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At Last the End of Processing

Bernadeane I’m not interested in straightening anything out with anyone, or getting you straightened out. I just can’t get excited about it. I want us to so move here that we have a collective one-body-movement that makes a difference.

I’m experiencing that our energy is not to be dissipated in ways that it has been. Yes we’re going to be a touch to one another, of course. There is a touch now that we’re ready for. Let’s move together, in a way we never have, to never again settle into the smallness of life. Begin to feel the largeness of being free of that small life. Begin to experience that largeness.

Too often we emphasize the smallness, the stuff that's kind of yucky, and it’s depleting to mess around with. I believe there’s a touch that’s like fire. It changes our thinking - we turn around. Let's magnify our life together here. Let’s lift and raise one another.

I’m not here to repeat any kind of movement that I have done with anyone in this room or outside of this room. I won't do a repeat. I will always be here for all of you, but yes, it’s got to be new. I cannot do what I did yesterday. I’m experiencing something different. I’m experiencing the lightness in my own form. It’s wonderful. I can't get into any heavy thing with any of you anymore. I thought - what am I going to do? I feel so alive, so light and joyous and fresh. That's what I’m going with. Thank you.

Jim Strole We touch everything, but we don’t get caught up in the trials and tribulations of life that wear us down. Instead, we experience the anointing and real quickening of who we are. The quickening in your body where you feel goose bumps and you know from your gut that who you are is real and where you’re heading and how you're moving is the infinite person that you are because of that.

It’s so good to feel that no matter what takes place, I’m sinless. You and I don’t have to pay for any sins that we 'so-called' committed. I’m sinless. All the superstition's out. I don’t have to question if something’s gone wrong on any particular day, that maybe I moved wrong in some way. Maybe my life’s off somehow. That’s the core of a programmed orientation of death brought to us by religion, that has so programmed the body to sin, and has brought forth superstition. Superstition that you're off or you're not feeling good today or something went wrong and so you question yourself.

That's the intimidator of death. It has no place in my body. I have no death in my body. I’m free. Free to live. I don’t have to be looking over my shoulder. Something doesn’t go right that day? I don’t have to look over my shoulder. I’m pure, I'm pure living. I’m endless flesh. And I don’t have to question myself. Didn't the stars line up right for me today? All those wasted superstitious thoughts.

Just look at AA and all the other addiction programs, they have this thing that you're helpless yourself, you’ve got to surrender to a higher power and they use God, and then they also say surrender to anything that you feel is a higher power. The principal of what they’re saying is right. You cannot, a human being cannot do it by themselves. This is why people created God, they sensed it in their bodies, but they missed the real source.

They rejected their own body, rejected each other. The real source is you and I together. It’s been hidden there all the time, and they've used symbols, that's why when Jesus came he said, "I’ve come to end all the belief systems and symbols of it all - the Father and I are one." What did he mean? He didn't mean the father in heaven, he meant "I'm the same, I’m the body you’ve always been looking for. I’m the body. I’m the life. I’m the bread of life."

A person who really wants to live must answer the call that comes from another immortal body. You’ve got to be willing to answer that call. That’s how your life is activated. There are people today that say they're answering the call of God. They hear God calling them to heaven, to an afterlife. They’re answering the call of God, something they created because they felt so small in themselves. There does have to be a surrender to a higher power, but it’s got to be a direct surrender. It’s got to be a surrender to the source, the cells and atoms of your own body and other immortal bodies in this world that are putting out the call to live.

Stop all the symbols and the worshipping of idols and the sacrifice of animals, and all the other superstitious stuff, and begin to create life here. That was when the immortal blueprint was set, in the cells and atoms of the body. They killed him, but he formed a blueprint, he made an imprint in the body. His sound touched and imprinted the DNA. And now I can't resist that sound. I must automatically respond to another immortal body calling me. I’ve got to respond and be surrendered to that higher power. No longer do I have to look through a veil or fog, wandering through the night. I've found my source. It gives me direct contact of my body and wants me alive. It makes an immortal sound to me. What is an immortal sound? It ‘s a sound than says live instead of die. It’s that simple.

It’s a sound that says strive, be prosperous instead of being in poverty. It’s a sound that says, 'Be healthy instead of disease-filled.' That’s an immortal sound. It’s not ethereal, something you can’t get your hands on, it’s very physical. Don’t make physical immortality to be so far out. It’s simply a sound that says, "Live, I want you to live. You deserve to live. I’m here to help you live. I’m here to inspire you to live. I’m here to help you keep that fire burning in your body. I’m here to ignite every cell and atom of your flesh.

There’s an intelligence; a collective gene pool of intelligence that's deathless. As the intelligence starts to roll out the guidance is there, of where to go and how to move. How many people wait, they hear a sound and they wait? They wait, they wait they wait. So conditioned to struggle. Human beings struggle themselves right out of life. Waiting, everything’s got to be just right, compromising, making sure all the little things are just right. Saying things to people than aren’t always real. You draw a line in the sand, but then you keep drawing a line back and back and you keep backing up and you keep backing up until you're against the wall. Not knowing that you're affecting your immune system. Not knowing if you take that stand there are other people in this world that will take the stand with you. And when you have other people taking that stand with you, you feel endless in your body and it gets better and better and brighter and brighter and you get brighter and brighter too.

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