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Physical Immortality and Intimacy

Let nothing come between us

Immortality is not going to be constructed. It's not going to be built on might and strength and dedication and effort and position. It's spontaneously generated out of passion. When you have that passion, it's so easy to create, it's so easy to be together. Then you've fallen into each other, you're not strangers to each other. You can breathe. You can give your whole self and not be afraid that you are going to be abandoned, not be afraid you are going to be taken advantage of. We are not going to construct a living out of survival and effort, we will just wear each other out. That's where the "yes" is. The "yes" is to our bodies. When that "yes" is said, you're not trying to figure out whether you are going to do it or not, you are figuring out a way it can be done. We are working out together the way it is most complimentary for us to accomplish what we want.

We are making living easy. We are making it exciting so we want to get up in the morning. That's heaven on earth: ending the struggle. No more hardness between each other. No more disappointments. No more abandonment and heartache. No more separation. No more disease. No more dying. There is an easy way to live. The only reason it hasn't been easy is that there have been hard hearts. There has been seIf-centeredness. There have been people on earth who have not wanted to make it easy with each other, not wanted to make you and me first on the planet. To me, the cellular connection is feeling each other so much that you can't stand not to make it easy for one another any more.

Without this connection, we don't make being together a wonderful experience. We make our business meetings difficult. We make our everyday life hard on each other. But when I can't stand it any more, when I can't stand for you to have anything hard in your life, when I just want to make it easier and easier for you all the time, and I'm letting go of everything that I've held on to for self-protection, that's the real wealth. Then l want to make your life rich, want to make you rich with me, so alive with me that you glow wherever you are on the planet. Then you cause other people to come alive themselves, just by looking at you.

Then you cannot stand to be separated any more from people, and you stop blaming anybody else for that separation. You jump in with them! It's not "I will if you will." It's that you can't stand the pain of being without me. Then you won't choose not to be here with me, you won't choose the easy way out. Then we can really move on. We can thrive on this earth in a whole new way of living with each other.

Bodies have died because we have made it hard. It's been labor. You've been sentenced to pound the rails for all eternity. You've accepted the sentence of labor and hard camps. You've been programmed that way. You are on the chain gang. Everybody's making it hard. You've accepted from other human beings that it's got to be that way, it's got to he "dog eat dog." I don't want to live in that type of world. I want to move on.

You can't use anybody. You are not chasing dreams, you are dealing with physical bodies. You are dealing with flesh. You are not dealing with business deals, where we have dehumanized the movement of our flesh together. It's a total duality to think that we can do business over here in one way and live our lives in another way. It's like a religion. Physical immortality is not a religion, it's me. It's all got to be done under one tent There's no separation between church and state. In reality we are all one flesh, one body. When we realize this, we will end the duality.

Religion and metaphysics are ways to anaesthetize people from really taking a stand themselves in. their bodies and saying: "I want to live; I don't accept the sentence; I didn't do anything to deserve it." That's my message to you and to everyone on this planet: no one deserves to struggle, no one deserves to be in the chain gang, no one deserves to die. But I need for you to make your priority human flesh. I need for you to keep your intimacy with me, to nourish the cellular connection and the bond of our flesh. That's what makes me want to be here forever. That's what makes it fun. Then there's no fear of the unknown anymore. There's no fear of being alive. You have no fear of me and you can give me your whole self and you can be with me forever. Wherever you are, I don't care if you are on the other side of the planet, you burn for me, you want to see me. You want to see Jim Strole, because no one can replace me. That's the intimacy I am talking about.

What makes it faster and easier for Charles, Bernadeane and myself is to have bodies who are already so bonded with us, so connected that, no matter what negativity there is, we swallow it up together. We stay focused with each other and then there is no room for death to operate, there is no room for the separation to operate. It is so great to be together. Don't take me or anyone for granted. What I give is manna from heaven. What l need from you is that nourishment of your bodies, that nourishment of you.

Everything that you have looked for is here. Don't let anything stand in your way, don't make what you think is right or wrong more important than one another. If every person could totally feel that, then we wouldn't be so offended all the time by the way things are said or done. We would not have all the tightness about defending our lifestyles and our ways of being. You wouldn't have to control anymore, you could say everything that was in your heart, and others could say everything that was in their heart to you. All that any of us are looking for is that nothing robs us of one another. We need to know that nothing can come between us.

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