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Our Passion

Passion is so important. We must never let the passion die with one another. Some of us feel intimidated by passion, because we are locked into a body of knowledge, never knowing an abandonment of our own flesh. As long as we're locked into knowledge, we're going to judge people from that knowledge. When we become locked into the knowledge of physical immortality, we're only another religion operating on the planet, wanting something different, but propagating the same old thing that's always been done.

We can't call ourselves physically immortal, and yet move out of the same old chemistry. We can't take the old into the new. We can't relate to an old knowledge that we've had, and try to fit it into a new reality. As long as we stay locked into our knowledge, we'll continually think that everyone else is doing it wrong, we'll continually think we're being misunderstood, and we'll continually think that separation is a matter of semantics. It's not a matter of words: it's a matter of passion, a matter of abandonment. There is no one way to do it. There is no one way to be together.

The sleep induced by knowledge is the result of thousands of years of programming. Every person is the sum total of every human being that has ever lived on this planet. All of this history is encoded in our cells. Some people feel that they have experienced their past lives. The reality is that what they experienced of a past life was not their actual flesh, but that they were tapping into the genetic memories encoded in the cells and atoms of their body. It's like a computer chip. We have these discs in the cells and atoms of our bodies, and they can replay at times. We can act like a projector, and project the images upon our consciousness.

Until there is the passion, human beings will continue to depend on knowledge as a way to connect with one another. When we don't abandon ourselves in passion, we try to find some law by which to guide ourselves and others, we constantly look for that control to keep us together. In doing this, we make a god out of our knowledge and our control, and we promote separation.

Every war is about repressed passion. It hasn't been acceptable for people to be passionate with one another. When we're feeling so alive, so passionate, so sensual, and we don't allow ourselves to release that passion in a stimulus of every cell and atom of each other's bodies, then we will war with one another. Man will continue to fight man, then, because there is no in-between.

If you think you'll be neutral and you'll try to be as loving as you can, you will still end up resisting. You may have looked all your life for a people you could feel passion with and for, but you'll still be resisting because you'll be locked into the knowledge of how you think you have to be.

The abandonment of our flesh is only difficult because we've never seen our flesh as whole. The average person has never really accepted his or her own body. The body has still been rejected, still treated as if there were something dirty about it.

I'm talking about more than just sexual release, more than just freedom from sexual repression. There's a release of every cell and atom of our bodies that has to take place, an acceptance of our bodies that we have never had before. In this, there will be no more discrimination between male and female. It won't be an issue of whether we love a male or a female - we will just love flesh, the feeling of all people together. When we're not locked into a knowledge of how it has to be, how we were taught to be, we won't be concemed with responding as a male or a female. We'll begin to respond naturally. The body will respond in how it needs to function with a flow and an abandonment.

Let's wake up and see what we're really doing here together. Let's end all belief systems so we can really begin to feel one another. The time for processing is over. The belief systems that we have clung to have created tremendous separation and pain, the whole drama that's gone on throughout time. All that pain, all that disease, all that death is locked into the cellular encoding of our belief systems. The computer that has the programming is in our flesh. Each individual has the key for the decoding of it, but each individual must experience that he or she can make the difference.

There is no one way to be alive. Being alive is just you and me together, continuously expanding and abandoning ourselves to more and more of what we are together. We've found each other - there's nothing better. And if you're resisting what you've really found to be your life, you will experience it biologically. When you resist because of a belief system, what you know to be true in your gut, your own flesh will turn on you. Ours is a physical, biological connection.

Death is a powerful son-of-a-bitch! It doesn't operate outside somewhere. It's that which we've given power to in the cells and atoms of our own body. It's the breaking of this bondage within our bodies that unleashes an atomic energy, propagating an aliveness we've never had before on this planet. We need to abandon our flesh without thought. Let's go past the conscious mind, the resistance, all the little things, the figuring it out. Let's go past all the ways we know how to do it so well. Our real safety is in our bonding together, our passion together. I want to hear the passion of you - it's all that matters to me.

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