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A Human Touch

The Power of the Body

We no longer need to fear that we can be overcome by the very thing that we ourselves created. All sickness, disease, sin and death is created by the human body. We have never given the human body enough credit. Aliveness and good health also come by way of the physical body. Which do you create for yourself?

As a man "thinketh in his heart, so is he," according to the Bible. He is as he thinks in his heart," not his brain. What does your heart say? There is a speaking from the heart, a sound of the heart. There is a sound, not from the heart that beats, but from the core, from the depths, from the heart of every cell. I love hearing the beat of that heart. I hear a heartbeat of every cell of my body, a sound louder than the beating of this organ in rny chest. It's a sound that's louder than anything else.

Cellular Change

There is a touching of one another that can cause a cellular change in our bodies. You can do this touching with your clothes on or with your clothes off. You don't even need to physically touch each other. You may just look into each other's eyes. You might just pass each other and feel each other's presence.

There's a waking up to each other that must occur to give this touch. It's the best waking up there is. It's better than anything.

This touch is so strong that, even when the doctors can't make a difference, it's not a stopping for us. When they say it's a fatal disease, it does not have to be, if we experience this touch.

Even if you're feeling good physically, you need this cellular intercourse. It's a preventative. If you have it on a constant basis, then you won't get sick. But you can't let it lapse. You need to have it all the time.

I can feel this experience. I constantly give my energy to this exchange - that's why I'm so sensitive to it. I'm really hooked on it: that is to say, I'm really hooked on you. Whether you know it or not, I'm experiencing that being in your presence, looking into your eyes, even just touching the hem of your garment is causing a cellular change in me. Whether you are experiencing it or not, I am. I'm giving to it. I'm getting the benefit from it. And the more people I have doing this with me, the greater will be the results.

Beyond Sex

There is a promiscuity that people can have with one another. The gays. have been known for this in recent years, but all sexual orientations have had their share: the heterosexuals, the bisexuals, the lesbians - even the asexuals, l'm. sure. (I didn't want to leave anybody out!)

I want to create a new society that takes in all of these groups. I want us to become one flesh. I want everyone to love whomever they want, but I don't want people to have to fight for their sexuality any more. I want to see all people end the promiscuity with one another. I want all people to end the games where they're with one another for a little bit, and then they're gone.

The touching of one another that I'm talking about has nothing to do with promiscuity. This touching can be accompanied by sexual feelings, but it has nothing at all to do with being sexually promiscuous. All of us are sexual in one way or another. We don't need to prove our sexuality. We don't need to be so obsessed with our sexual relationships. We don't need to focus our thoughts on having sexual intercourse with one another. What we need to be concerned about is a cellular intercourse that heals the body through and through!

In my own life, I put myself in touch with people who are very much in touch with the physical body. When I experience any kind of:physical discomfort, I rush to these people. There is a laying on of hands. There is a touching of one another, a touch that's different from when we embrace, that's different from the touch of sexual intercourse.

Ending Death

There can be an end to death. And it's not going to come by way of a knowledge it's going to come by way of the beating of the heart of every cell. There has been a mystery about the body. We are ending it!

When we have this nourishment from each other, then we can keep changing forms. I'm a person who has changed forms many times since I was birthed by my parents. I couldn't look back to anything. Every time I took a step, I could never look back. I couldn't find any resting place. I had to keep moving.

I keep changing forms all the time. It's because I brought myself to this place with so many people: I brought myself to a place where I decided not to die. I have to move in that. I cannot die. I'm not going to die. I have to move. I have to stay alive. I have to have cellular intercourse that keeps me moving all the time, so that there's no death whatsoever.

If you leave any space for yourself to die, then you're not going to move past the hurdles of staying alive. You will reach time clocks in your body that look like pure, sheer death. I have reached them, I had to move beyond them - because I said I would.

I know what It takes to stay alive. It takes a cellular intercourse. It takes an experiencing of each other on a constant basis. You can't stop for one minute. It's great. It's really wonderful.

I want this with you. Maybe we've never met before. Maybe we've known each other for a long time. It doesn't make any difference. Let's just make sure that, the next time we meet, whether it's for the first time or the thousandth, we're touching each other in this way. We've awakened to each other. Let's be ready.

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