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Physical Immortality Equals Flesh

Physical Immortality

When people hear about physical immortality, they naturally think in terms of being here forever. I want to tell you, though, that physical immortality is not about living forever. Physical immortality is about the flesh. Physical immortality is about the human body.

Don't confuse physical immortality with longevity. I don't want longevity. I'm not interested in staying around for a long time. I'm not interested, for that matter, in staying around forever.

I'm interested in staying with you. You are physical immortality. I'm not interested in staying with forever. I'm not interested in staying for millions of years on this planet. That is not physical immortality. Physical immortality has nothing to do with time. It has to do with the body.

So, if there's a conflict going on with you concerning physical immortality, the conflict is with yourself. Your conflict is not about staying many years on the planet. Your conflict is not with me. Your conflict is with yourself.

Your problem concerning physical immortality is not me. Your problem is you. Your problem is in not being able to receive your own flesh. Your problem is in not being able to receive yourself wholly.

I don't want to leave any mysteries surrounding the subject of physical immortality. The physical body has been a mystery to us. Each person has been a mystery to himself. I want to awaken you to end the mystery of yourself!

One Chance To Live

I could say that we get one chance to live. We don't get many chances, because that has to do with time, and you may not find the time to have a chance. You may die before you find the time to make a chance for you to live.

I can say to you, right now, that you have one chance to live. Physical immortality is not the future - it's you. Physical immortality is not the now - it's you. You have one chance only to get in touch with you.

People have been confused when they feel a movement within their own flesh. Your one chance to live comes when you feel that movement. When you experience what I call a cellular awakening, it goes past the conscious reasoning. Be thankful when this happens, for the reasoning of the conscious mind by itself will do away with who you really are.

Once you feel this movement, your only way out of the confusion is to allow yourself to experience this new feeling all the way. When you go with the cellular awakening, your brain clears up. Your conflict and your confusion come when you refuse to go with the feeling. The confusion comes when you allow the reasoning of your conscious mind to take you separate and apart from the cellular awakening taking place within you.

Let go of the Dark

I used to be affected when people refused to go with this awakening. I don't take it personally any longer. I'm not touched by it anymore. When people experience this conflict, I now realize that it's their conflict. I don't take it on anymore - it's not mine.

I'm enjoying who I am on this planet! I'm enjoying the wholeness of my flesh!

I'm here to remind you constantly that you can enjoy in the midst of everything that's going on around you. Even if you're having financial problems, or problems with your health, I'm here to remind you that they can all flee as a result of your receiving yourself wholly!

If you feel a quickening of yourself as you read these words, then don't deny what you feel. Decide to go with all that you are. It's your freedom from death! It's not by some great work or deed that we become physically immortal - we are physical immortality! We're just waking up to who we already are! There's no struggle!

Oh, it's so enjoyable. It's so soothing. I'm looking out of different eyes than I did before. I'm hearing differently from these ears. My whole body is full of light now. I used to feel a conflict with light and darkness. We don't have to live these polarities anymore. We don't have to experience difficulty to enjoy life. We don't have to go through some kind of pain and then come out on the other side bright again to know the difference. We don't have to know darkness to see the light anymore. Some people think we have to go through hardships to become greater. That's a lie of death. We do not have to suffer in order to feel good on the other side.

Receiving all People

Once you receive yourself wholly, then you will be able to receive all people. This is what's happened to me.

I don't care how well known you are. If you happen to be famous, then I think it's great that you're famous, but I'm not impressed with that. I don't want to be with you because you're famous - I want to be with you because you're really awake with me, and because we nourish one another.

There is no class consciousness with me. I enjoy every person, no matter what their profession. I'm not concerned with your profession - I'm concerned with you. I think it's great if you've created a position for yourself in society. I think it's a wonderful attribute. I think it's great, but it does nothing for me. What does something for me is when you look in my eyes and you give me that feeling of being with me 100%. That's what impresses me.

There is no age difference with me. I enjoy every person, no matter what their years. It doesn't matter to me what race you are - I love them all. I love that you're different from me. I love that you dress differently than I do. If you do dress like me, then I love that too. I just love to be with you, no matter how you come to me.

We may not speak the same language. The language of each country is different, but there is one language that is understood very well without one word being spoken. There is a language of the body that is understood by all who are awakened.

I travel to Israel often. Many times, when I am there, I hear people speaking Hebrew to each other when there's not any translation. I don't always understand the words that are being used, but I understand what is being said. There's a language of the body going on at that moment. I feel the emotions. At times, I feel what is happening so strongly that I find myself almost speaking out.

We can't throw every person we meet in the same basket. I cannot treat everyone the same. There is no equality on this planet. If we were all the same, then there could be equality. Every person is different Hallelujah! That's one word that every language understands.

I want you to be the person you are with me. That's when it's the most fun for me. I'm not interested in you being like me or anyone else. It would be very boring for me if we were all the same.


We ought to have the greatest passion for one another. Even when someone makes a mistake, it ought to be that we rush to that person, rather than running from them or talking behind their backs. How can we keep turning away from one another? We need to go to that person face to face. We need to let them know we're here for them. Let's move to dissolve whatever is going on between us. That's the kind of passion we need to have. It's the passion I have. Join me in it! You can never do anything that will cause me to walk away from you never!

We need to move so we have peace here with one another forever. We need to bring peace first of all right here within our own forms, then with one another, then in the world. This is when we will find such a joy of being together.

What draws us together? Why are we with each other? There was a joy we once felt together. There was a drawing unto one another. Let's not forget our first love. It's so important that we don't forget our first love with each other.

I know that this is the only way we're going to end the hell on this planet. We end it with one another. We're so vast. We are so huge. Let's remind ourselves of this. Let's keep moving for the vastness, the hugeness of who we are. It's so life giving. It's what physical immortality is all about: the treasuring of human flesh.

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