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The Momentum of a Deathless Life

Bernadeane If you do feel weakness at any time, it won’t be like it used to be. It won't. You will think about it differently. You won't let this weakness be more to you than you, more to you than you being alive. The weakness, the sickness - it won’t be what its been before. It loses its hold in the body. The hold that has been in our bodies does disappear. It vanishes. Yes, it vanishes.

We determine who we are, together and individually. We have a determination that is greater than the negation. There is a determination to live that overtakes the destiny of death that was placed in every human being’s body by way of the ancestral line. There was a destiny brought that we’re smashing the hell out of, and we have to do it.

Keep doing it. Don’t let the negation, the weakness, the sickness build up in you. You are more than the weakness. Let it be that who you are is greater. Your flesh is greater than the sickness. You are greater. You determine whether or not you walk in weakness or walk as a physically immortal body.

You get what you go for. Go for it! I’m going for what I want. I am never going to stop. I started doing that way back when I first woke up, but it’s gotten stronger. It doesn’t lessen. You know what? We’re faced all the time with having to go for what we want. There’s always going to be more to go for. We can’t stop and say, “Oh we’re physically immortal and everything’s great, we’re sweet little-bodied people here.” Screw that! It’s so unsatisfying. We experience great things and we think, “Oh this is it, and like, how could there be anything more?”

Go for what you want right at the moment when you feel it. I’m going for what I want with all of us all the time. I’m going to keep getting what I want. Do the same, get what you want. It’s okay to get what you want. What you feel in your gut is really what you should have.

And I feel there’s no end to how great our life can be - no end.

Jim Strole Someone asked me the other day, "I haven't been able to quit yet but do you still want me?" I said we want you if you never quit smoking. Of course, we’re moving for you not to smoke because we want you to be healthy. We want you fresh all the time. We want you and there are things for you to change for your person. We will always go for that with you. We want you no matter what goes on, even if you never quit smoking. That’s reality. Only from that place can we get the best from each other.

Because it’s not about if you don't do this, you're going to die or, I don’t want you. Trying to change from that motivation is deadly. We’re motivated to make changes because of how great we feel about one other. How so endless we are with each other, and because of that, I want us to make the shifts we need to make in order to render our lives greater all the time - that's the difference - from joy not from sin or pain. From the joy of change. Thank you.

The choices we make are so important. You've always got to choose the most constructive, greatest movement of your life at any given moment. For instance our events here. They’re about a choice. If you analyze the time you have in here compared to the rest of your life, it’s only a matter of a couple of percent. This is the time you receive that collective inspiration, the collective bread of life from one another. I could not replace what happened here tonight. If I missed tonight I could listen to it on CD but it wouldn’t be the same. My presence, my response is very physical.

There are so many distractions in life. If you really want to move and feel a deathless life, you create a momentum. You create a momentum towards death or you create a momentum towards an endless life. Some people have momentum and death and they’re going right down there as fast as they can go. There’s no in between. If you're stuck in the middle, your momentum is towards death. This is not ethereal it's physical. This is not magic, or healing power - this is immortal power moving with momentum. It's the same with prosperity. You keep the momentum going of your life, of your deathless life, you keep that momentum going clear and clean in your body, and you'll create clear and clean prosperity without sabotage. A life without sabotage. A life without disease and death.

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