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Being In Love is not Enough

Bernadeane - Here is so often what happens with love relationships; they find ‘love’ with one another, but they don’t really expand. If you want to be a great person, and you want to touch flesh, you have to expand outward to many people. You're too small otherwise. I know when I‘m being treated from that small place. I can feel it in my body and it doesn’t feel good to me and I won't take it.

I know what it is to move from a one to one thing. And the reason I did it was because I didn't feel a need for anybody else. One was enough for me. For me, it is not enough for any of you that one is it for you. I’ve got to have you large with me. I’ve got to have you expanded. I can't do this small stuff. I won't feel good in my body. I have to be treated the same as you treat your love. It’s got to go past your love. You’ve got to feel me in a vastness just like you do your love. I know when people move large for other bodies and when they don’t. I know when they’re glued to one and they don’t open. I can feel it. Something doesn’t click. It’s not nourishing.

A lot of you love each other in relationships. You know, in love relationships, and a lot of you as friends really love each other. It’s great but it stops there. You love our life - great - I love our life. But there’s a depth of experiencing. I’ve got to have that depth from every person.

Jim Strole - Begin to pour out your passion, and to answer Bernie's call. It's an opportunity to step up greater in our lives. Some of you may feel uncomfortable and be thinking, "Well I know how to express to the person I sleep with. I know how to be intimate." But the reality is that you don’t have to have sex with someone to be intimate. Or sleep in the same bed. Many times, the person you're sleeping with, you're not intimate with. That's the way it is for a lot of people.

The touch I give my intimate partner is the touch I feel for, and give to all of you. I’m not just limiting myself to the male / female thing, the relationship thing. My movement with her gives me even greater strength to move with all of you.

So, with some of you, whether it’s your relationship with your job, the person you're living with or whatever’s going on, your well still runs dry. But there’s a knowing in the body of how to be intimate. There are areas to tap in your body. Let the people who keep your life know how you feel. The people moving in this world that need you, who touch your heart - let them know how you feel.

Those of you not in an intimacy and maybe are lonely, this will take away all loneliness. Relationships never take away the loneliness anyhow. This is what takes away the loneliness, this feeling that you are so dear to me that no one can love you like I can in this world. Feel that with me and Bernie and Chuck, and each and every one of you in this room; a love than surpasses our understanding because it can’t be pigeon-holed. Oh, flow out and any differences that exist will be swallowed up by that passion. Thank you.

Charles Paul Brown -

“Oh, Just To Have Communion With You”.
Just to share all that we are
I give my all in responding to you.
No, I can’t withhold from my own.
Oh, the touch of your flesh.
Oh, the touch of your flesh
and the glow of your face
is so thrilling to me, how I love to embrace.
Causing a responding within every cell,
releasing new life without fail.
Completeness so great will not hesitate to enjoy all that we are.

That’s what we are to be giving to one another constantly, a communion - a communion that takes us to the greater places. Whether you get bogged down in relationships or bogged down in a one-to-one 'in love' situation - or whether you can say, "I love the whole world", doesn't do a damn bit of good. None of it is any good unless there is a communion in the cells and the atoms of the body that stimulates and inspires us to a greater life all the time.

Here's a chorus from another song we wrote:

You’ve touched me, oh, yes, and I’ve touched you. And there has been a change Oh, the cells of our body are all aglow. You’ve touched me, and now we are whole.

We touch one another. I’ve used the term many times - cellular intercourse. It’s a reaction - an action and reaction on a cellular level. Relationships can't be superficial then. There must be an interaction - an inner interaction of the body itself and a cellular response to one another. This is the touch that we are to one another. And there’s no time for the smallness anymore. And there will be new people.

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