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Facing Reality

For me to be alive - really alive without death - is not a limitation for me. Many people believe they can only be unlimited in an afterlife, but I don't. I've closed the door to any other kind of life that would take me away from being who I am right here with you.

I don't know that there's a life anywhere else. I've never seen it. Nobody's ever proved anything to me. No one has ever come back from that hole in the ground and told me anything.

I've closed the door unto the grave that would swallow me up. I'm not willing to go that way. It's not an ego trip, my believing I'm immortal - it just isn't exciting to me to go into a hole in the ground. There's nothing beautiful about it.

When you look at me, you see the life after death. The Bernadeane that could die has already died. I'm no longer death walking on two feet. I'm that which has happened after death.

(Really, the kind of death I have died is not so bad. The only death that is bad is the one in which you can be swallowed up in the earth and lost forever.)

I gave up on God. He didn't do it for me. He hasn't done it for the world. If he's so great and wonderful, then what's wrong with him that he's letting all this chaos go on in the world? He was never there for me when I was filled with death, when I was in pain, when I was in sorrow. I've never had any comfort from a God. The only comfort I've ever received has been from another human being like myself, one who cares about me.

I hear these world leaders speak, and each one of them has their God. Their God is on their side. How many Gods are there anyway? They all say there's only one God, and it's theirs.

I'm not against people who believe in God. I'm not against anybody. I feel all of humankind, and I want every person to wake up and be greater than ever.

I like real stuff, though. I like reality. I like to face reality. It doesn't hurt to face reality. It makes you live better than ever. I've ended all the mystery for myself, so I can really live as never before here with you.

Charles Paul and James and I are having an effect, but not enough yet. I have to face reality: we haven't yet made the impact in the world that I want us to make. We're growing quickly, and we're going to keep multiplying, until this earth is covered with people like us who say, "We've had it with all the death that's been forever throughout the ages."

I'll tell you what's real. There really are people who can live together on this planet and be happy together. There really are people who don't have to war anymore. We can actually have different kinds of feelings and ideas, but not make them more important than each other. We can actually make one another top priority.

Physical immortality isn't a great belief. I don't believe in it. Believing in physical immortality will never cause anyone to be on the planet forever. To really make a difference takes a waking up that you can feel. The feeling gets so great that you can never think about dying anymore.

Something happens to the physical body - there's a new intelligence that starts flowing through the blood. There's a new intelligence that's happening with us today where no death can take place with us. We've decided that this is our day. We're making the difference for ourselves.

One person alone can't be physically immortal. Don't think that you have woken up, and so now you're going to walk around on this planet forever by yourself. It's not possible. Physical immortality is only possible in our coming together as one organic body with a cellular agreement. It's biological. It's physical. Being really alive causes one to fall into others. It causes you to draw unto you your own kind.

I'm after you for my living. I can't live on an island to myself. Together we breathe, we move, we become more vast every day.

It's OK to make mistakes as long as we keep moving. It's OK to fall as long as we get up and keep going. It's OK to be alive. It's OK to be human. I'm so sick of trying to get away from being human. I am human! I want you to be human too. That's what you are. Be proud of it!

We don't have to die to get better. We can actually stay on this planet and get better all the time with each other. We give one another the freedom to do that.

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