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Friends, Family and a Hunger to Live

Bernadeane - I don't make a good friend. I’m not a good mother. From the image of how it's supposed to be, I’m not. Ask my son and my grandkids. They hardly ever hear from me. I’m not calling them every day and seeing if they’re doing great. We hardly ever talk. I don’t do the motherly thing. But I do give them a touch of me that's great. I don’t have this family thing going on. I never felt it. I never had it with my family. I know what it is, but I never could give it. My mother said, “You're not a daughter to me.” Even then, I was hungry for more. That’s why I’m where I am today. I kept searching and I’m going to keep searching. I’m going to find what I hunger for. I'm going to have everything I hunger for.

You can have everything you hunger for, but if you don't hunger you're never going to have it. If there’s no hunger in your body to go past your ‘whatever’ that’s stopping you from really living, you won't ever have the vastness of your person. You won't have it unless you call out to other bodies and open yourself for more.

I’m feeling a newness of my person and it’s on the increase. I’m on the increase. I feel it. I feel my body. And I’m not going back somewhere where I used to be, but I’m going forward to where I’ve never been. That’s what I’m doing. Let’s go where we’ve never been. That’s what we need, is to go where we’ve never been before.

As long as we stay in small places as females, we’re not going to go where we’ve never been before, we’re going to stay where we are, and it’s not enough for me. I want to hear an excitement out of your bodies with me. I want to feel when we see each other, man, there’s a rush to one another. It’s not just a little playful thing, there’s a real touch given unto one another. That's who I am.

Charles Paul Brown - There is a culture that everyone has right here in the United States. It’s so mixed. And no one can bring their culture into this life. No one can bring their history into this life. No one can bring their family. We cannot have an image of one another but we do have a cellular experience. A living - a biological living in the cells and the atoms of one another’s bodies to where we do not form an image of one another externally, we feel one another in the cells and atoms of our bodies.

What does it mean to come home? Not to a city. Not Scottsdale. Home is the very bodies of one another. No one can bring their belief system into this body. All the belief systems are left outside with the animal kingdom.

Jim Strole - We’re bringing together people in this world that are using their power to keep each other alive. You can’t do it by yourself. You can die by yourself. But you can't live forever by yourself. And this is why people die, because they are by themselves. Their family offers no support for real, total living. And there’s a protection of the whole family system that goes on to keep the status quo of death going. Am I against the family? Yes. Am I against people? No. I’m against the genetic tie that keeps death going, that keeps the bitch of death going and keeps life from being a nourishment to all human beings on this planet that are ready for it.

The family is not about keeping you going forever. The family is about bringing you into the world and keeping you living until you die. It’s about survival. I’m not against the people, I’m against the chemistry. That network, that system and I’ll speak loud about it and I’ll speak clear about it, and most of all I’ve moved out of it myself and am so thankful. I invite you to do the same. There’s a deeper human connection to be had. It’s that simple. The family system is limited, the world as is it is, the status quo is limited. And the bitch life wants to keep it going. The woman pisses on her territory, she wants to keep the female going, the man goes to sleep in it and she can become enlightened and she can become so knowledgeable but man, go outside that family system, go outside for deeper meaning in life and you're screwed. She’ll do everything she can to control that little family unit. This is the female that Bernie was talking about for you females to let go of so you can be whole in this world.

Charles Paul Brown - The woman who gave birth to me - my mother - she had the ability to hear and respond and move. My dad just existed. And he couldn't understand why somebody was always interested in something more. That’s the person that she was. She was always looking for something more. And so, she was an irritation to him. And he was an irritation to her. Because she saw that he was a person that could not move. He had to be knocked flat on his ass before he would experience anything. That’s how dense he was. I remember she said to me, "I know I can’t be with you now, I can’t move all out." She said, "Your father will pass eventually and I’ll be free." And I said, "Mom, it won't work that way. You have to move now. You have to set yourself free." I said, "He will live until after you die."

And that is precisely what happened. She died, and he lived 11 months longer. He was content then, he wanted to join Mother and he wanted to make sure he lived long enough to see that mother died so that they wouldn't be separated. Because if she became immortal and he died, he wouldn’t get to see her in eternity.

These things are crazy. They're the images. That they’re all going to be together in the afterlife. That’s what my family has entered into an agreement with, even concerning me, that the circle will not be broken. The genetic tie that all the family will meet again on the other side in heaven. Oh, and it’s okay that they fussed and fought and everything else here. No togetherness here, everyone is going to be together on the other side. Such bullshit.

The sentimentality that is in the family structure is huge. And it’s passed on from generation to generation. Sentimentality will absolutely rob you of your life because it brings about passivity. It brings about sleep. Sentimentality will bring about compromise, you will compromise with those you feel that you love. That's why love is not enough. That’s why in friendships you compromise. You become sentimental with friendships, with your family, with your children. You’ll become sentimental with love and it becomes a trap. We must not sleep here. We’ve come out from among the dead. We’ve come out from the sleep.

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