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A Handbook for Heaven on Earth

Shining the Light on God

Oh, the gods that have ruled and reigned! Unless you deal with the issue of the gods, you will feel as though you are intruding into their domain, because only the gods have been immortal. When we ignore this area of the gods, we find there is an ethereal world in which individuals tend to get lost.

For all we know there are many different worlds, many different planes of existence and many different energy forms in these planes. We are not out to clash with anyone over their vision of reality, or whatever gods it may include.

But what we are trying to do is shine the light on every area of our lives - and if your god is that wonderful, he can stand the light. If your god is so great, then he can stand for there to be a focus on him so we can really see what is going on.

Even if you don't consider yourself religious, it is important to look at this area of your life. The religious influence is strong in all areas of our culture, and it is important to understand the effects it can have on you. Even if you didn't have a religious upbringing, you're stilI connected in some way to these deep beliefs. Perhaps there were some in your ancestral line who were religious. So whether or not you ever considered yourself religious, you no doubt have some strands that connect you to these pervasive belief systems.

Perhaps you may say, "Yes, but l am not a part of the religious system. I am connected to a god within, or to a universal life." That god within you, or that universal life, can be just as big a mystery as the belief in god that the traditional religious systems have taught.

Some religions are more sophisticated than others. The so called "New Age" teachings, for example, don't preach a heaven and a hell. They still try to make death palatable, though, by telling you that it isn't really an end, it is just changing forms.

We want you to take a good close look at some common elements of most religions, and know exactly where they are coming from. If you're not willing to look at them in this way, then you can all too easily become trapped in them, and fall prisoner to their mysteries. We have seen too many who have claimed to be free, only to find themselves haunted.

God Hasn't Done It

God hasn't done it for the world. If he's so great and wonderful, then what's wrong with him that he's letting all this chaos go on?

I've had enough about how wonderful god is, and how he is taking care of his own. I see the wars happening on this planet, with young men giving up their lives to defend a patch of dirt. Don't tell me there is a god around who loves anybody. If there was, he would not let this kind of stuff go on.

I hear these world leaders speak, and each one of them has their own god. They all think god is on their side. How many gods are there anyway? They all say there's only one, and he's theirs.

Is god so great for you? Perhaps not, or you wouldn't be reading my words today.

I gave up on god. He didn't do it for me. I'm not afraid to say it. He was never there for me. When I was filled with death, when I was in pain, when I was in sorrow, I've never had any comfort from a god. The only comfort I've ever received has been from another human being like myself, one who cares about me.

I'm not against people who believe in god. I'm not against anybody. I feel all of humankind, and I want every person to wake up and be greater than ever.

An Alter Ego

People have used god because they wanted to be perfect. They didn't feel as if they could be perfect themselves, so they used an image of something outside, something intangible. They used something that could never be pinned down, something that could never be seen up close, so that no one could ever see its flaws. God became an alter ego for humankind, a perfect being that was beyond human measurement, criticism and rejection.

See, when someone gets close to you they can see your little imperfections. So then you may not want to be seen. You may still see your flesh as unclean, so you keep the god out there as your alter ego.

This ego thing is very subtle. You might have been taught that you were special. Your mother may have told you that you were god's little angel. You might start to feel you have something special with your god that nobody else has. Your specialness could make you feel very smug with people.

You begin by thinking you are so special, and then you start to keep yourself from other people, because you have something inside you that no one else has. Oh, you will communicate with people, and you will be with people, but you won't really give your whole self to anyone, because you save that for your god. You become a lone identity.

You might even feel you have been ordained, that you have a calling on the planet that makes you different from other people, more sacred and more righteous. Then you start to see other people as obstacles that are getting in the way of you fulfilling your destiny. You build up a whole identity for yourself based on this special relationship you have with your god. Pretty soon you find yourself willing to argue over that identity, to fight over it, and even to go to war with people over that identity. All because of this special feeling you have.

How wonderful. I'm so touched.

I am here today to let you know there is not a damn thing special about you. This special feeling is a total perversion of any true religious feeling. Come out of your glory. Come out of the clouds. Put your feet here on Earth with me. I have news for you. You are flesh and bone just like everybody else on this planet. Your relationship with your god doesn't make you special - it just makes you smug. We are all wonderful and unique, but none of us are any closer to god, none of us are god's favorites, none of us are special in that sense.

The real gift you have is yourself - unadulterated, naked flesh, without any pretense, without the guise of specialness. Your flesh as it is right now, your raw and naked flesh, is totally acceptable. No matter how you look, no matter where you came from. That is what is perfect about you.

