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Outlive It!

No matter what you're going through in life - whether you're experiencing joy, sorrow, pain, confusion or depression - the most important thing to do is to outlive it!

Living is like a roller coaster ride. If you really let go and live, and stop trying to control everything and everyone around you, then it's like a roller coaster. One moment you're up; the next moment you're down. no matter how you may try to control it, you can't stop the ups and downs - all you can do is hang on for the ride.

Determined to Live

I see people who are ill, or in some sort of other negative situation, and who fall into despair. And I wonder what it will take to end this fear that people experience, this fear that they won't make it through?

Lately I've been recalling stories of individuals who had been in wars and were captured and tortured. Many of these suffered beyond any extreme that a human mind can imagine, and yet they lived through it. Others were just told they were going to be tortured, and died from the fear.

What was it about some individuals that made them determined to live, even when everyone else around them was dying, even when they received no encouragement?

What is it within some human beings that makes them determined to live, no matter what? What makes them willing to go through whatever it takes to live?

The only way out of any condition is to outlive it. There are all kinds of suffering going on in the world today. Many people give up in the midst of that suffering. Maybe they don't see any way out. Or perhaps they think their pain is so intense that they can't outlive it.

It is so important for us to get in touch with this feeling that stirs and inspires us to outlive our own death, to outlive that which would kill us, to outlive the despair that could be there. It is so important to join with me to outlive everything around us that has wanted to swallow us up, to swallow up our identities as human beings. Then there's a new joy waiting for us, a new solidness, a new feeling of being implanted here on this earth. Then you won't be intimidated by destruction or death, no matter how many others you may see fall around you. Then you can really live, because you've made the choice.

Get Angry!

We all feel anger at times. We feel every emotion - that's just real.

Some people are so afraid of getting angry. There is nothing wrong with anger. What's important is what we do with the anger that rises up in us.

Instead of getting angry at human beings who are supporting you to live, get angry at the death that would want to take your life. Get angry at things that would want to sabotage your life. Use that anger constructively instead of using it to destroy. Use that anger against disease.

I met this woman some time ago who had been diagnosed as having liver cancer. Her doctor had told her there was no way she was going to live. She said to me, "I got so angry at that doctor, I wanted to choke him! I told him I could live. I ran into his office and said, 'Fuck you - I'm living!"' How wonderful that she could even say that!

This woman is a secretary in an office, and she told me this story right in the reception room. She is a very outspoken person - that's one of the reasons why she's alive. She just said it all. There wasn't any embarrassment. She wasn't living in a denial of what was going on in her body. She was able to get it all out and say, "I'm going to live!"

She went on to tell me, "There were other patients who were not nearly as sick as I was, but they were really good patients. They did everything that the doctor said. They never spoke up. They made sure they were good. But they're dead now."

How we've sabotaged ourselves by trying to be good. I want you to know that you don't have to try to be good. You already are good as a human being. You are good enough to live. You deserve to live.

I see people trying to be so righteous and pure, trying to be good enough, good enough to go to heaven, good enough that when they die their tombstone will say: "Oh, he was such a good person: He never rocked the boat, never said any bad words, never disturbed anybody. He never really lived!"

Let's be real. We all have every feeling, every thought, every emotion. We as human beings need to bond together as we've never bonded before, and support each other in being alive.

Letting Go of Limitation

You might say, "I don't think that I can live forever."

How do you know? How will you ever know unless you try? Go for going forever!

What if we're wrong? My gosh! I don't think we have too much to lose, do we?

People may think you're crazy for wanting to live forever. I'll tell you what I think is crazy - accepting a death sentence you don't deserve.

I don't know what the future holds for us. I can't tell you that. I can't promise you physical immortality. All I know is that we as human beings have to experience something different. There's a quantum leap we must take. And I feel we can. I feel we are unlimited.

I keep having this recurring conversation about being unlimited. It starts with someone saying, "I think human beings are unlimited."

"That's great!" I reply. "I think so too. I think people can live forever."

"Oh, I don't know about that!" is the answer.

"So what do you mean by the word 'unlimited'?"

"Oh, I think humans can live to 100, or even 120 years!"

It constantly amazes me that people can have such small thoughts, and yet think they're unlimited. If they can live to 100 or 120 years, then why not keep it going? who wants to be here 120 years and then die? If I'm here that long, then I'm just going to want to live more. The more I'm here, the more l want to be here.

The more I'm here, the more chance I have of straightening myself out. We all have a chance. We have a chance to make our relationships better. If I'm not here with you, I have no chance to make it better. But as long as I'm here, I have a choice. That's why I like living.

No matter if I wake up tomorrow and feel bad - as long as I'm up the next day, then I have a chance to make the next morning better.

Give yourself a chance to outlive your problems. That's the only way. Don't sit around and worry that you only have so much time before you die to work them out. If you do that, then you've already placed a limitation on yourself, you've already condemned yourself to live in that restriction. It's when you open up the door to forever that you remove those limitations.

People ask, "Why is physical immortality so important?" Because as long as you consciously or unconsciously think you have to die, then you won't give your all to solving the problems that are going on with you, or with other human beings on this planet.

Open up the door to being here forever. what have you got to lose? If you're wrong about it, then you're going to die anyway. So what's really stopping you? what is the real fear?

Are you afraid of public opinion? Are you worried about what people might think? Are you afraid you might even end up like me? Then what will people do with you? They'll call you names on TV. News reporters will say weird things about you. They'll accuse you of all kinds of things. You'll be in the same boat as others throughout history who have made a difference on this planet, and were told they were crazy.

Don't sell your soul for public opinion. Don't sell your soul for what someone might think of you. Don't worry about losing your reputation - it's the best thing that could happen to you. Let yourself open up, and say what you really feel. Then something new can happen. Then you can give your love and your passion and your feelings to people without the resentment anymore. Because when you feel suppressed - no matter how much you love somebody - you resent it.

A Whole New World

I feel a newness today. Yesterday I was in a travail. I'm glad I decided to live till today. I outlived what I felt yesterday.

Don't ever give up! I'm never going to give up on you, no matter what! I had to make that decision.

I want people like that around me. I want to fill this world with people like that.

I'm here with you forever. And there are more and more people beginning to feel and speak this way. We're crossing all those boundaries that were there before. We're not destroying each other any more - we're supporting each other, we're being a nourishment to each other, we're inspiring each other.

A whole new world is opening up for us right now.

I have a whole new world today to live in.

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