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Now or Never

Chuck and Bernie and I, for as long as we've been working together, have always said that we're physically immortal right now. And that one statement has probably troubled more people than anything else we've ever said. It's upset everyone: the press, the talk show hosts, and the people in our seminars and events. People can usually accept the possibility of physical immortality corning at some time in the future. But when we say that we're physically immortal now - that really bugs them.

You see, when you say you're immortal now, it's the same as saying you're good enough now. It's like saying you're worthy now. It's saying you deserve to live right now. And the common reaction is: that can't be. You've got to work at immortality. You've got to struggle for it. You've got to get good enough.

In whose eyes, I wonder? By whose measurements? On what scale is your worthiness measured? Who's to decide whether you're good enough to be here forever?

Here's the problem. The brain can understand immortality as a goal. But, no matter how you add it up, the calculating mind will never be able to figure out how you can achieve it. Let me give you an analogy. It's easy to program a computer to keep adding one to a number until it reaches infinity. And the computer will continue to execute the program, until someone pulls the plug or the computer burns out. But no one in the world can write a program that will let the computer reach infinity. That's why people react so strongly to being physically immortal now: it doesn't compute.

I'm going to tell you something about the mind. Psychologists have already proven that the mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. People can believe in what you might think would be a fantasy, and pretty soon, they'll be living that fantasy, because their mind cannot tell the difference. If you go through the motions, then your brain will perceive it as reality, because that is what you are feeding to your mind.

Do you know why immortality is such a stickler for people? Because they so want everything to be real. They don't want to be fooled, to believe something that might not be real, even if it's wonderful for them. They have to have it proven to them. And the sad thing is, by the time it's proven to them, they're dead.

I'm not waiting for the proof. I know that I can make the decision. I know that I have the power to decide this for myself, just as everyone does. I'm going to keep saying it: I'm physically immortal now, or I never will be.

The Voices of Reason

Many of you have probably had, at one time or another, an experience about the possibility of living forever. Maybe in the beginning you experienced the innocence of that feeling: "Oh, physical imrnortality is wonderful - that's what I want!"

After a while, though, you may have had people telling you that it's not really possible - at least not now. They may have told you, "It's great to feel alive and enjoy life. That's immortality. Enjoy it now."

Oh, but for you to say that you're never going to die... that's a different story! Then the voices of reason will say:

"Don't speak that! Don't embarrass me! I want to remain your friend. Think of your family. Don't go against the grain. Even though our religion teaches that there is physical immortality someday, don't you step forth like a fool and say you're good enough now. Don't break the encoding. Don't break the pattern. Don't leave the well-trodden path."

This is what Chuck, Bernie and I are about. We are breaking free from the old path, the old genetic structure, the old rut. I'm ageless now - I'm not working towards it. I'm not trying to get to be physically immortal - I don't have time for that. I'm deathless now. I'm free from disease now. I'm immortal now.

These same voices of reason may warn you that I'm trying to fool the mind, that I'm trying to trick it somehow. They're right - I am! Oh, let's fool our minds. Let's trick the hell out of them! My mind is not the ruler of me - I'm the ruler of my mind! Why not trick the mind? The mind's been tricked for a long time into dying. It's just been relaying the signal that you've been giving it. Why not try giving it a different signal?

It's not enough for me to use a vision of physical immortality to create a wonderful life for myself. There is no wonderful life in dying. There is no wonderful life possible, when you can see death down the line. Because if you see death for yourself, then you're already setting up some reason to die. Then you're not really having a wonderful life: there's something in your body of grief, of pain. There's a sense of failure. There's something going on in your life that prevents you from saying: "I deserve to live forever - I'm physically immortal now."

We Deserve To Live Forever

There's something so powerful that happens when I say that to myself, and when I also have other people who feel that. Human beings are dying not only because they've been tricking their own minds, but because they've been tricking each other's. That's why we need one another. I want you to tell me that I'm physically immortal. I want you around so that, when I have a question in my body, you can come up to me and say, "Kiss that off, Jim - you're physically immortal." Oh, yes. I remember now - boom, boom, boom. Everything begins to register. Then I can get back into the motion of who I am and what I feel.

Don't be embarassed about living forever. If you're embarassed by saying that you're physically immortal now, then that's the signal you're sending to your body. Embarassed bodies take on sickness.

Don't think that it's too late for you, that you have some problem you can't overcome. If you're reading this, then it's not too late to start feeding something different into your mind - it's only too late when you die. And don't think that dying is a way out. Suicide is not the way out. Living is the way out. Outlive your grief. Outlive your pain. Grief can only live so long - you outlive that son of a bitch!

You may be thinking that this all sounds too simple. You may be thinking that it can't just be a matter of telling ourselves that we're going to live forever, and having other people here to tell us too. You may be thinking that you've got to have something more than that.

No, you don't. That's what I'm saying. It is that simple.

Dream about physical immortality. Fantasize about it. Think about how wonderful it is. I often think how wonderful it is to have people now, and to think of what we will be doing together a thousand years from now. How exciting it is to think of what new things we will be doing, of where we will be together.

Let's live like never before. Let's make a pact with each other: you and I are physically immortal now. Let us go forth from this day, and live this reality.

I'm not working to create physical immortality - it's already established. What I'm doing now is looking for people with whom I can share eternity. Let's share it together.

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