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Ending Death in the Male/Female Roles

The territorial life is a bitch life. That’s the bitch, the bitch that’s so territorial. She can feel and she can love, but then that love can turn at any moment because of the territorial chemistry that comes up, the protection. She pisses on her territory and everything becomes a catfight.

The fact is when you are territorial you have no time to give your passion out. You're too busy protecting your territory - it’s that simple. And you’re a bitch. And the male, he just doesn’t know how to handle it all, doesn’t want to handle it, so he goes to sleep. The man goes to sleep. He does the life thing. He doesn’t understand the territorial thing other than, you know, it gets to be weary to him so he just goes to sleep in it. There’s no excuse - the man’s a bastard for going to sleep. In a deathless life you can’t go to sleep, but when you have given yourself to a death-oriented world and you don’t feel there’s an endless life for you, you just kind of give up because that’s what death is all about - giving up…giving in.

There’s nothing worse than an enlightened bitch. It’s that old expression, a little bit of enlightenment is dangerous. Because they get the knowledge, they get the information, they get some enlightenment and they spew it out, and they use it to manipulate wherever they want to and keep control. A truly enlightened person wants more. They don’t want you to stay in that little box. They want you moving out; they want you to soar, to go find new life, connect with other human beings and to pour out the manna from your body to keep other human beings alive on this planet.

This territorial thing is why there are boundaries in this world. The geographical boundaries are not the problem it’s these human boundaries that keep the wars going between territories. And us breaking these ties that bind, we are bringing human beings together. There will be no death, there will be no war, and no disease. There’s no war in this room. This is a model of what can happen. But we’ve got to be able to reach out from the deep of our bodies and not fear going past our territories. Expand out beyond our villages. Ignore the leaders of the village, those bitches and bastards that tell you, “Don’t leave the village the dragons will get you. Don’t stray past the village gates you’ll fall off the end of the earth.” Anything to keep the little village together.

Well honey, no village is going to keep me. No village can contain a deathless body. No village holds back a person that really wants to live. Who’s tired of the status quo and knows there can be more than heaven here on earth, more in every way.

And there’s no determining factor. There’s no Death-God that says you’ve got to die at a certain time. There’s no time for you to die. Time has nothing to do with it. You choose that you're going to die. You give in. And it’s because of this wear and tear on the body; the struggle, the protection the territorial stuff, the going to sleep stuff until finally you're just worn out. You fight the fight as long as you can fight it. You're just surviving, not really living. And pretty soon, death is a way out from it all.

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