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Live When You're Surrounded By Death

Doing Life

It's so important for each person to create their own life: not to watch what's happening, but to become a creator; not to be a person who has a message about physical immortality, but to be a physical manifestation of that immortality. There's a difference between a person who walks around preaching, and someone who walks around living what they are, someone who's taking it on at a biological level.

There are so many things to preach about. People can get together and have meetings on how to do their nails. And sometimes people are a lot more focused on a subject like this, because it's right there in front of them.

It's so easy to talk about Jesus. It's so easy to talk about Buddha. It's easy, because people have already created formulas for it. All you have to do is forget everything that ever happened to you, and devote your life to your savior.

Well, I'm not telling you to do that. I want you to remember everything that's happened to you. I want you to use it to touch people's lives. I want you to use it, not to come up with the answers, but to come up with the energy to live when you're surrounded by death.

You see, most people are busy doing death in this world. They're doing dying. It's become an art form. But there aren't a lot of people living.

I don't have a formula for immortality. I'm not trying to walk a straight line: I am a straight line.

A Deeper Bonding

I want you to know that there's a bonding together of people who have agreed to die. There is a heavy bond in death of people on this planet. You can see it in every aspect of life, whether it's in relationships, or religion, or business.

We who have agreed to live must have an even deeper bonding: because unless we bond with each other in this way, then I'm just an experience for you; unless we bond together, then we're all just experiences for each other - and I've seen them come and go.

We must have a bond that goes beyond sex or god or money. We must have a bond that is greater than all of those things. Otherwise, my life is not going to be kept. Our lives will not be kept if we leave it up to a relationship, a business, or a religion.

We can't be inactive and be physically immortal. It's so easy for us to fall into victim mode. It's so easy, because that's what this world is about. This world is about victimization in every way you can imagine. I don't wantus to become victims in a death oriented world. I don't want to see us fighting to overcome death.

I want to feel that there's nothing else you can do in this world but to prosper and live life to the fullest - no matter what anyone else says or does. I want to feel that you're not a victim of some screwed up world, but that this world is your creation. We can't be submissive. We can't be passive about our lives.

Do you have it in you to touch somebody, to let them feel your aliveness? Do you have it in you to go beyond what they look like, beyond what they feel like? Do you have that kind of passion in you? Can you generate an aura that people around you can feel? Can you walk around with that life flowing out of you? Can you be that for each other?

I want us to be able to walk up to each other and not see a relationship or a business deal, or good-looking or ugly. Instead, I want us to go so deep with each other that all we can see is the cellular structure.

Let's go beyond all the images of life and death. Being alive doesn't mean having a bunch of muscles. It's not having good looks. It's not having a lot of money. It's being money. It's being prosperity.

If you're still lost in the images, then you're still lost in the criticism. Are you a part of this critical world? Are you going to make love with this critical world, or are you going to make love to me?

Feel who you are. Get in touch with who you are. When you look at people, look at them and see so much more. See so much more.

Demons and Angels

I was reading a magazine article recently about the atrocities going on in Croatia. People really do want each other dead. It's humanity that creates these horrors. Humanity creates atrocities, and therefore you have heaven and hell on earth.

The hell and heaven you hear about are not located in other dimensions. They're both right here. You have your demons, who are critical people. You have your angels: people who sacrifice their lives. I don't know which ones are better. I don't want to be either one. I like being a human being living on this planet. I like being a human being who actually does something, something outside anyone's images of demons or angels.

Nothing is going to stop me from moving in the world, because I'm not part of this heaven and hell polarity that goes on constantly. You need to put yourself outside of it. Your circumstances are not controlled by your surroundings. Stop thinking that you're living in heaven or hell.

I'm not talking about forgetting alertness. Alertness is very important. Alertness is part of being alive. But we do have to step out of the heaven and hell concept that exists on this earth, or we'll never do anything or go anywhere: we'll live our whole lives in fear of every little thing.

If I give the strength and power of who I am away to this heaven and hell chemistry, then I would never get on a plane, never do anything that puts my life in the hands of someone else. I'd be constantly worrying: am I walking into heaven now, or walking into hell? But I have an energy and aura that radiate from my own form, that control the situations around me. You must have this intelligence in your everyday living. If you want to stay alive, then you have to breed who you are - you have to send that intelligence to other people.

This is the power of the physical body. You can keep a plane in the air just by what you give to the people who are flying it. You can change a situation around you, just by what you give out.

People often feel that they only have two choices when dealing with the world: either you become part of it, or a victim of it. I'm not doing either one. I'm creating a whole new realm. That's what we have to do with each other - create a whole new realm of movement.

We have to become a little immune to this world. Because if you're going to try to do everything right, then you will fail. If you try to eat the right food, be around the right people, get the right amount of sleep, walk down the right streets, choose the right lifestyle, and do all the right things, then you're going to become part of this world and die like everybody else. There are just too many ways for you to fuck up. You will never cover all the bases. We're going to err - it's part of life. You're always going to do some things that your body is going to have to become immune to.

I know I can't live my life by always being a good immortal. I have to be able to live in this environment. I have to be able to be in the smog and inhale it. I have to eat some of these preservatives, even though I know they're not good for me. I have to be able to experience some stress when I'm stuck in traffic. I have to put up with some bullshit in the business world.

We're going to have to become bigger than these things. The physical body is going to have to become more powerful than these things to survive. I'm not condoning an abuse of the body. But there are certain situations that you are not going to be able to avoid, and you're either going to fall victim to these things, or you'll become bigger than them.

There's too much negativity to take in. I can guarantee that every one of you experiences at least a hundred negative inputs every day. You will not cover your ass all the time.

You have to be able to transmute all of this. I want you to understand why we are together in Scoftsdale: we're constantly regenerating each other. We're rebuilding our physical bodies all the time. We have to have this regeneration with one another. We're not going to get it from vitamins, from medicine, from a perfect lifestyle, from a perfect environment - we get it from each other.

You're alive right now. Do something with your life. Stop being a victim of your situations. Become bigger than your situations. Don't see what everybody else sees. Don't feel what everybody else feels.

I've done a million bad things. I've been on the streets. I've punched people in the face. I've done drugs. I've screwed around. I've done all the hell and I've done all the heaven too. I've done all the good things. I've given away my life. I've sacrificed to help other people create their own personal little heavens.

I experience things to the extreme. I experience just as much hell, just as much heaven, just as much intensity and chaos as every one of you - probably more. I've smoked. I've drank. I've eaten greasy fast food. I've inhaled vitamins like air. I've taken blue-green algae, grape seed extract, goldenseal, vitamin C, vitamin B, ginseng. I've got enough of the good and the bad foods in me to have a totally annihilating world war right in my own form.

I want to do yoga, to lift weights. I want to do fasts, cleanses. I want to meet the right people. I want to have a beautiful house with a beautiful wife, beautiful husband, beautiful dog, beautiful cat, beautiful air outside I can breathe, beautiful car, beautiful people.

That whole image is what kills most people, because it doesn't exist. That's the beauty of it. The beauty is that heaven and hell don't exist.

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