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The Spirit, The Quickening, The Rapture

The Spirit of Man

There is a spirit of man! At times we have overlooked this spirit, or have been unaware of it, or perhaps we have been afraid of it - but it does exist.

What is the spirit of man? It is that of the physical body and yet it cannot be seen. It's that which you cannot see with your eyes, cannot hear with your ears, cannot taste with your mouth. You can't get hold of the spirit of man with your hands.

The spirit of man is that which causes one to be alive or dead. It's not a sickness we have that brings us death - it's the spirit of man that brings about aliveness or death. It's not something we can see that is our aliveness - it's the spirit of man.

Our bodies are capable of functioning totally as though the spirit didn't exist. The brain, the conscious mind, can sit and have a conversation with you and be in total agreement with you -and yet all the time the spirit from within can be saying "no".

The spirit of man is that which can either tell you the truth or lie to you. It's not the conscious mind that does that, it's the spirit.

Any form of death that manifests itself is by way of the spirit. Any drug addiction is by way of the spirit of man. Anytime one feels a cellular aliveness, it's by way of the spirit of man. Anytime one is willing to let go of death, it's by way of the spirit. Our immune systems take form by way of this spirit. None of this happens by way of taking thought - it's all by way of the spirit.

The spirit is the feeling that comes from deep within. It's that which fills up the whole body, which is felt by every cell.

Your spirit is that which allows you to hide in yourself, because no one can take hold of your spirit. I can take hold of your hand; I can have a conversation with you while your spirit is moving - but I can't touch that spirit by way of a conversation or by way of holding on to you.

I cannot touch the spirit of you. I can't touch the spirit of you by my greatness. I'm powerless with you when it comes to your spirit. Only you are going to allow me to go deep in you. Only you can allow your spirit to move to the depths with me.

Our conscious mind won't keep us alive. Nor will our physical abilities keep us alive. The greatest athletes in the world have died. The most physically fit people have died. The greatest yogis have died.

Man can believe in immortality by way of the conscious mind and still die. He can eat right, he can move tremendously - and he can still die. A person will not live as long as there is, from within one's own form, a repres­sion of the spirit of man - it's not possible.

This is why we need to unleash our spirits! We need to feel the movement of our spirits. I'm calling for a feeling that you can't take hold of, a movement of your form that you can't put your hands on.

By allowing the unleashing of our spirits we can be free from all the ways in which we, with our conscious minds, seek to imprison ourselves. It's the conscious mind that takes thought of how the body should move. The spirit doesn't take thought of how we're supposed to move, the spirit of man just moves. It's time we unleashed the spirit to feel the movement of us that goes past our conscious way of life. This will take us away from all measurement of ourselves with one another, all self-consciousness.

Consciously, I never wanted to be the way I am today.

Consciously, I had a whole different way of life planned for myself.

It's not my conscious mind that has brought me to where I am today - I have unleashed the spirit of me and it has drawn unto me who I really am.

The Quickening

Notice that, when Bernadeane spoke about the spirit of man, she never once mentioned the word "spiritual."

There have been whole mythologies built around the spiritual dimensions. They have been created by religious systems in the propagation of death, and they keep a hierarchy of spirituality on the earth, with the body outside. They have hierarchies of spirituality in the other dimensions, in the realms of the priests and angels in heaven... all the way to God. Who knows how many different chains of command have been created out of images of measurement? In this way man has measured his body right out the door, outside with the beasts of the field that die.

Without the body, there is no spirit. Only when the body is brought into the holiest of the holies, can there be a real freeing of the spirit. This is why we can't call ourselves "spiritual" - we can't separate spirit from body. All of the dimensions are physical. If you could see microscopically into the movement and the working of the body, you would see the aura color depends on the state of spirit - the state of body - because the aura is nothing more than the aliveness of the spirit.


Bernadeane spoke of the spirit that moves out of inspiration and doesn't take thought. Out of inspiration there is an enlivening of the spirit. Without inspiration, the spirit is passive or asleep: there is not the firing of the cellular connection that keeps the fne burning.

