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People Who Need People

I was thinking today of how I treasure people, of how thankful I am for everyone, of how much I worship and idolize the people around me.

Go All The Way!

It's so important that you go all the way for someone else to really live. You need to go all out for them, to pull out all the stops, to keep giving yourself to them. It's important to keep going for other people, to keep moving for them, even when you might get tumed down or feel rejected. I want to encourage you to do this, because I've certainly never lost anything in going for another person. On the contrary, I have received so much from this movement.

I've experienced the loss of other people. I can tell you that it's much better to love and give yourself all the way, than it is to withhold yourself from a person. Even if you later lose someone, it's still much better to have gone all the way with them. There's something wonderful that happens to our bodies in this kind of giving of ourselves.

I've been thinking of Jim's granddaughter, Alex. I don't know if I'm going to have her with me always. I could think about many things that might cause me to question whether she and I will be together forever. Yet I have this feeling to keep going for her. I'm not going to withhold my love because I might lose her someday. I'm not going to be careful and take it easy with her. When Alex is with me, I do everything for her. I dress her. I go shopping for her. I adorn her. And she feels this caring and giving.

I give myself like this to every person I'm with. I'm constantly building people. I'm constantly giving. I never withhold myself from anybody. I don't discriminate. I don't move more for one than another. I'm not prejudiced. Every person matters.

We need to overflow with this kind of passion for humankind. I was thinking today of how I treasure people, of how thankful I am for everyone, of how much I worship and idolize the people around me. I'm not intimidated by how people feel about my love for others. I'm proud of it. I'm proud of the way I feel.

I haven't always been like this. There have been times when I have taken thought about my movement. When I did, I put a damper on myself. But when you move in such a way that you never use or abuse human flesh, then you can always come from the realness of your person. Today, I have a freedom of movement with all people. So many people want to be free - well, this is true freedom. I know, because I've set myself free.

Yet I can only go as far with someone as they will allow me to. I don't apply pressure on anyone to be with me, or to be a certain way - that's not what I'm talking about. It's important to be sensitive as well.

Oh, I'm so thrilled to be alive. People have often said that Chuck and Jim and I sound too evangelistic. That used to bother me, but it doesn't anymore. There's nothing wrong with being evangelistic. I'm proud to be called evangelistic about people, about togetherness, about human flesh. I'm proud to be who we are on this planet, and to be doing what we're doing.

It's OK to Need People

There's a sensuousness of flesh that I'm feeling. It's a feeling of being so whole, so complete, so fulfilled. It's not something we feel because of something we've done - it's because of who we are.

There's a sensuousness of the flesh you feel when you truly love one another, when you feel so alive together. It doesn't mean that you have to respond in any kind of way. It doesn't mean that you have to respond in a sexual way. There's a sensuousness that lifts the weights of life off your shoulders. This sensuousness of your flesh is derived by way of being with one another.

I'm often asked why I have this need to be with people. So many have a hard time understanding why we holds so many meetings. Often I hear these questions from people who are coming from a metaphysical background, or from a spiritual place. They feel that all they need are their spirits. But I like the song that says, "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world." I don't need spirits, but I do need people.

This is a touchy area. I have no interest in taking anyone's spirits away from them, or in taking anyone's god away from them. But I'll tell you what: if you really move with me, pretty soon you won't even be thinking about these things. You will have fulfilled it all in your body. We're not giving up anything, but we're fulfilling things as we go along. You don't have to give up your god to walk with me, but you do have to fulfill your god - otherwise you won't want to walk with me, you'll be too busy with your god.

My Guardian Angels

We really do make a difference with one another. Some people feel that they have guardian angels, but I have found bodies that are caring for me and keeping me. One of them is Shmulik BenDror, in Israel. I used to be very afraid of flying. Then Shmulik began getting a copy of our schedule every time we flew, and he would constantly think on us while we were in the air. He really made a difference for me, and I found a new rest while we were traveling.

Then, on this last trip, I had the strangest feeling. In the middle of the flight home I began feeling so nervous. I couldn't understand it until we talked to Shmulik and Raya today on the telephone. Shmulik said that he lost our schedule, and so he didn't know when we were flying. I could feel the difference.

We need to do this with one another. We need to be the energy that will let nothing happen to each other, even if something is wrong with the plane.

We make a difference with each other. Any freedom from death doesn't come from just one of us as a lone identity - it comes from all of us. It absolutely comes from our interaction. We have to get closer than we've ever been to each other. We need to get more intimate with each other all the time.

Experience the More

Go all the way with one another. lets go all the way so we can open up to experience more of each other all the time. There's more to be experienced. We're never going to stop changing. We're never going to stop moving in this world. We're never going to stop being with one another. We'll be bringing about a newness and a freshness with one another all the time.

Oh, I'm so excited about all of us. Keep moving and keep changing. When you're alive, you can't stop and get stuck in something for very long - you want to fulfill it and move on. It's exciting to be alive.

I'm here to experience the unknown of us. I know that there will always be the unknown of us that we need to open up to. Open yourself to live more than you ever have. There's no end to the expansion of us, no end to the unfolding.

Open yourself to more people. I'm excited with the ones I know today, but I hunger for more too. What I have today is not enough for me. I'm ready for more. You're what is exciting to me. I want more and more and more of you - more people!

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