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A Kingdom of Flesh

The Value of Life

Our living is so precious. It's wonderful to feel the preciousness of our bodies. It's great to be in touch with the true value of our flesh.

This is what we mean when we speak of physical immortality. We're talking about your precious flesh. We're talking about your flesh being here forever.

People are so often out of touch with this feeling. I hear so many people ask the same questions: "Why physical immortality? Why end death?"

I want to say back to them: "Do you have children? Do you have anyone you love? Do you have anyone you care about? Would it matter to you if they were splattered all over the street? It would? Well then, why does it matter any less when someone dies of what is called old age?"

Old age is as ugly to me as having a small child run over in the street. I want people to wake up and realize that no death is acceptable!

Paradise Lost

I was recently reading a history of the Hawaiian islands. Before their contact with the rest of the world, disease and sickness were virtually unknown there. The people there lived long lives, not even knowing what sickness was. They were passionate people. They so loved being with each other. They enjoyed each other in all sorts of ways. They knew the value of their flesh.

They only had one problem. Even though they didn't suffer from disease, the Hawaiians still experienced old age and death. Even though they were disease-free, they still died.

So the missionaries came in and said, "We will give you immortality through Jesus. If you follow the laws of God, then when you die, you will go to this heavenly place and you will live forever."

This appealed to the natives of Hawaii. And that's how the missionaries brought them under their control: they promised them immortality. Because they still died.

So the missionaries constantly preached that if they didn't live by the rules of their God, then they wouldn't earn a place in heaven. They wouldn't be with their loved ones after their deaths. This is what they wanted: to be with each other forever.

Then the missionaries said: you cannot love each other the way you're loving each other. You cannot feel the way you're feeling about each other's flesh.

The missionaries went in there and educated them. They brought them God. They also brought them disease. They brought them epidemics.

The Hawaiians had one of the healthiest and happiest societies on the face of the earth. And they gave it all up for the promise of a spiritual afterlife.

A Clear Purpose

I want to make my purpose very clear. I'm not out to start a new religion. I'm not trying to spread a new philosophy, a new truth, or some type of new doctrine. I'm not out to proselytize people for some new belief system. I'm not here to convert you to immortality.

I'm out to establish a kingdom of flesh on this earth. My goal is to create an environment in which you can thrive as a person. I'm here to awaken you to how wonderful your flesh is. I'm out to stir you to want to live. My purpose is to cause you to feel the preciousness of your own flesh. And then, when you begin to feel that, you'll start to feel how precious other bodies are around you.

I'm not trying to motivate you by guilt. I'm not pressuring you to live. I have no interest in your wanting to be immortal because you're afraid of death. I'm not offering you heaven as a means of avoiding going to hell. I simply want you to feel a joy of being alive! I want you to be immortal because you want to live!

Worthy To Live

So many people have been persuaded to forsake their flesh for the promise of a spiritual eternity. People have been taught that their bodies are dirty and sinful. They've been programmed by so many religious systems to redeem their bodies in exchange for a place in some kingdom of heaven.

I'm telling you something different: you're acceptable now. Your body is wonderful now. I don't care what sins you think you've committed.

I don't care if you don't think I'm worthy - I'm telling you I am worthy. I'm worthy to live right now. I'm worthy to live on this planet. I'm worthy to love, to feel, to cry, to make mistakes. I've made the decision that I'm worthy, because there's no one else who can make that decision for me.

To want to live, without shame, without guilt - this is the greatest treasure, the greatest gift we have on this planet. This naked desire to live is worth much more than a supposed place in some heavenly kingdom

No Excuses

Many people agree that life on earth is supposed to be this way - eventually. "Just wait," they say. "One hundred, perhaps two hundred years from now, some great happening will take place, and then it will all be different."

What great happening? I'm not willing to wait. The happening is right now or it never will be. It's our movement right now. It's people like you and me who are ready to take the responsibility now to make this world of ours a great place to be in. That's the great happening.

Other people agree that the sort of life I'm describing sounds wonderful - they just think it can never happen. "This world is so shitty," they say. "No one's ever going to change this. This life is so terrible that I'm ready to die. I'm looking forward to an afterlife."

Let me tell you something: I'm speaking of a different life. As long as you're looking from death-oriented eyes, then you're not going to see any possibility for change. You're going to be looking out of critical eyes and all you'll see is what's wrong. You'll see the world as unchangeable.

Are you unchangeable? Or are you willing to change? If you're changeable, then there must be more people in this world who are changeable too. You see, it gets right down to you and me. This is how powerful we are. This is the power of what we're doing together. It comes right down to you and me. You have to decide for yourself, but I made the choice that I want to live: I'm changeable.

A Safe Place To Live

I want this world to be a safe place for human beings. What do I mean by "a safe place"?

I don't mean a place where you're not taking risks. I mean a place where you can be all that you are without fear of being persecuted, without fear of being abandoned, without fear of having your flesh destroyed.

I'm talking about a place where you feel safe to go all the way. Have you ever found yourself saying something, and then wondering if you went too far? Have you ever taken thought that maybe you crossed some invisible line? Have you ever had the feeling that you've gone over the edge, that you've gone beyond a point where people can receive you, that you've pushed too many people's buttons? Have you ever found yourself wondering if there was anyone still left standing next to you? Have you ever pulled yourself back, because of these feelings?

Safety is not having to pull yourself back. Safety is not having to hold yourself back anymore. Safety is being able to take the greatest risk in the world. It's going all the way and more. It's knowing that, even when you feel a bit strange, you can look around and still see other people with you: other people just as strange as you are; other people who aren't embarrassed about you being too much, about you being too alive; other people encouraging you to live.

We're not trying to create a new way of life - we've already created it. What we want to do now is to find other people to be with. We don't want to change you - we want to be with you. We want to be with human beings as they've never had anybody be with them before.

A Feeling For All Flesh

Our society has so many prejudices about love. We have so many labels we put on it: male, female, homosexual, bisexual. I loved what a film actress said during a recent interview. She had just played a love scene with a woman, and she was asked if she felt self-conscious about the role. She responded, "I don't think people can love each other enough, no matter what their sex is."

The reality is that every person has the capacity to enjoy both males and females. This doesn't mean you're going to have sex with others of the same gender (although it's fine if you do). But it means you're going to feel a sensuality that flows from your body, a passion that does not discriminate against male or female. This sensuality is so important, because it is the very core of the life flow in your body. Until we can all feel that abandoned, passionate feeling of the flesh, then human beings will continue to destroy each other.

This is what I'm doing here. I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything. I'm causing people to wake up to this feeling for the flesh.

A New Beginning

Begin to think differently. Something new can happen. I feel a new movement happening: a constant newness.

Be an immortal all the time. Move deathlessly. Always come from your heart. Risk being too much for people. Move in this way and you'll soon find you have people around you who really care about you - not what they can get from you.

Don't sit on the sidelines and wait to see what's going to happen. Don't wait to see how things are going to evolve. How about you evolving it? Make the choice that you're going to evolve with me right now. We're going to evolve together.

I'm putting out a strong call to everyone. I don't know how many people are going to choose to live. All I know is this: I'm creating more and more of these people around me all the time.

I'll be with you, no matter what. Just be with me all the way. That's the key. This is what I'm out for in the world: people who are so cellularly connected to me that there cannot be any separation. Then there's a treasuring of each other's flesh like we've never known before.

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