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The Sound of Forever

There are three words I've been thinking about a lot lately. So I looked them up in the dictionary to see what Webster had to say about them. The first word is "immortality", and in the dictionary it says "forever". So I looked up "forever", and "forever" is "endless". So I looked up "endless", and "endless" is "without beginning or end". I thought it was interesting.

Being physically immortal, living forever and being endless are totally opposite to the way our genetics have trained us to be. They are totally opposite to the prevailing belief system of this world. This is why it's so important to take on being forever, to feel yourself physically immortal. It's good to keep telling yourself that you're endless, until something finally happens in your body.

Begin to hear the sound of being forever. Hear the sound of being endless in your form! Unless we experience this, we will not be able to be with people, because people who die remain unto themselves. People who experience being endless, and being here forever, automatically draw other people to them.

Quite a few people have said to me, "Well, I'm not so sure about immortality, but I like being with you." Well, I am immortality! Don't think you can have one without the other!

I have received myself as immortal. Don't wait to do the same for yourself. Don't wait until you're sure, because either forever happens now, or it never happens. Either immortality happens now, or it's not going to happen for you. If we do not agree to immortality now, then death is having its way. It's as real as that.

There is a wonderful sound of endlessness. There is a sound to foreverness, to immortality. It sets people off. It vibrates throughout the body, whether one agrees or doesn't agree.

I've always heard this sound. When I was in sixth or seventh grade I would walk the cow pastures in Washington state, and I would hear this sound. I would play, and jump around in the hay, and I kept hearing a sound. I could walk out in the fields with the poppies and I could hear a sound. I went to church, but I still heard a different sound, and nobody was saying anything about the sound I was hearing.

As long as we keep waiting for some great truth, for some great reality to come from somewhere else, other than our very own form, then we're never going to experience who we truly are as immortal flesh. We have to receive ourselves as immortal. A belief in being physically immortal will do nothing for you - you must receive yourself as already immortal. It's what we already are.

We have a reason to be together, and it is for an endless life together, to nourish one another in wholeness, and away from sickness, disease and death. That's our purpose for being together. We have no other purpose, as far as I'm concerned!

You have to choose one way or the other. It's powerful! It'll take you into a new kind of intimate relationship. You'll treasure the person you're with so much that you will refuse to allow anything to come between you. You will move from an immortal conscious awareness, and you won't play around with another life. You won't be able to. It will be impossible.

Better get on the boat with me. Let's not sit on what we are - let's move our butts together. Why do you think you are reading these words today, anyway? Why did you put yourself in contact with me? Oh, go with me in this. I need you to go with me. I cannot live alone, and I can't live without this kind of coming together.

I've been accused of being "too much" at times. Well, I'm the too much that is needed! I can't stand being still, slowing down, not being who l am. I don't want to get in touch with myself anymore - I want to move and be with you! That's all I care about.

I've been called all kinds of things. I really don't know what I am. For me, I hear the sound, and when I do, I have to move. I cannot suppress that. I refuse to.

I'm glad I found desperation in my youth. I'm glad I couldn't cope. I'm glad I created every situation I've had in my life: even the ones that were very painful. It wasn't so bad for me to create some real pain in my life, so l could get in touch with real living, and real people.

I was willing to go down the road of superficiality at one time - not anymore. I've gotten in touch with being alive, and I know where the source is. It's not in youth, it's not in old age, it's not in middle age, and it's not in the future. The source of aliveness is a sound - it's a sound of the flesh. We need to quit putting a damper on it.

I had to make a decision to be endless, and to go with that, when it looked like anything but that. It is not just a conscious decision. I made a conscious decision, but it went throughout my whole body. I was permeated with a decision to be forever!

Now I only hear that beat within me. I only hear the sound of foreverness. All I can hear is a sound that says I am to be alive, now and forever. I can't even find the other anymore.

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