Whenever we take thought of our expression or our movement, there is a limited aliveness. When anyone gets up to express and takes thought, they fall flat. But when you move out of the inspiration of your aliveness you touch everyone in the room, because there is but one body.

This is why I've said that the Pentecostals have had something that they don't even realize. What they experience when they are "filled with the holy spirit" is the unknown of the cellular body. They begin to get in touch with the immortal memory, apart from the program of the mortal. Some are known as the "holy rollers" - they have lost the conscious mind and the body is taking over. What's amazing is that many are healed of sickness and disease through these experiences, because the spirit begins to move freely. They believe that it's God healing them, but it's really the release of energy blocks in their bodies.

This is why I sometimes express the way I do, because I'm abandoned in my movement. I can suddenly feel something and everything that I'm feeling at that moment is unutterable, so I may begin to speak in tongues. What is it I am expressing? It doesn't need any interpretation. It doesn't need the conscious mind to interpret what is going on. There is something going on in the body itself. There is a language of the body.

When you awaken to being physically immortal you begin to remember from a memory molecule. You begin to remember the deathless intelligence and it begins to be manifest. It doesn't give a damn what language is spoken - it just begins to come forth. That's the aliveness of your body!


This is where we bring the integration. All the philosophies and doctrines and programmings have split us individually and collectively, because of the death-oriented culture that everyone has been born into. There are those that have gone into religiosity in an extreme way - they feel that this world means nothing to them. Then there are those who feel any movement of religiosity, anything having to do with spirituality, is uncomfortable. There are these two opposing forces and both are preparing to die! One is evolving to go into another dimension which is perceived as greater. The other is evolving right into the ground with nature and plant life, but he too feels he goes on eternally, regardless of the form he takes.

I understand what Paul meant when, according to the Christian Bible, he cried out and said "Oh, that I may know him in the power of the resurrection." There was something in Paul that was groaning for a change in the intelligence of death that operated in the body. What the people of that time didn't realize was that in hearing the words Jesus spoke, they were beginning to hear him in the power of the resurrection. It wasn't about him walking out of a tomb after three days - that was just symbolism. The real miracle was that Jesus was resurrected out of the ancestry of death while he was walking on two feet. That's the greatest resurrection of all!

The greatest resurrection that Jesus experienced was coming out of the wilderness of his own experience of death. Once he came out and knew who he was, he began to move and touch bodies and he made a difference. It will be the same when you come out of the wilderness of your own genetics of death: you will begin to touch humanity in a way in which they have never been touched before!

The Kingdom of Heaven

When the body begins to awaken there is a quickening. Have you noticed that when you begin to speak about physical immortality, there is even a twitching of the flesh? Something begins to happen. There is a quickening - a making alive. Many of you have begun to feel this stirring for I have watched it. As a people, we have been brought to the point that there could have been a singing as one voice, but because this feeling was foreign to you consciously you shut it off. If you could allow yourself to release that discomfort and move in the joining of the cells of your body, it would transcend the conscious mind. In that kind of movement you can go beyond any death or disease that is trying to take you.

Allow the quickening. Allow yourself to be made alive. I want you to know that the kingdom of heaven is all right here within the physical body. It's how deep you want to go within yourself to remember and awaken the memory molecule that will determine whether you are going to experience the holiest of the holies manifest from you - the total remembrance of your immortal genetics.

You no longer have to be subject to death and dying, or any sickness and disease. It's time for us to tap into the holiest of holies and connect with one another. This is not to be done as one identity - not as a god - but as one global body, connected biologically. This is when there will be a synergistic movement as there has never been before. Then humanity will not be able to withstand, because to do so then would be to deny his own body.


Let it be that all of the images about Jesus fall away that we can really experience that one sound that Charles was expressing. We have only touched the surface. That same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you. It shall quicken your mortal body. We've said that we are physically immortal now, but the reality is that the physical body has been mortal. It takes that spirit' that energy, that inspiration to quicken the mortal body. Without that you're still the walking dead.

