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A Religious Story: Continued.

Even before that I had met immortal yogis. This was in 1981 and I had started meeting immortal yogis in 1977 and practising what I was learning from them. They taught me about diet, because the real answer to why Christians die is that most of them eat themselves to death. They don't really believe in eternal life, but they also eat themselves to death because the body does have certain limitations and certain rules and we have to honor those rules. So I learned about diet and I've done extensive fasting. I did an 87 day fast. I fasted 3 days a week for a year, Sunday and Tuesday were just liquids and Mondays without food or water. That was the only other time I became suicidal. When I was fasting without food or water I became suicidal because if you don't eat, what do you have to live for? Your dedication to life has to be beyond food.

I've met immortal yogis that had fasted not only years but centuries. The common denominator of the immortals of the bible is that they fasted without food or water for forty days. I haven't done that yet. The longest I've gone is three days without food or water. But it's one of my goals. If you're going to be immortal you can do a lot of things. Why not live without food or water for forty days and see what you can learn from that. That's still one of my goals. My lovely wife is a raw-foodist and she's been living on raw foods mostly for a year or more and she got me to do it for three months at the beginning of this year and it didn't kill me. I'm moving in her direction.

Each time I went to meet these immortal yogis, I went with an ulterior motive. I wanted to learn the secrets of what made them immortal and so I got to study eight immortal yogis. I met eight of them who were over three hundred years old, three hundred years in the same body, and some of them are total masters - they look like teenagers. I studied what it was that enabled them to be that way.

I noticed that they had the philosophy of physical immortality, they understood metaphysics, they were meditating and doing mantras. All the ones I met worked with the mantra "Om Namah Shivaya". Basically the idea of mantra is that we have fifty thousand thoughts a day and they're not necessarily healthy, good for our heath, so the idea of mantra yoga is to pick the highest quality thought you can find in the universe and then to master that thought and to remember it twentyfive thousand times per day, half the time. So you keep looking for the highest quality thought in the universe until you find it, then you master that thought and then that thought takes care of you. Because we do manifest our thoughts.

I then learned that they bathed twice a day. The reason I learned that is that, as the discoverer of rebirthing, I spent more time in a bathtub than anybody in history. But I didn't bathe twice a day. I spent up to eight hours in a bath tub but not necessarily every day, twice a day. After I had that experience, of noticing that Babaji taught that you're supposed to bathe twice a day, it took me two years before I decided to try it. I made an agrreement with myself that I was going to bathe twice a day every day for thirty days, and I did that. I liked the results so much that I never stopped. From time to time I would miss one and I noticed it didn't kill me.

That's one of the most profound things I learnt from the immortal yogis: the things that really work are simple and obvious and subtle. For example: Most of us, never think about the sun. We never meditate on the sun, we don't worship the sun, we never give it a thought but what would our bodies be like without the sun? They would be solid blocks of ice. So the sun, from the standpoint of all the other garbage that you have in your mind, is a subtle thought. But without that subtle thought, and the influence it has on the body, which isn't subtle at all, we wouldn't go very far, very fast.

The real things, the real powers in the world are subtle. Although you can survive a day, even a year, without bathing twice a day, it cleans the soul. Christianity is based upon baptism, but baptism is the symbol of water purification, and water purification is to clean and balance your energy body with water. So I noticed that. I also noticed that the immortal yogis had already learned rebirthing, which is energy breathing - cleaning the energy body by breathing. Then there is diet and exercise, or an exercise system that works for you, that keeps your body in good shape.

And I noticed that they did a fire ceremony every day, and sometimes many times a day, and I noticed in India in the Sadu lifestyle, they live with a fire twentyfour hours a day. I've read stories about the immortal yogis - and the stereotype of an immortal yogi is that he lives in the forest with a fire, twentyfour hours a day.

I came home, after being totally immobilized, and I was sick of people. If anybody threatened to tell me about their phsychological or emotional problem, I wanted to solve it for them permanently. I was up to here with three hundred thousand students. So I went into the forest and I stayed in the forest - alone. We had all this dead wood around from a forest fire about fifteen years before and it was a fire hazard, so I decided I would burn it safely, because controlled burning prevents accidental burning. I was burning this wood - I had a huge fire, I had reached the point where I could really make them big - and I noticed at the end of the day, after burnng this wood for ten hours, that I felt fantastic.

There was a community meeting and I felt so good that I decided to go to the meeting. I went to the meeting and I felt miserable again. Next day I went out and spent all day with the fire, ten hours with the fire. And I kept doing that until I finally noticed that the fire was burning away the death urge. I realized that fire burns away the death urge more efficiently than any of the other elements and anything else that I'd ever tried. So I started marketing that idea, and it's penetrated the rebirthing community to some extent.

The last crisis, and this is the end of my story, happened in '88. In 1981, I had taken a year off and spent the year with the fire. At the end of that year I new what it felt like, for the first time in my life, to have a clean and balanced energy body, because I was fasting; I was bathing twice a day; I was getting plenty of exercise; I was doing all the breathing that I needed to do; and I was spending every other day, ten hours with the fire, all day long, and then I would sleep with the fire every night. I had earth, air, fire and water built into my life, and of course, I was working with the mantra and other stuff.

