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Technological Self-Transformation: Expanding Personal Extropy

Although not specifically focussed on physical immortality, in this article (Originally published in Extropy #10 (4:2), Winter/Spring 1993), Dr Max More proposes a refreshing, exciting alternative to the more common assumptions about the requirements and outcome of human longevity.

Starting with an Extropian philosophy, he discusses "Self-transformation", a process he describes as: "a virtue because it promotes our survival, our efficacy, and our well-being. As a dynamic process of self-overcoming, an internally generated drive to grow and thrive, it is the very essence and highest expression of life".

As he puts it: "A commitment to self-transformation means a refusal to acquiesce in mediocrity, a questioning of limits to one's potential, and a drive to perpetually overcome psychological, social, physiological, genetic, and neurological constraints."

And furthermore: "The extropian commitment to self-transformation coheres naturally with the extropian desire for extreme longevity and the quest for physical immortality".

He points out that not only will we need to continually change in order to keep up and ensure a fulfilling life, but that by extending our life and changing to meet its challenges, we will become the truly mature adults we were meant to be.

"A long-lived and deeply mature person will be quite different from the humans of today ... In comparison, all of us today are callow, undeveloped infants. We make our decisions based on a narrow perspective arrived at after a small number of years, like the view of a dark auditorium illuminated by a solitary spotlight. Our senior selves will have come to understand their own and others' motivations, desires, and behavior far more deeply; they will have experimented with many more ideas, cultures, and relationships. These senior selves will look back on their first century of life, and see their early selves as immature and impulsive, ignorant and ignoble, making decisions largely in ignorance of the world and of their own selves."

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