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In an Interview with Rebecca Phillips for, author Michael Berg explained his view on immortality:

"The Bible says there will come a time when death literally will be swallowed up, meaning, there will be an end to death. This notion of immortality is accepted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, but most people have an idea that we sort of wait for the Messiah to come and when the Messiah comes, we will find ourselves in a utopian world. In contrast, Kabbalah teaches that we are not waiting for a personal savior to redeem us: It's our job, every single one of us and together as a collective, to bring about a world where maybe even, as God says in the Bible, it will be possible that death will end. And I do believe that's a possibility, as have kabbalists and sages for thousands of years."

In his book, Becoming Like God: Kabbalah and our ultimate destiny, he is rather more emphatic:

"Physical immortality is possible because we have the power to create it. And, knowing that, we have a mandate to make it happen."


"History is not kind to impossibility. However impossible physical immortality might seem, evolution will sweep that notion aside."

"Immortality will not simply happen because we build a time machine, develop stronger antibiotics or download our DNA onto hard drives. Immortality will happen because of our work of becoming like god and because we’re already immortal. When we become like god, we erase our own diseases, transform everyday annoyances into opportunities to become free, dismiss the thoughts that cause depression with a wave of our hand, live with a grander purpose than surviving the prison another day, and become the cause of all our experiences. We’ll even put up a No Trespassing sign to the angel of death so that from now until eternity, death shall have no dominion."

What is particularly significant are his statements that "we're already immortal" and "It's our job, every single one of us and together as a collective, to bring about a world where maybe even, as God says in the Bible, it will be possible that death will end."

Not only are we already immortal, it's our collective responsibility - not God's or a Messiah's - to create a world without death. And furthermore, we have that responsibility regardless of scientific progress.

You can buy the book online from where you'll not only find this book but several others drawn from the Kabbalah. You'll also get to read, if you care to, some very scathing reviews by the spiritually inclined. I find it interesting that so many "spiritual" people are just as invested in mystery and complexity as many "religious" people are. Which is why they seem to dislike this book and imply that anyone who takes it seriously is a dupe. What's even more interesting though, is how just about every reviewer ignores or glosses over his comments on physical immortality. Another example of dissing the style to discredit or bury the message?

Access to the interview has been discontinued. So too has Mr Berg's website, You can still find him at Whether you'll find any more talk about physical immortality there is another matter. BeliefNet too seems equally disenchanted with Mr Berg and his book, retaining 2 critcal reviews, which while they may be accurate - I'm not a Kabbalist, Talmudic scholar or even of the Jewish religion - bury the message by discrediting the logical integrity of the argument.

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