You can create all sorts of wonderful mental concepts about physical immortality, but your mind will block the integration of the body and the spirit. That's why some people go so far as to be what has been termed "carnal," while others swing to the other extreme, to the spiritual side. It's the mind that causes the split. But if you feel that anointing that breaks the yolk, then that lifts up the mortal body, and causes it to mount up with wings, so that you can run and not be weary, walk and not feel faint.

Within you dwells that same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. I'm talking about the spirit that can raise you from that sleep of humankind that has caused the body to die when it should never have died, that has caused you to be depressed and to have diseases that you should never have had. The diseases aren't yours, but you think that by somebody cutting them out it will get rid of them. You are not getting to the source - it's your spirit that's dead. It's your spirit that you've allowed to be suppressed, that has not enlivened the body. You're not getting to the source when you cut out cancers, you're just passing it off. When you patch up a dead body, all you still have is a dead body.

Again, it's our mind that has done the dividing. Within the medical world it's even been determined that the mind is not separate from the body, as they once thought. The mind isn't that which directs every cell of the body: the immune system is also giving signals to the mind. The body functions as a whole. There is no separation in reality, except in the consciousness that has ruled mankind for as long as we can remember.

This is what I experienced in meeting and coming together with Charles. It wasn't that he was speaking physical immortality - I'd heard that before and I had already embraced the idea of it - but with him I experienced the integration of the spirit, a totally unified function of the human flesh, once and for all.

Stop trying to escape through the spirit or through the body. There are those that have escaped through the body just as much as those through the spirit. They don't want to hear anything about us, they just want to live the physical life, with all of the gusto of the physical body: they die just like those that give only to the gusto of the spirit. The difference is that those who give to the spirit world believe that they will go on. The ones that live the physical life want to escape the spirit.

Our Real Safety

This same spirit will raise you out of your fear of public opinion. The only reason you care what other people think is that you are asleep. The only reason you have any fear of loss is because you are walking in that death. The fear of loss keeps you captive. When you allow yourself to move from that spirit, you will not be afraid.

Some people have expressed a fear that some maniac could try to take our lives, to prove that we're not immortal. What is our real safety? Putting guards at the doors? Having guns in the room? How can I walk on the planet and be who I am and not have to worry about being assassinated? As long I'm operating out of a mortal body, it won't matter how good I am, I will still be subject to death on every level.

We can only find safety in one place: in the sound of our bodies, the spirit of our flesh that raises us out of death.

When I have that safety then the bullet will miss, the gun will misfire, whatever happens my body will be safe because I'm raised out of that death. This is the only real safety. You could surround yourself with everything man has created for his security and it would ultimately fail.

What we are really doing on this planet is resurrecting bodies from the dead. This is not happening by going out and preaching to people, it's by being resurrected in the cells and atoms of your body - when you're touching people from a whole new place. If you are resurrected in this way, then someone else will be moved even by touching the hem of your garment.

How much have you allowed yourself to come out of that deep sleep? How deeply have you allowed yourself to move from that inspiration?

Do you only allow yourself to feel inspired at certain times? You can feel alive, feel inspired, at every moment. You can feel inspired when you get on the bus, when you sleep, when you are sipping a glass of wine with someone. Then you're not ever cutting off your spirit with your mind and saying that you are to do this now: "I'm in a restaurant now so I'm to act like this...."

You're to be alive at all times. Quit cutting off your spirit! We've only scratched the surface so far. That stirring you feel at a meeting is not an unnatural thing - it's a natural thing. It's not something for you to only feel occasionally - it's something you can feel all the time. You can feel that good and that joyful all the time.

You don't have to return to the deadness to feel grounded or normal. You don't have to return to the dead state to function. You may think that's the only way you can function because you have functioned that way for so long.

I want to see you bent over on the floor with the rapture of me. I want to see you inspired with me. Then we cause an awakening that we can sleep no more. Many have expressed of an immortality that existed at some time in the past - it wasn't immortality then, because they died. They went back to sleep again. We're talking about an awakening such that you never go back to sleep again.

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