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Out of Control

It's easy to move when you're praised. It's easy to love somebody who loves you. It's easy to be with people who feel as you feel. But I'm also faced with people who don't like me and who are very critical of me. I often find myself in these positions. How do I treat these people? How do I respond? How am I to be with individuals who have things to say about me that aren't complimentary, and really aren't even true?

What I've found is this: It's so important for me not to carry anything in my person that is against anyone. It's so important for me not to carry any resentments, resistance, anger or hate. It's important for me to have the ability to be among these people and not treat them the way they treat me. But it takes being melted. It takes really coming from a place of caring that goes past one's own self, one's own principles, one's own reality, one's own truth, and one's way of life. It takes coming from a passionate place that receives all human flesh, no matter what.

You have to really be in control to be around people, if your truth is going to mean more than them. You have to be in tremendous control, and I don't have the energy for that. I have lots of energy to be all that I am and to move so freely on this planet. But I haven't any energy to control situations or persons, to make them conform to my truth. I receive all people just as they are, and it sets me free to be who I am.

There has to be a living of us that surpasses the truth, a living that goes beyond the principle of being physically immortal. There has to be a living that takes no control, that doesn't require us to always look out for our lives. We must have something in our bodies that is settled, that causes us to be protected in a way that nothing else can.

When I think about the situation in the world, I could become very depressed, because I'm not in control. And when I fly on a plane, I'm not controlling it. But I have to go. I have to fly, even though I'm not in charge. I must live, but I'm not in charge of the chaos around me. The world goes on. There has to be a living of us in the face of all that goes on in this world. Even though we are not in control, we must sense a stability of being alive forevermore.

We're not going to control being physically immortal. It's not possible. But there is a living going on that doesn't need the control of being alive. There is a living of one's self that allows you to sense being alive without any control. You sense that there just isn't any death for us. We don't have to watch out for it. We don't have to look out for sickness, or wait for a heart attack to take place, or wonder what we're going to be like at seventy years - whether we're going to be alive or not. We're not struggling to be alive. We are alive.

Out of really being alive, you automatically do things to support your aliveness. We don't have to think: what do we do to be alive? We don't move to be alive - we are alive, and out from that we move.

It doesn't matter how right it is to live, and how wrong it is to die. There has to be something more than that-there has to be a sense from within one's form. You can believe it's wrong and still die. You can think it's right to live and still die. It's not enough. There must be a hunger and an excitement about being here. There has to be a feeling throughout the whole body, including the intellect. There must be a sense of aliveness.

I'm here to find people who feel as I do, who sense what I sense. I don't even want to call it a belief or a truth or a reality anymore. It's something innate within the body that nobody can take from you, nor give to you. No one can give you life. No one can take life from you. It's wonderful!

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