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In Earth as it is in Heaven

Making A Difference

Jim and Bernie and I were guests recently on a talk show being broadcast out of Florida. The host was excellent, and all three of us enjoyed our interaction with him. After we had talked for a while, he became very intense in his expression concerning the condition of the world. He wanted to know why there isn't more of a desire to change those conditions. Why are people not more open to really living, and to extending their lives? Why are they not open to changing their habits?

The answer seems clear to me. As long as humanity is harboring deep in its soul the belief that we are merely passing through, on our way to some better world, then we are never going to create a real quality of life for ourselves here on earth. You would think that people would want to live. When they hear the possibility of a greater living, you would think they would absolutely rush to make it so.I believe that we have barely scratched the surface of what we can create together. And yet, as long as everything about our lives is seen as merely temporal, as just a stop along the way, then people will not move to make a difference.

How did most of the human race come to believe in the existence of this superior dimension on the other side? Some people seem to think that this is a teaching of the Bible. Incredible, isn't it, that people can get so confused? For the Bible clearly says that, "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." Just think about this for a moment: If death is delivering us from this inferior world to some better one, then why is death such an enemy, and why should it be destroyed?

Let me give you another example from the Bible. The Lord's Prayer is common everywhere in the Christian world. It starts like this.

Our Father, which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
in earth as it is in heaven.

You see, this familiar prayer doesn't ask that we all die and go to heaven. It implores, "Thy kingdom come. Come where? If there is any question, it is made clear in the next line, "Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven."

What has happened to this notion of creating heaven here on earth? It doesn't seem very popular, does it? Most religious people today seem well content with the idea of dying and going to heaven.

Why is there often such a resistance when Bernie and Jim and I speak about bringing a new quality of life on this planet? We speak of a new togetherness, of a true oneness for people to feel. We speak of our desire to end wars, to end death, to end suffering, to end poverty, to end discrimination. You would think the immediate response would be an absolute joy. And yet people often react instead with anger. Why is this?

God's Plan

Even before I awakened to immortality, my religious studies had prepared me for a time when there would be peace on earth. Yet most people don't want to take any responsibility for bringing this about - they prefer to wait for it to happen all in God's time.

Years ago, I remember having a conversation with my mother's minister. He seemed to be progressive, and I couldn't wait to speak to him. I went into his home and I expressed to him everything that I was feeling. After listening to me for about an hour and a half, he finally said, "Charles, I'm so thrilled with what's happening to you. But, son - I have to tell you - you are a few dispensations ahead of God's plan."

People have so fallen asleep in their waiting for God to someday move to make a difference. You see, when I woke up, I accepted a responsibility to change. Most individuals don't want this responsibility. They don't want to be responsible to let their light shine on earth. But I believe that we're not to wait for God to come, we're not to wait for a savior, we're not to wait for a messiah. Instead, I believe it is our light that's to shine to make a difference on this planet.

God and You

People have created such a deep split between themselves and God. I think that's the problem. There's you, and then there's God. And I'm not sure that this God you have imaged really wants you to come into your full inheritance. So there you remain in the you of smallness, the you of nothingness, the mortal you that is subservient to the immortal gods.

If we are to have heaven on earth one day, then I want to know what's standing in the way of us having it today. Is it you, or is it your God? If God is so all powerful and knowing and etemal, and you are so little and weak and mortal, then perhaps God should swallow up the little mortal you and begin to do something on this planet. If it's you that's in the way, and God is all powerful, then God should be able to just take you out of the way.

And if it's not you that's in the way, but it's your God, then you'd better begin to look at your image of God. Perhaps your God doesn't want you to be immortal. Perhaps he doesn't want you to come into your rightful inheritance. Perhaps he doesn't want you to get too close - he might just want to remain in an etemal mystery.

People have aspired for so long to be more like God. To tell the truth, I'm not so sure I want to reach Godhood. I'd rather reach manhood. I don't want to attain God consciousness. I'd rather become human conscious. I'd rather become responsible for bringing about a change on this planet. Let's quit trying to clean this planet up for future generations - let's begin to clean it up for ourselves, and then maybe the future generations will really have something.

Sex In Heaven?

Some people think that it's our sexuality that keeps us from heaven. After all, heaven is supposed to be populated by angels, and we all know that angels don't have any sexual organs. So this is the image that people have. They think there's something wrong with us because of our sexual equipment.

So much of the Christian world seems to think that we're conceived and shaped in iniquity. The feeling you get is that there must be something wrong with the physical body. There's something wrong, and it all relates to sexuality. Adam and Eve and that damned serpent really screwed things up. This is why there's such fear of sexuality being taught in our schools. Here in the US, President Clinton recently accepted the resignation of his Secretary of Education, because she had become too controversial. She had suggested that masturbation is a normal human activity, and that it might not be a bad idea to say as much in our children's courses on sex education.

It's astounding to me that we could live in such an enlightened, civilized age, and yet there is still so much fear and shame about normal functions of the human body. I still remember one individual who felt that eventually our sex organs were going to turn into wings. This individual was so intelligent, yet she really believed that our genitals were going to evolve into wings! Can you imagine what this would look like? I still can't quite picture how it would work - and I've been trying for years.

Have you noticed how popular angels have become lately? People seem to find it so much easier to believe in angels than in people. I remember hearing, when I was a child, about a man who claimed to have an angel on his shoulder. He said that when he spoke, he was just repeating the words of the angel, who was whispering into his ear. Of course, the hall was packed when he came to town. People would rather hear something from an angel they can't even see, than from an ordinary human being.

Come Down From The Clouds

That man knew what he was doing - he had a great gimmick. Jim and Bemie and I don't have any gimmick, though. We are human beings: flesh, bone and blood. When we speak, we're signing our own names to what we say. We're not telling you that an angel said it; we're not saying that God has sent us. We're telling you that we have awakened to our own inspiration, and that's the only thing we're speaking from.

Come down out of the clouds. Come out of the haze. Begin to unveil the mysteries of our bodies. You're magnificent. Your body is magnificent. You're not some entity inside your body. You formed yourself. You designed yourself to be the way you are. Your body is absolutely phenomenal.

It's astounding that the body can so regenerate itself. I feel the day is coming that, if any organs are missing, we will grow them back. We'll regenerate limbs that have been lost. It's possible, because we formed ourselves from one cell, and the total image of what we are is still in every cell.

All that's missing is to get in touch with the original program before we learned the consciousness of death and dying, before we ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, before we ate of that knowledge of death, before we became God conscious, before we became conscious of separation, before we became conscious that we were lesser or that we were more.

God can no longer remain a mystery. The book of Revelation says, "But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." I don't know of any angel sounding. I don't feel like an angel. I am who I am, but I am sounding the trumpet of my own voice. And I'm saying that the mystery of God is finished, because it is now clear that we are the ones who are responsible for bringing about heaven on earth.

Let's create the world that we were taught would someday come. Let us create together the world that we imaged even when we were children. Get in touch with what you felt when you were a child - that was very real. Get in touch with what you questioned, before the program swallowed you up. Get in touch with how you felt life and living should be on this planet.

I know that I felt a cry for something different as I was growing up. I'm so glad that my scream and my cry became greater than the program! I'm so glad that my life became more passionate than the system.

To the system of death on this planet, you may be no more than a social security number stored in a computer somewhere. You are more than that to me: You are a flesh, bone and blood body. You are a living organ within a total organism. We need one another to come together in one mind, one body, one spirit, to create a life without end, right here on earth.

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