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Essential Nutrients for a Deathless Life

Charles Paul Brown - There’s a communion, it can’t be just a luncheon together, there has to be a communion. It has to be more than the food we eat. We must eat of one another. We must dine and feast on one another. We must cause an illumination with one another when we’re together. We are to illuminate each another with our conversation, with the electricity that comes from us.

Every part of our body is vital. You are your nervous system. You are your blood, your veins your arteries. You are the nervous system. You're the electrical system. It’s all you. Your body is you.

That's why when we’re together we need to be magnifying this in one another. We’re not just talking to a personality or an entity. We’re talking to a body that is unlimited. And we must feed into that body - Immortality. We must feed. We must remind that body of who it is constantly. We must remind each body - "You are Immortal." We must remind one another until there is no more death.

This union that we are experiencing is definitely a communion. It is a feeding on one another, a feasting. There’s a nutrient that we are to one another we cannot get anywhere else. You can only get it from immortal flesh. So, our ancestry’s being left behind. I was told that I was Irish, French, Indian, English, perhaps some Spanish somewhere. I’ve been told Jewish too. And I can’t bring a bit of it in with me. This is what I’m seeing, there’s a birth, a culture, an ancestry of every one. The native Indians have their culture too. And every culture has had its end in death. That’s why all the cultures have to end.

This is Physical Immortality. A birth taking place in the cells and the atoms of the body where genetics of any memory of a past life passes from the body.

This communion - oh, it's a treasure. And we’re not going to have communion without one another. That's the treasure. And I will stop taking you for granted. There’s a resonance that you get from us of our life. But I will not take you for granted in even a simple hello. It’s got to be that we nurture, we commune, we have communion. And what is that? That is a union, and in the union there’s oneness where we become one flesh.

Jim Strole - Let yourself feel excited about the life you have now, the new life you're going for. Not being self-centered and having a personal agenda about what you can create. Be out to build bodies in this world. That’s where the real joy is. How can you, how can you stir other people to live better? How can you make a contribution to keeping other bodies alive in this world? Let the virtue begin to pour out of you. You’re not stuck anymore, you're no longer suppressed. Your voice is not hardened anymore. You begin to sound out, in every cell and atom in your body. There will be no end to the sounding out of your body.

Stir other flesh that hungers just like you do, that wants to live. That’s the manna, the real bread of life. You can’t live by bread alone. You can't live by candy alone. You’ve got to have that nourishment nourishing your body, that touch of life sparking the cells and atoms and making you bright all over. That’s the real food that you’ve got to have. Like Chuck said, absorb this bread of life and begin to give out that bread of life. It’s a feast. We set the table full for all human beings that want to partake. And those that don’t want to partake, they won't, but hey we’ll be feasting, we’ll be feasting and it’s there for everybody.

That’s why it’s so vital to get rid of that bitch that would keep you tied up to the point where you can’t give out the bread of life. And you can’t totally receive it either. You can't. You're stuck. You're stuck in that protection thing, in that survival thing. When you finally let go, everything begins to open up - a whole new world. More must happen all the time. This doesn’t make anybody bad. It makes it great that we see things and move to change.

We’re great because we see what’s lacking in us. And we can talk about it and we can get it out and we can move. That’s what makes you great. Not because you’re protected and act like you’ve got it all together all the time. That's not even real.

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