How many people have you experienced in your own life who felt themselves to be so godly? Perhaps they couldn't even see you. You did not exist for them outside of the beliefs you may have shared. And they were so full of rapture, so full of their specialness that they could even justify destroying you, and other human beings like you, if you didn't agree with their own self-righteous feelings about god.

Walking Our Separate Paths

I took on god consciousness only because I was born into a world that was in separation. I took on that separation. I took on duality. I took on the good, the evil, all the pluralities.

We have created all kinds of spiritual entities to escape from one another, to escape from really being here. We have created all maimer of ways to escape, because as long as death was held to be inevitable, the pain of that eventual separation has been too great.

Many religions have had the concept that we are all walking our separate paths of enlightenment. This has been good, supposedly, because these various paths have all been taking us to the same place - back to god. The concept has been that it is all right for us to be separate from each other now, because we are all coming home, back to the one spirit, the one whole, the one power, the creator, the universal life.

The feeling of closeness in these religions has been very superficial, because everyone has been walking their own path. So in that separation we have mistreated each other along the way, because our ultimate goal was to return to god, not to be with other people. This is why the misuse and abuse of one another have gone on, because our paths of truth have been more important than one another.

I want to get to the core of what causes individuals not to be totally here, not to be totally their bodies. If I speak to the god in you, then lam speaking to an entity in the body. There is the body, and then there is the entity inside the body. It is as though there are two of you. This is a separation that causes death. There must be a total integration of body, mind and spirit into one unit. We must acknowledge that everything we experience arises from the physi­cal, from a chemical action and reaction.

Your god consciousness will always leave out the flesh. The god within feels a condescension to be inhabiting mere flesh. There is always a feeling that the flesh is of a much baser substance than the god life within that is so pure.

The truth is that your body has always been pure. It was the programming that caused you to become perverted. It was what was fed into you, the conditioning from a world that was already living in duality. That was why you were taught you needed the saviors. That's why you were taught that you had to reincar­nate, to go from body to body, to work out your karmic law. The programming has done a good job. All the different cultures that have had the covenant of death have done a damn good job of programming their people.

It's time to bring together all the dimensions into one on this planet, in order to end all the bulishit that has happened among human beings. Man's inhumanity to man has been atrocious. We can get rid of the weapon - we can get rid of the guns, the tanks, the smart bombs - but as long as each individual is a god unto himself, each one will still use his power on one another. As long as you remain in a god consdousness, you will turn it on one another, because your god awareness will always become superior to the next person's.

As long as you are still living in a world of pluralities, then you will come together with us only as long as it feels good. As long as you are still bouncing back and forth between the highs and the lows, then after a while you will be bored, because Bernadeane, James and I are not going to be able to entertain you. We maybe the greatest show on Earth, but we are not going to be enough.

Unless you are really connecting with us organically, eventually you are going to sit in the midst of us and express boredom. You know why? You will still feel superior to this dimension. You will have still held on to the other dimensions. You will have been waiting for us to take you to those dimensions, and we will disappoint you, because we're not headed for any dimension other than this one.

Turning To Each Other

Why would you need a belief system in god? Even if there is a god, your belief in him doesn't matter. If you're living all the way alive and abandoned now, and love your neighbor as yourseli. god's pleased. If you're not, god's not pleased.

I'm not out to fight and argue with your belief systems. I'm not out to destroy your belief in god. My only concern is with whatever would keep you away from the preciousness of one another. I'm only concerned with your belief in god because I have seen how the higher powers keep calling you away from a basic consciousness of each other, of organic flesh.

Your spiritual ideals may be your god. Then everything has to be a certain way, and if I don't move in that way, you aren there for me. So you have your other gods, your idols, before me.

Maybe you are so spaced out on higher consciousness that, when you are with me, you don't even stay focused in the room completely. Then you can't be with me all the way. You can't have every single part of you devoted to the preciousness of my flesh, to expanding me as a human being on this planet.

I want you to make the decision that you're not turning to any god, you're going to turn to each other instead, and find each other so there, so bonded, so fused, that we end all the separation on the planet.

ln You I Trust

The dead walking on two feet can communicate with god real well. They just have a problem with people. "In Cod We Trust" is what our coins say here in the United States. That is why we are in the mess we are in, because nobody trusts anybody except god.

When I had god, I was so self-centered and self-sufficient. I liked my independence. I was so wonderful with myself that I could hardly stand to be with anyone else. I didn't want your touch. I didn't want you to embrace me. I didn't even want you to talk to me.

As long as I had god, I didn't need you. That is the total reality. As long as I had a god somewhere - either up in heaven, or down within me - I had no need of you.

