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Getting Closer

I don't attend our weekly meetings in Scottsdale so that I can learn how to live. I don't come to our meetings to understand how I am to move in the world. I don't even come in order to figure out why I had such a bad day, when I had been expecting such a glorious one.

The only reason I come to our meetings is to be with people, to get closer to everyone who is here. I come because I want to get closer to you!

There may be many thoughts and emotions stirring in me when I come to a meeting. I may feel to get up and speak all sorts of things. What I know, though, is that if what I am expressing doesn't bring me closer to you, then I'm wasting our time.

We come together in our meetings to touch and to stir one another. I come so that I can respond to you from my heart out of all that I feel, out of a total passion. It's this feeling that causes positive changes to happen in my life, that even causes changes in the very cellular structure of my body.

When I have this feeling of closeness, this desire to be intimate, it's not something that I can contain. It's not a feeling that I can save up for the meetings, that I can only feel while I'm in a certain place, at a certain time. It's a feeling that spills over into my daily living, into all of my interactions with everyone in my life.

I don't experience any polarity between the intimacy I feel with everyone in our meetings and the intimacy I feel with the people I live with daily. Each complements the other. What I feel with those in my household only stirs me to greater depths of aliveness with all of you.

This is when the greatest changes happen in my life, when I'm feeling so connected to everyone, when I'm feeling the richness of our being together. I can experience all sorts of knowledgeable revelations, but it is only when I can touch you, talk to you and feel emotions with you that the transmutation begins to take place. When something can come up between us that would irritate me, and yet in the next moment I can move beyond the irritation and feel a total freshness with you... that's when I know that exciting changes are happening in my life.

What I experience with you is more than just a mental connection - it is something very physical. It's the way we look in each other's eyes, the things we do with one another, the fun we have together. I want to be so intimate with you that I know you inside and out, not just with a knowing in my head, but on every level. I want to connect with you even at the very cellular level, so that the cells in our bodies are feeling the interchange, the communion and the nurturing. It's only when we have this connection at the deepest level that I feel us being together forever on this planet - that I feel the foreverness of our creation.

This connection between us is something we have to keep fresh and alive all the time. If this connection is just based on a memory of something we had together in the past, then I don't have anything with you. I'll always want to keep creating something new and fresh and personal with you every moment, to nurture what we have together.

Sometimes when we start talking about intimacy, and feeling intimate with one another, we may feel uncomfortable, or we may feel certain fears coming up in us. The only way to go beyond this discomfort is to keep moving with one another! The more we move spontaneously, the more comfortable we feel. The closer we get to one person now, the easier it is with the next person. The more we put ourselves out there with each other, the more natural and comfortable it is going to feel.

Don't question intimacy. If you feel uncomfortable with someone, then be with that person more. Intimacy is an adventure. Being with you, meeting you and experiencing what I can have with you is exciting! We can change the way we experience this stirring we feel when we get close to each other. If there are some uncomfortable areas, it's not going to stop me from being with you. I won't turn my back on you. I'm only going to have more with you.

To me, this is the meaning of life - the intimacy, the passion, the fulIness of being together that I have with all of you. This is what people have been searching for down through the ages. This is my reason to live.

We have been conditioned to think that intimacy is something private, something that cannot be shared between more than two people, something that only thrives in the dark. What we are doing in Scottsdale is stepping out of that old way of life, going beyond those old patterns, creating a whole new way of being with one another. In Scottsdale we have a group of people who are excited about constanfly reinforcing, nurturing and supporting our connection with one another. What we have created together is the greatest support system on the planet for changing, for growing and for living.

It's wonderful to declare changes that we vision for ourselves and each other. We can declare many wonderful things - but the greatest declaration I can make is that I am with you forever, that I have no other desire, no other choice, than to be with all of you forever. I'll go with you forever. Out of that will come everything else, everything that is real, everything that is important.

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