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Ending All Separation, Together

Bernadeane - We have to move larger. There is an experiencing of one body here. I love pouring myself out to you. That's who I am. Nobody is going to be able to be with me as a lone identity - with their little life right in the midst of me. If you want me all the way you’ve got to move all the way with me, there cannot be any stopping place. I’ve got to have a total, total giving to me. I have to have it.

I want this to sink deep. They’re simple words, and I want it to be so simple that you can really understand and feel me in your body. Because my nourishment just doesn’t come from me. Don’t have images of me and hold me in places. Some women have problems. It’s just automatic for women to be bitches. Even for physically immortal women, it doesn’t matter how much they’ve moved and how sweet they are, they’ve still got this female crap in them. I want you women to want to be free of it. Everyone in this room, every woman’s got it here, everyone of you.

I’m the exception in this room. It’s not an ego, it’s what’s real. Every woman in this room has still got the bitch in her, and the female crap, and don't give me your long faces here, wake up with me tonight that you want to be free of this crap. It still creeps up - don’t kid yourself. Look, I know every one of you in this room. You’ve got this jealousy, little protective crap - you’ve got to protect your little domain, your little stuff. I’m fed up with it. Some of you in here love me to the hilt, but you’ve still got certain stuff with me. And I don’t like it. It’s true, and you know it’s true.

It’s so small. And you're adorable and I love you all. I adore you, you're my life. But I have to have you moving larger. I don’t have one female yet in this room that gives me the total living of who I am. There’s something about having a communion with one another that isn’t just visitation - visiting with each other. Instead, there’s a communion, a communication of our bodies together that is so spectacular. Not just talking about what’s going on in the world but a communion where you’re fed by one another. It’s rich.

I have a hunger. I do have the love and admiration of females in this room but that's not enough for me. There has to be an experiencing that you can't be without each other. I feel for all of you that I cannot be without you. I can’t. This is why I’ve chosen you. This is why you're with me. Chuck, Jim and I called out for bodies like you. You're here because we had a call, we had a hunger. I have a call in my gut tonight for more and more people, not just us here. I have a huge capacity. I want the world to respond to physically wanting to be with us - to feel me as I feel them.

I need to have more with my partner. We enjoy the same things but that's not enough. We enjoy each other’s personalities. That’s not enough. I need to be stirred by him. I need the communion of the deep that calls unto the deep. We have moments but what about on a continuous basis with all of us? I feel that's where there is no pain and no death.

Charles Paul Brown - I was thinking of the adding to as we move, as our hunger grows. There is the adding to because we have need of. There has to be the feeling of 'a need of', and a need for other bodies. If there's a feeling of contentedness and satisfaction, it’s like with two people who are only content with one another. That’s as far as it’s ever going to grow. But it’s the same principal with a group conscience. If there is a contentedness with that group in a group consciousness that’s as far as it’s going to grow. Instead, there is a greatness that’s wanting to, and is, bursting forth from our bodies, causing us to be multidimensional. Not looking in tunnel vision, but vast, vast, vast.

We mustn’t be platonic. Our very lives are at stake, our very bodies. Everything that makes up everything we are comes from our body - all of the chemical actions and reactions. The design of the body is magnificent. You are magnificent. The functioning of your body is magnificent. That’s why we speak of the oneness, of the vital of the organs of one another all the way to the skin. The skin is just about the most vital organ of the body. It covers everything. And underneath is the functioning of all the organs that we could name, and they do what they’re meant to do. Directing cells that, when the body was forming, to form such and such many cells needed to comprise and make up a particular organ.

As our immortal body is being formed, each one here is being formed to be a vital part, an organism, but each part is the whole as I’ve expressed. Each organ is the whole. You can lose a limb, but the body will still feel that limb. And the limb will be itching but you can’t scratch it. Let’s scratch one another now.

Let’s feel each other. Let us be so thankful for one another. Let us hold one another sacred, but never make friendships. Never become so close that we develop images of one another and end up compromising ourselves. Remember, when it’s you, you're not going to lose yourself. And that’s how we must be to one another. It must be as though you are really, truly flesh of my flesh bone of my bone.

Flesh of my flesh, I appreciate you. Bone of my bone, I appreciate you. I love and adore you, my life, I live with you. We are abundantly blessed.

That’s what we are tonight. We’re abundantly blessed. The multitude of faces of death that I have described - let’s magnify the faces of immortality tonight with one another.

Jim Strole - I'm not about life and death. I’m about living. I’m about that there’s no death in me. Today, I thought about how important it is to take the death out of love. We love each other, but then we can turn around and fear losing one another. When you're really physically immortal, when you truly feel that you can’t and won't die, you experience that everyone walking with you can’t die. That's what I feel. I feel no one here can die.

The old, similar experience is gone. And all the wasted effort to try to recapture - to get to that comfortable place. A deathless flesh doesn’t have to be comfortable that way. We’ve got to be together because there’s no food anywhere on earth that can sustain us. No little life can keep us. We’ve got to be together because the virtue from our bodies is what feeds us to be bigger and more alive all the time.

Each individual is irreplaceable. No one can give me what you give me. No one touches me the way you touch me. I’ve got to have you. I’ve got to have you alive in this world. I’ve got to have you forever. You're deathless to me. I’ll never be without you.

There are people like us, people throughout this world who are hungry to hear this; people that don’t just bond but are capable of connecting to the flesh that we are.

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