At the end of that year, I was so pure that when I took a bath, I would just levitate out of the water, half way, up to my waist, and I realized that if I kept doing what I was doing it was only a matter of time until I could stand on it. That's when I came up with the idea of spiritual purification. It really got clear for me, spiritual purification, cleaning the energy body, is the secret to enjoying the physical body. And that's the secret to having pure love, because when your energy body is pure, you can really see people, you can be with people. If your own stuff is so muddy and so thick that you can't see other people, then you can't really be with people. The gospel of spiritual purification is my gospel. It might make me weird, but I find that it keeps me happy. It makes my life work. It saves my body and keeps my body in good condition. Spiritual purification.

So, in 1987 I was working too hard again, which was seven years later, and you're supposed to take a sabbatical every seven years, so I took a year off. I'd wondered about senility, because I'd studied in convalescent hospitals and when I wrote my physical immortality book, I included a chapter called "Aging and Youthing", the Science of Aging and Youthing - I invented the word youthing way back in the sixties as the opposite of aging, and I sign all my letters "young Len Roger", I'm young Lenny - In that chapter I said that aging and senility is the beginning of the youthing process. If you haven't mastered your body by the time you're senile, then what is life going to be like on the other side of senility? Is there going to be another side of senility? Are you willing to live through senility?

All these questions I had to face in 1988. I took a year off - I thought I was overworked and burnt out - and I spent it with the fire. But at the end of that year I was still miserable. I was healing full time. I was doing the practices and healing full time for a year, and at the end of the year I wasn't healed like I was in 1981. I didn't feel like working again. I thought, "This is interesting, but if I want to keep my body, I better try another year". I said, "If it takes another year, I'll give it another year." I gave it another year, and at the end of that year, I still wasn't healed. But I was healing full time and I went through one terminal disease after another. After the first terminal disease that I healed, I thought,"God should come down from Heaven and give me a medal, because I have practised physical immortality to the extent that I healed this terminal disease and I deserve a medal from somebody". But he didn't.

Then I got another terminal disease and I thought, "This is interesting". But it's miserable, fighting off terminal diseases. So I healed that one, and then another one came and I thought, "How many of these do I have to heal. This physical immortality shit isn't as easy as I thought". There were times when I felt that physical immortality was the most stupidest idea I ever thought of or wrote about and I wished I could die and the sooner the better. But I was curious. I wanted to find out what was on the other side of all of these terminal diseases. Healing them was such a fascinating process.

I had alzheimers disease, at one point and I was acting like this, and I thought, "Jesus this is funny, my body's doing this funny stuff, without my permission, what the hell's going on here?". It was so funny that I laughed myself into a cure. Alzheimers was one of the later ones and I went through it in about six weeks. It was fascinating. It's just fascinating to see what your programs are. To watch them manifest and to work them successfully, and I was in unexplored territory - you're all in unexplored territory. I realized that, if I want to be immortal, I have to heal all of the terminal diseases that were given to me by my family tradition, by my lifestyle, and by the karma of my soul. Whatever's given to you, you have to do it.

I was in bed for four months - I would get up twice a day, luckily by that time I'd learned to get up at three in the morning. I would get up at three in the morning, take a bath, go for a walk - I would walk for about a mile - feed my horses, thank god for my horses, and I'd go back to bed until three in the afternoon. I'd usually manage to eat something and go back to bed til three in the afternoon. I'd get out of bed at three in the afternoon, take a bath, go for a walk, feed my horses and go back to bed. That's the way I lived for at least for months solid. It was amazing to me that I could get out of bed twice a day - most people don't when they're in that condition. I was able to do that. Bathing gave me something to do, something to live for. Discipline, spiritual discipline.

It went on, year after year, for five years, from 1988 to 1993. I call that my senility course. When I was in about the fourth year I thought, "People spend four years in college, and what do they get for it? A piece of paper that for all practical purposes is worthless. So if it only takes me four or five years to survive senility and I've learned something that's real and valuable, then five years is nothing in an immortal's life span". We make such a big deal out of our suffering and suffering is interesting, pain is interesting. If you study it, you survive it. If you don't study it, it keeps beating you up.

I survived senility, and do you know what life is like on the other side? There's nobody over there but you. It's beautiful. What happened is that all the self-improvement principles that I had been working on my whole life worked. For the first time, effortlessly, they all worked. When you're on the other side of senility you're so clear there's no reason for them not to work. The patterns that I'd had that had bothered me my whole life, just fell away.

But years went by and nobody called. None of my friends. None of my associates. None of my students. Nobody called me. I was out there in space somewhere and there was nobody out there. I noticed that. It's like I left their universe and they forgot all about me. They probably remembered me the way I used to be, but they didn't remember me as still being alive somewhere in the universe. I found out when I called them, that they were glad to hear from me, but I found I had to initiate all my relationships from then on. They were glad to hear from me; they would organize seminars; I would go and make lots of money; Life was still easy - except I found that I could also get myself back into misery by absorbing too much death urge.

I learnt I had to moderate. I had to balance participating in the world and participating out of the world.

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