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The End of the New Age

I am not interested in the God in you - I am interested in you!

The God in you has already had his day. I no longer need the God in you to make you pure for me. I don't need the God in you to make you righteous or holy enough for me to accept you. You're enough!

The Age of God

From the time I was an infant I've heard how great God is. I had no awareness of God when I was born, but I was taught about Him. I was taught how wonderful He was: there was a side of Him that could be fierce if you dis­obeyed, but there was also a side that was loving.

But He was always a mystery to me. I always won­dered, if God was omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, why couldn't He change the condition of things for man? I was given the answer that God does not intrude in the affairs of man, because man must have free will. Then I said, the way man has messed it up we ought to take away his free will; if God has a better way, He needs to involve Himself in the affairs of man.

But we have ended the age of God. We don't need a mediator anymore. We no longer consider ourselves mortals who have fallen from an idyllic place to a lower state, who are grovelling before God. We finally brought God out of the sky, along with all of the different symbols associated with Him.

The New Age

Now we have believers in a "New Age," who have found Him inside. They say "God is within, God is everywhere, God is a universal mind, God is a universal power, God is love."

But I am not interested in a universal power. I am not interested in God's love today - I am interested in your love!

"New Agers" say everyone is a god. You are gods - but your being God is just as big a mystery as when He was in the sky! I don't find you being God any more effective than when God was invisible.

This concept of "God within you" has created each person being a God or an idol to themselves. This new philosophy has resulted in every man being right in his own eyes and walking his own path of truth.

Of course, there has been a coming together at different times, and conversing with one another as to what the truth really is. But, still, each entity dwelling in the God consciousness conveys his or her own truth of what God is, the "truth" of their own individual enlightenment. In the "New Age," whatever your enlightenment is, that is what God is to you.

Do you see what has happened? Each enlightened person, travelling their own path, has been missing one another. There is no integration. There is no cellular integration when everyone has their own enlightenment.

Look in all the New Age publications and you'll see a workshop on this and a workshop on that. Everyone loves to go to workshops because they want a system to follow. They desire to attend a workshop or seminar and receive a tool with which they can go home and play. They want to learn a lesson to improve themselves.

I can say it's been wonderful until now, but the work­shops are over, because they do not bring you to one another. Bernadeane, James and I are that which is bringing about the cellular integration of man on the planet - the workshops won't do it. Man will continue to age and die, even if he lives a New Age lifestyle.

So what is happening now? For the first time there are individuals who are beginning to feel each other. I was in Australia when an individual, in the midst of our two-day intensive, stood and said, "I'm not sure I'm getting my money's worth." I said, "What are you expecting to get? Do you want me to give you a lesson that you can go home and work on?"

I told him, "Look around this room, that's what you get. I want everyone here this weekend to look around this room. Each other is what you're going to get. And when you leave here you're going to feel a connection with other cellular bodies. They are meeting you in a synergistic movement that will bring about a transformation to humankind. All around the world people are waiting. They know there is a stirring going on within themselves, but they don't know what it is. It's you they're waiting for."

The Cellular Connection

The concept of being connected to others may frighten you. You have probably lived so long in your own individual enlightenment that you may begin to feel, "Oh, I am going to be swallowed up in a group consciousness, I am going to lose my identity, I am going to lose my individuality." But you won't lose your individual expression by con­necting with others like yourself. You are going to lose an ego when you really melt into the whole, but you will find yourself a greater individual, with a far greater expression than you ever had before. Your connection to others will only amplify your individuality.

This connection to one another is not something that can be legislated. Legislating something externally will never bring about immortality - it will only happen through a cellular awakening, an opening up to the immortal genes within your body that are now lying dormant.

James, Bernadeane and I are awakening you to respond on a biological level. As the immortal genes begin to send forth the intelligence that is there, immortal life is coming from within the cells of your body rather than from something external. You are waking up to who you really are. You are an immortal, deathless, ageless body right now!

How is this happening? There is beginning to take place such a cellular immortal bonding that those of us who are making this connection cannot die.

I know some of you may be skeptical because you're ac­customed to walking your path. I've known enlightened in­dividuals who have become frustrated when we've ap­peared on the scene - they didn't know they were going to come full circle so soon! You see, they thought they were going to have a while to walk their path. But once you have experienced that cellular bonding, the path doesn't mean anything anymore. Once you have experienced that immortal connection, what you get out of a new truth or revelation won't thrill you any longer.

Ending The Mystery

I am very thankful for God. I am thankful that we created Him to remind us of our immortal genetics. But we created an image and we have given immortality to that image, when all the time we have possessed within us the creative power to keep one another deathless. Instead of keeping each other alive, we've kept our gods deathless through our belief systems. The mystery of God must be finished. Many of you thought the mystery was ended when you found God within. It wasn't! You were still serving a God shrouded in mystery, even though you now felt Him to be inside.

All the time, though, your awakening to your God con­sciousness was bringing you back to your own true state of being. Now it is time to lay down the consciousness and integrate into one another.

Let's end the mystery once and for all. It isn't a saviour that is coming. It isn't a guru, it isn't a master. It isn't God that is coming, nor is it the son of God.

Who is it then that is coming? The son of man! The son of man is your physical body. Your spirit has been attributed unto the gods and connected with the gods, but the son of man is the body.

Who is this son of man who has come with healing in his hands? The son of man who is coming in power and glory and was prophesied about?

It is your immortal cellular body beginning to awaken from its deep sleep! It is your physical form as you begin to join with other human beings, and recognize your likeness in them. It is all of us, as we join together to be a living virus that, for the first time, causes other people to be infected, not with death, but with our everlasting aliveness.

Wake up and claim your true inheritance!

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