I let go of the god that kept me from you. Chuck and Jim and I are who we are on this planet, but we are nothing without you. My life is you. My life has only gotten better since I let go of that god, but I would have no life without you.

Let Your Will Be Done

This god consciousness keeps you from taking full responsibility for your life. It's no different from being a child and saying, "Dad will take care of it," or "Mom will take care of it." When you believe in god, you think, "Cod will take care of it. I don't really have to do it, because god will do it for me anyway."

This belief in god can lull you to sleep. It can keep you placid. It can make you feel sluggish. You're not really energized, you're not really alive on this planet, you're not really stirred in your body, because you're still convinced there's a god somewhere who's going to take care of it all.

I want you to wake up from this deep sleep. Until you experience that it is you that make things happen, you are not going to give yourself all the way to me. You are not going to be alive with me every moment. You won't come out of the closet all the way. You won't move with all your energy. You won't be here all the way with me, or even with yourself. You won't go out into the world and speak of me. You won't bring forth a whole new living on this planet. You're not going to feel that bold, you're not going to feel that excited. You'll say, "Oh well, if I don't do it, then god will take care of it. God will work it out. If it's god's will, we will be together."

I don't care about god's will. What about your will? Let's quit putting the burden on god. He's tired of this shit. (I know - I had a talk with him.)

Don't put the responsibility for your life on an unknown entity out there somewhere. Don't sit around and get stuck in the belief system of it, always holding yourself back, never empowering yourself and one another.

Don't let your glorious visions of god keep you from really joining with human flesh. Don't let your dreams of principalities in high places keep you from moving with a passion and a love that's never been before.

And you can be sitting there, reading this, and saying, "That's not me." The programming runs so deep.

Taking Responsibility

I never spoke out to a group of people when I believed that god would handle everything. I knew I couldn't carry on a conversation with you, let alone get up in front of you and speak.

It was only when I took my life out of god's hands that I began to move. I knew then that it was up to me to bring about some changes on this planet. I finally took some responsibility. For me to live, it was going to take something from me to make the difference.

Don't leave your life up to god. How can you know for sure what he's going to ask of you? I've heard this: "He may want you to die early. Might want you to take his son or daughter home." I don't want to be attached to anybody that may want to take me home to somewhere that I don't even know exists. I don't trust it!

I have no superstitions about it. I don't have to knock on wood or pray to god to make sure I stay here. I'm the one making sure I stay here.

Let's take the mystery out of all this stuff. Human beings have always been the ones who have done everything. That is why we are coming together today, from all around the world, because we know who's responsible. We know who creates wars. We know who keeps death going. We know who's done so many wonderful things on this planet. It's human beings.

Don't say, "God bless you, Bernie." I want you to bless me.

Religious Spirit

Being religious about what you feel is wonderful. There's a spirit and body that come together as one. When you're religious about what you feel, then you're stirring each other, and inspiring each other, and there's an energy that flows between you. I feel religious about you.

Some of you are so afraid of feeling religious. You may feel too stirred up. You might get goose bumps all over. You may be standing on your head. You might even start speaking in tongues. Somebody could see you, and before you know it, you'll be making a fool of yourself.

It's OK to feel these religious feelings! Don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Don't twist yourself around to create an acceptable aliveness. Throw off the programming that's made you afraid of really feeling in your body all the tingling, the anointing, the evangelistic feelings, the feeling of being meditafive about who you really are.

People say, "What about the spirit?" That is the spirit. Without that stirring of the flesh, without that anointing, that flow, that inspiration, you're not really living.

A Higher Power

People say, "But do you believe in a greater power?" Yes, I do. I found out where my life and living come from. The greater power is you and I together. Oh, it's exciting, it makes me feel like shouting my head off!

It's not the movement of god any more that's making a difference - it's the movement of all of us together. We're saying what happens on this planet now - we're not waiting to hear from god about it.

It feels good to love human beings more than god. I love you. You are whom I want to be with forever. You are what satisfies my longings. You are the one I've been searching for.

I don't have a god. I don't want one. I don't hunger for god - I hunger for you. I don't need god - I need you. You have taken his place for me.

Coming Home (To One Another)

Wake up from a servant realm. Wake up from being a child of god. Wake up from all of that duality.

You are the god who has the power to create life and death, light and darkness, good and evil: you are the god who has created all the pluralities.

You have created everything already - now it's time for you to enjoy! There is a fear of joy all over the world. There is a fear of pleasure. You have only been able to stand so much joy before you have had to create a plurality to end it. You have felt that something had to happen eventually to end that feeling of ecstasy, that it couldn't go on forever. No! That is superstition.

