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Physical Immortality and Intimacy

Make it easy to be alive!

We need to bring out the living of one another, not the death. We can't change death. Death is what it is. We can't change problems. Problems are what they are. We can, however, be so alive that when others feel that of us, we cause them to make the moves they need to make in their own lives.

There is a pleasure, an enjoyment in just being together and touching one another's flesh. I say let the warring stop with us. Eventually, the warring will stop on the planet. Let us quit destroying one another with our egos. We can find things wrong with one another into eternity, and we'll always be right in our own eyes.

Stop trying to get everyone's acceptance. Stop trying to explain yourself so that everyone will understand you. The only people who accept me are the ones who feel the churning from within, the ones who feel a likeness with me. Even if we don't always understand everything that one another says, we can feel a quality of ourselves that is the same. I'm not so sure we need to understand everything anyway, but if we do, the understanding will come by way of feeling our likeness.

We need to make one another top priority. For me, the the individual comes before anything they've done. I've let go of right and wrong. Immortality is not a matter of being right. In all our rightness, without compassion for a person, we will experience death. We can be ever so right about what we're saying and what we feel, but without the passion that covers the person, we've missed physical immortality.

We're changing. It's got to be easy to be alive. If there's a problem, then provide the solution instead of judgment and criticism. I'm calling for a passion and a feeling for one another that's never been before on this planet.

We're not going to bring about a quality of living with an individual when we're telling them how terrible they are. We can really touch a person in a way that will build them and cause them to blossom, so that they won't have any room in their own body for that which detracts from being really alive with each other.

You can never be too much for me. The more that you can come from the vastness of who you are, the more I love it. I am here to support you, to tickle you, to inspire you to be more than you ever dreamed you could be. It's time for individuals to be lifted to the highest.

When we begin to act and move this way with one another on a daily basis, there won't be a need to mention physical immortality anymore. We'll all be too busy living it! It doesn't matter who thinks what. Get in touch with what you feel. If you're going to talk about another person behind their back, make sure you're building them to the highest! Otherwise what you are doing is putting a damper on your own aliveness. Let's make it easy for one another to be alive!

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