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Resting in Each Other

The quality of our togetherness

Spending a lot of time with each other doesn't necessar­ily bring about a quality in our living. It's not how many times we are together, nor how many good laughs or cries we have together, that make for a real nourishment with each other. It's the quality of our togetherness that counts, not just the quantity.

It's not a matter of how many times you have tea or coffee or cappuccino with each other, or how many drinks you have together, or how many times you call each other on the telephone - it's your feeling for one another. The essence of what we have established, and what we are bringing about in the world, is a rest with each other, a rest with who we are. What this rest means is not having to prove anything to each other, not having to compete any more, not having to try to establish a relationship - it's having already established who and what we are together, to the depth of the marrow of our bones, to the shallowness of our skin.

A rest

I love this about us, that we have created a rest for one another, a rest that has never existed on this planet before. That's so important, because you're going to want to rest somewhere, and the choice is either going to he to rest with me, to rest with other human beings on this planet, or to find your rest six feet under the ground.

That's why people have died, because they haven't been able to find a rest with one another. Until now, until us, there has not been that total cellular rest. There has not been the rest that comes from having made contact with people who aren't going to leave you, people you don't have to worry about leaving you.

Instead there's been the anxiety of laying in bed at night and wondering who's going to be with you the next day. There's been the wondering if those around you are going to misunderstand you and not be there for you the next day. There's been the struggle to cover every little detail, to make sure no one would have an excuse to leave you. There's been the fear of losing those closest to you, no matter how great a relationship you might have created with them - one day a friend, the next day an enemy, perhaps even an enemy who would want to kill you! That's anxiety, that's stress. There's no greater stress on the planet than what has been because of the unrest we have created with one another.

This is why people have feared intimacy so, because the closer they have gotten to each other, the more they have feared losing each other! This is why they have avoided really experiencing deep feelings with each other, really feeling everything with each other, because to feel so much for each other, and to feel so uncertain of each other, has just been too much.

The greatest gift any of you can give me is the rest of feeling you to be with me forever in the cells and atoms of your flesh. The greatest gift is the bond that is there right this moment, such that you can never forsake me, you can never forsake one another. The greatest gift is the knowing that no matter what goes on in the world, we are a body of people that can never forsake one another, can never turn on or from each other.

I'm so grateful that we have found our very own flesh. It doesn't matter what belief systems there are, what philoso­phies come forth, what wars rage, how many people battle - you've found your resting place, you don't have to war any more. You don't have to compete any more. You don't have to walk around with the anxiety of wondering if your world will tumble.

My Kingdom

You're my world. I already knew the buildings and all the things around me could fall, I knew they could tumble, I knew they could crumble with age. I knew for me that I had to create something on this planet that wouldn't crumble on me. I knew I could ask that the plants and the buildings and the mountains not crumble on me, and I knew they wouldn't respond.

So Charles and BernaDeane and I have asked you not to crumble on us. What is dying? It isn't the grave, it isn't the deterioration of your flesh - you died way before that, you died when you crumbled on me, when you crumbled on human flesh. Dying is when you let yourself turn on or from those who held their hands out to you and offered to hold your life and to take your flesh forever. Dying is the measurement, the condemnation, all the competition that comes up with each other, the constant criticisms, whatever can keep you from really being there for me in every cell and atom of you.

Dying is having questions of your kingdom, questioning what your kingdom is. My kingdom is made of flesh and bone. And my kingdom has many mansions, many houses, many doors.

Let's have a greater rest with each other than we've ever had before. Charles and Bernadeane and I are finding a new rest with all of you. It used to be that we were so busy processing you all of the time, that we never had time to really enjoy you! Even if we went out to a party, we would end doing a little "extracurricular" processing in a corner somewhere.

We're not doing that anymore. Now we're going to parties, going to clubs, going out to play miniature golf, and we're partying with you. So wherever we go, whatever we do, I'm going to be myself with you, no matter what. I refuse to become a guru, I refuse to isolate myself from you, because I know that you are my flesh and blood, you are my nourishment, you are my rest. To try to isolate myself, to try to withhold my energy from you, would be totally contradictory to what I feel.

The rest that we feel with each other isn't dependent on how often we hug one another. Let's not hug each other just because it's the immortal thing to do. A hug can be as superficial as a handshake. We might as well go back to shaking hands, or patting each other on the back, if we're going to make hugging an immortal habit, if we're not going to do it with total feeling.

I can imagine that Charles and BernaDeane and I will soon be speaking in coliseums. When that happens, I may just have time to hug one person, and that one hug will have to be felt throughout the entire audience, to the marrow of the bones of every person there that night. If only one person spoke that night, and we had 10,000 people in the coliseum, you would have to feel like that would be you speaking. We have to feel that rest with one another, even when there are thousands of us, even if we can't all hug each other every time we get together.

The Bottom Line

It's a wonderful feeling to go to bed at night knowing that, no matter what dreams you would have, or what you might go through in the night, that I will wake up in the morning and still have you. Even if I might have made a mistake the day before, by not talking to you enough, or not saying just the right thing, it's great to be able to just laugh it off, to know that I don't have to worry about it, that ypu will still be there for me.

If we can't find this rest with one another, then we're still in the old world, we're still doing what's always been done. We're not here to create a new philosophy about immortality, we're creating a togetherness that will last forever with each other. If you are not clear what we are about, that's what we are about. If you are not clear that's what we are asking for, that's what we are asking for.

That's the bottom line. When all the dust has cleared, when everything's been said and done, when all the tears have fallen, when all the fog's been cleared, that's what we are about: flesh of each other's flesh, bone of each other's bone.

When the fog clears and I can see you there, that's what counts. When I've had that nightmare that night, but I can wake up in the morning and see you at my house, that is what counts. When I feel you in my heart, when I hear a message from you on my answering machine, that's what counts. That I can know that, whatever Storms might be raging in you, I know you're with me. That you can look at me and you can say, no matter what's happening to me, I'm with you.

When we feel this rest with one another then we're not just talking about oneness on earth, we are walking biologically together, we're creating a oneness that's spreading throughout the planet, a oneness that can't help but spread, like a new bacteria, a new strand of flesh. Then it's spontaneous, it's bubbling over, we are drawing to us, we are spreading biologically, because we are one flesh together, inseparable, unshakeable.

When we have this feeling together, then the understanding doesn't matter - we pass the understanding. Because at times, perhaps, it hasn't even made sense for you to still be here with me, it hasn't made common sense, it hasn't made intellectual sense. But you're here anyway. Our being together passes the sense, it passes the right and wrong, it passes all our geographical areas, all our fears, all our anxieties, all our self-consciousness.

And yet you still have a choice. The wonderful thing is you have the choice whether to feel me. It's not an uncon­trollable urge, it's not something you don't have any power over. Any time that you feel something coming up in your own body, something that would want to pull away from me, or anyone else, you have that choice in the moment how much power to give to it, you have the choice whether to be with me forever or not.

What's wonderful is that we have given each other that choice, right now, to step out of our truth, out of our genetics, out of evolution, and to say, "Yes, I choose you above everything. I choose you above death. I choose you above immortality. I choose you above myself." This is the rest we are creating with one another.

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