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Physical Immortality and Death

The Personality of Death

Some time ago, I was in touch with a man being treated for cancer. During his illness, he became aware that he felt himself to be two different people. At times, he would experience himself as immortal and eternal, without any disease. Then at other moments he would find himself to be the person with cancer. This second person was a distinct personality, a separate person also living within his flesh.

This man was confused by his experience, because he could sometimes see himself to be the person without the cancer, but at other times the person with the cancer was there. The first person seemed more real to him, while the second person seemed like a ghost from the past, a haunting from his ancestry. And yet, what astounded him was that the person with the cancer was stronger!

In this assessment, I'm sorry to say, the man proved right, for he died soon after.

Multiple Personalities

I don't believe that this man's experience was some rare, isolated occurrence. I believe all of us have multiple personalities to some degree. I think most of us are even aware of these personalities at some level. We tend to think of them, though, as transitory and ephemeral. We think of a personality as no more than a collection of certain thoughts, emotions and behaviors, without any real substance. We think we can put them on and take them off as easily as we change our clothes.

What we fail to realize, many times, is just how physical these personalities are! There is a certain chemistry of the body that accompanies these other traits. There is a chemical action and reaction that occurs within our bodies when we think a thought, when we feel an emotion, and when we perform a behavior. And a certain collection of thoughts, emotions and behaviors, when repeated over time, can cause illness, and even death.

We must really get in touch with what's going on at a physiological level. We must become aware of what is really happening within our physical bodies. We must realize that everything we do has an effect, everything we think has an effect. We must be willing to really shake ourselves, so that we can walk completely free of this chemistry.

Personality Clashes

There are feelings of isolation and separation that go with these personalities. There is often a feeling of irritation when different personalities clash with one another. When people can't get along, we often say that it is due to a "personality conflict."

There are national personalities. There are also personalities associated with certain religions, and cultural backgrounds. When conflicts between nations and ethnic groups arise, it is often because of clashes between these various personalities. Personalities create conflicts at all levels, from interpersonal relationships, to family feuds, and even to wars.

Attachment to Personality

People can become very attached to these family personalities. When I first awakened to immortality there was a chemistry of me that was different. I began to speak my feelings about immortality, and my father became enraged with me.

You see, it wasn't so much what I was saying that made him angry. If it had been just my words that disturbed him, he could have laughed at me, he could have disagreed with me, he could have called me a fool. But instead he became enraged. Why? Because he could feel a change in my chemistry. He knew immediately that I was going outside the family structure.

These personalities come from very deep in the ancestral line. There is often a family pride, a sense of distinction that feeds this chemistry, keeping these personalities alive. There is a sense of identity that comes from these family personalities. In fact, a person often feels incomplete without them.

This is why it is so easy to go with a certain personality. It's so easy to go with a familiar chemistry, even if it is associated with a disease. There's something familiar about disease; there's something familiar about sickness; there's something familiar about experiencing mood swings and depressions. There's something familiar about all of this, because it comes from deep in the family structure.

Breaking the Shackles

For me, what I have discovered is that I cannot struggle to break my connection with a family tree. I cannot struggle to change my DNA. But what I can do is this: to be not conformed to that impulse - to be not conformed to that familiar program. Instead, I'm to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. I'm to be transformed by the mind of the body, the intelligence of every cell, with the brain serving as a conduit for this intelligence.

When this happens, we begin to wake up all over. And as we wake up, we have the power of choice. There is a new mind that begins to operate, and then we're not conformed to a past program. This renewing of our minds then brings about a perpetual state of transformation.

We cannot struggle to end death. We cannot struggle to end disease. But we can be renewed as we give consent to an aliveness of our flesh. We can give consent to a flow that occurs within our flesh, a flow that goes beyond the rigid structure of personality. We have the ability to respond, to take action, to move.

Perhaps it seems too difficult to affect our DNA directly. Let's begin then, by changing our personalities! They are connected, anyway. I do not believe we can change one without affecting the other. But to do so, we must be willing to step outside that family structure. Only then will we be able to walk free from death and disease.

I feel so thankful for what I'm feeling now. I'm forging into new areas in my own flesh. Go with me in this! Let's begin to see with different eyes: not the eyes of the body, that can see only what has already been created. Let's begin to see with the eyes of the soul! Let's have such a singleness of vision that we can only see our unending aliveness as it continually unfolds.

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