I figured out that it was really the death urge that was killing me.

Healing the death urge is a major step in mastering physical immortality; and healing birth trauma's a major step; and getting a handle on what I call the "parental disapproval syndrome", your parental conditioning, is a major step; and healing the religion trauma is a major step; and healing school trauma is a major step, because school immobilizes people in a lot of ways. So we have to survive all these major sources of trauma and get on the other side of them.

I had this one experience, I'd been immortal for a few years and I started writing about it and talking about it and one day, I got up in the morning and I realized that I had fear. I had fear about going out of my apartment because death might be waiting for me. I thought, "It's not going to be any fun being immortal if I have to be afraid of death all the time". I was sitting in my bed and I decided, "Well, I have all this physical immortality philosophy, lets try some out". I decided that I was just going to surrender to death to see if it had any power to kill me. I said, "Death! If you have the power to kill me, now is your chance". I laid down on the bed and said, "Come and get me you bastard. If Satan, or the angel of death or whoever you are, has any power, now you have a golden opportunity, and you better get me now, 'cause this is your last chance." I just laid there and this energy just went right through my body like that and I thought what my friends are always saying to me, "Leonard, if you keep thinking this way, something terrible is going to happen to you", and I thought, "Uh-Oh, I did it. Maybe I'm dead".

So I was lying there like that, wondering whether or not I was dead, I was seriously wondering whether or not I was dead, and then I finally got the brilliant idea, "Well, why don't you check?". It felt like I was wiggling my fingers. My other hand seemed to work. I checked out my body and . . . I was still in it. I wondered what happened, because there was this definite experience that something left.

I got up and went about my business and I felt like I was in a vacuum. I felt dead, like an empty piece of flesh. I went about my business for a few days and then all the richness and beauty of life and feeling just came back into my body and I felt just unbelievably fantastic. And when I was meditating that experience, I realized that what had happened is that I had depended upon death, lifetime after lifetime, to get myself out of trouble. Death was my only trusted friend who always got me out of trouble, and I gave up this old friend. I was suddenly living, for the first time in all eternity, without my old friend death. I had to get used to that. It took me a couple of days to get used to that in my body, and then my body felt even better. And you know, I've never been troubled with fears like that again. When I get up in the morning, I'm not afraid to go out in the world.

Then I discovered rebirthing - and that was a relief, because I'd been talking to these people for eight months in the "One Year Seminar", and talking gets real old. Rebirthing saved me. I would have quit the self-improvement business that year, if it hadn't been for rebirthing, because you don't have to talk. You just lie down next to a person and guide their breathing rythmn and wonderful things happen. Eternal life comes into their body and they tingle and vibrate and they feel like they're levitating and diseases disappear and it's really magical, miraculous. Rebirthing saved my career in the self-improvement business.

Rebirthing is like a river, it just pulls people into it - it flows. It's a river of life and it flows, and people come into it, and it just flowed and flowed to ten million people all around the planet. By the time I had shared it with a few hundred thousand people, I was working in Sweden one time, doing two trainings - a regular training and an advanced training back-to-back - and the morning of the day I was supposed to start the advanced training, I was unable to get out of bed. I didn't have enough physical, emotional or mental power to move my body. I felt the same way the next day. Luckily I had an assistant and she started the training so I didn't have anything else to do but figure out what was going on with me, and I realized that I felt the same way that I had felt in 1967 when I had unravelled my death urge. I realized that I had relearned the death urge from my students and that it was worse than the one I had learned from my parents.

In one of my seminars called, "Unravelling the Birth Death Cycle", I talk about how, if your married to a deathist, then there comes a point in your relationship when you have to choose. Either you have to choose to go back into death again, or you have to choose to let the other person pass out of your life. That's a tragic realization.

I didn't make it any secret that I believed in physical immortality when I taught rebirthing, in fact it was a prerequisite for all my clients. I presented physical immortality in all my introductory rebirthing seminars because I figured, if people couldn't handle the idea of physical immortality, I didn't want to work with them. That's such an elementary philosophical concept that if people can't handle that, how are they going to handle the real stuff. That's the way I taught rebirthing.

Of course, rebirthing as it has expanded has evolved mortal branches of rebirthing as well as immortal branches of rebirthing and I'm in the middle of the whole pile. I gradually just absorbed so much death urge from working with hundreds of thousands of people that I was immobilized, totally immobilized. I went home to Cambell Hot Springs in Sierraville, California where I have six hundred and eighty acres and hot springs.

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