I have wonderful news. God was created by you to bring you back to the whole, which is one another. The god - the home that you have been returning to - is one another. And if you miss each other, you are going to miss god.

The Bible says, "You are to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind." Wonderful - but people often forget the next verse, which says that it is all fulfilled in this, that "You love your neighbor as yourself." Isn't it amazing that people can stumble all over it, and create their religious dogmas, and yet not realize that it was all created to bring us back to one another?

Walk IntoThe Light

I know there are many of you who are sure you have had out-of-body experiences. You may have had a near-death experience, remembering that you went into the tunnel, you went into the light. You may associate the light with god, or some universal force, beckoning you away from your body and into some spiritual dimension.

I want to tell you, if you went into the light, that's why you are here because the others didn't come back to tell us where they went. But you didn't leave your body. You are your body, and the light that you experienced, in an altered state of consciousness, was the light emanating from every cell and atom of your own flesh. Yes, it was the light of the cells of your body that led you back to being here.

If you are wanting to go into the invisible dimensions, thinking they are somehow superior, I want to quote you something that was written many hundreds of years ago: "The invisible things from the foundation of the world are clearly understood by the things which are seen."

The only dimension I am interested in is the one created by the cells of your body opening, As long as human beings on this planet can walk around totally separate from one another, instead of nurturing and keeping each other, we have not gotten anywhere. I don't care how many out-of-body experiences you have had, I don't care how often you may have soared in the ethereal world, I don't care how much astral traveling you may have done - the greatest astral travel you could do is moving in the cells and atoms of one another's flesh and ending the sentence of death.

If you are not here for me to touch and handle, then you have changed to a form that I don't care about

Letting Go of God

It was about twenty-five years ago that I was birthed out from god.

I remember thinking that I would die, physically. I thought I was having a breakdown. I didn't want to have to let go of something that had been my life and living from my childhood. It seemed blasphemous to me at the time, and I was afraid.

But I had gone too far. I had gone past the point of no return

It was during this transition that I experienced losing my eyesight. I was giving my two children a bath one day when my vision started going, and before long I couldn't see anything. I called out for Chuck, and he led me into the bedroom. I sat on the bed, and he took hold of my hand, and it looked as if I was watching a television with bad reception - everything was fuzzy.

I didn't speak then. I didn't move. Chuck touched me, but my eyes still didn't clear. I tried to call out to god and got no answer, because I'd already gone too far, I'd already fulfilled that. Then I said to myself, "I'm going with Chuck. No matter what happens, even if I die, I'm going with Chuck all the way. I'm not going with god, I'm going with Chuck."

The moment I said that, my eyes cleared.

There was a period after that when I would still have doubts from time to time. I'd be driving down the street and I'd begin to think, "Oh my god, what have I done?" I'd feel that haunting again, and my vision would start to blur. It was very scary. But the minute I would say, "I'm going with Charles," my vision would clear.

From that moment on, I began to move. I began to speak to groups of people, even if it was only ten words at a time.

I began to think, "Who am l in this world besides a wife and a mother? What do I want to do on this planet?" Oh, it's so wonderful! I am who I am today because I had something to say about it. I had a choice to make. I had some moving to do, I had to walk past all the religious superstitions that hold human beings in bondage.

Today I am a new body of flesh on this planet. I know that there was a Bernadeane of a past life. She is the one who knew god. She's the one who needed god. lam not that Bernadeane today. For me there is no need for a god. I evolved out from that place. I changed forms walking on two feet. The Bernadeane that needed god doesn't exist anymore.

I decided I was going with Charles, no matter what. Now, today, I've deciding I'm going with you, no matter what. I've made a decision. I'm going with you. You're the ones I want to be with forever.

I know this is a touchy subject. It's okay to get touched by it. If you're troubled by what I'm talking about - even if you're shaking like a leaf - remember that you chose to read these words today. Don't consider it an accident. You must have been ready for something more.

Be willing to change form with me today. I want you to change form so that you don't need to hear the stories of god anymore. I want it done for you forever.

You don't have to be afraid. let the person who is afraid, who is shaking with the fear of it - let that person die so you may live. If you feel all shook up over god, if you are worried about whether he exists or not, if your nervous system is going crazy with the questions, if your head is working overtime - know that this isn't you, it's just a religious personality you are carrying around. let that personality go. You have nothing to lose but death itself.

I'm not afraid to move now. I'm not afraid to experience the unknown, that which I've never experienced. I love it. Just give me all the unknown that you can give me, would you? Give me that which I've never heard before, that which I never felt before - I'm ready.

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