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Forever Changing

Quantum Leaps

Humans have been conditioned to progress slowly, through gradual evolution, by building carefully on an existing body of knowledge. But every major advance that has changed the entire face of civilization has come about through a drastic change - a quantum leap. Look at Copernicus and his assertion that the world revolves around the sun, Edison's discovery of the incandescent light bulb, or the historic first flight of the Wright brothers.

These advances could never have come about through evolution, but were only possible through revolution in human thought and experience.

To take a quantum leap requires our willingness to abandon the comforting familiarity of old beliefs and conventions. We must be willing to move from inspiration, from what we call "the body electric," because it is only this that can propel us beyond our current belief systems, to a whole new level.

There is no question that physical immortality requires a quantum leap. Humans have always died. All of our belief systems agree absolutely on the inevitability of physical death. To awaken from the sleep of death obviously requires a great leap into the unknown.

What may not be so obvious is that this single jump, as difficult as it might seem, is not enough. A single quantum leap would be enough to build a new body of knowledge, an immortal belief system - but then we would soon find I ourselves drifting back to sleep in that new familiarity....

What we are finding is that unending aliveness requires a continual movement from our inspiration, from our body electric. Just as quantum physics completely redefined our knowledge of physics, so must we now adopt a whole new paradigm for human development. It is no longer enough to build slowly on what has gone before, or even to take the occasional leap into the unknown. To live without end we must learn to make quantum leaps a way of life.

The Consciousness of Change

To be forever changing means to go beyond the consciousness of change.

I want us to go beyond the perception of change as a means to an end, beyond the sowing and reaping. Instead I want us to move so fast in our living that the change happens without our conscious thought.

I want us to lose the memory that we need to change. Let's be so given to our living that we absolutely change out of our excitement.

I want us to stop working on ourselves. Let's move beyond the labor of change and into the joy of living.

I want us to go beyond the pioneering experience. As long as there is still a feeling of coming from an old world and trying to get to a new one, we're in a pioneer consciousness: we're stuck in the wilderness. This pioneer's journey can be a hard labor. Sometimes it can seem as though you're never going to make it, and you can become desperate to leave the old world behind.

I want us to move so quickly that we lose our memory of the old world. Let's not even stop to choose between two worlds - let's absolutely move faster than choice.

Uncharted Territory

Jim and Bernie and I are entering uncharted territory. We don't have any road maps. We have nothing from the past to guide and direct us - because there have never been human beings on this planet really living without death.

Do you want to know where we are going? I wish I could tell you, but I can't - I've never been there before. All I can say is to let go of any images of the future you might have because, whatever they are, I'm sure we will blow them somewhere along the way.

Are you ready to go all the way with us? If so, I have to warn you - I don't know where "all the way" is. If that's your destination, though, then you'll probably fall away somewhere, because eventually you'll find a spot that's 'all the way" for you, and you won't want to move on when we're ready for the next leap.

Are you waiting to see if we make a mistake? If so, then I trust you won't have to wait long - since we're traveling without maps we sometimes have no way to proceed except through trial and error. We may move one way and decide that's not what feels right, then try something else.

If you are seeking perfection then you will judge that as a mistake, and grow suspicious of our movement. I have to tell you now, we are going to make a lot of mistakes in living forever - not intentionally, but through constantly venturing into the unknown.

Are you looking for someone who's always right, who's got all the answers? Since we will be forever changing, we have to give up any investment in being right. We must be fluid and pliable with one another, able to shift in a moment, holding on to nothing except each other. Being right is too constricting to allow one to live forever - believe me, I know, because I've tried it!

Well then, if we don't know where we're going, and we know we'll take plenty of wrong turns along the way, then why should you come with us?

Because you feel the same passion to live, the same immortal intelligence, that we do. Because you have such a hunger to come together with other human beings on this planet, that you're not even aware of their mistakes. Because you are so damned thankful that we have found each other that you want nothing to ever come between us. And, finally, because you feel such an organic connection with us, that you can do nothing else but come along.

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