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Physical Immortality and Death

The Duality of Life and Death

B: Duality is the mortal and the immortal in conflict with each other. We have both impulses in us, the impulse to live and grow, and the impulse to die. When people begin to move freely, the mortal controller knows that the immortal intelligence is going to overwhelm it. But since the mortal sensibility is so much more familiar, it is able to suppress the newness. We have to decide that we're going with the living until the other is wiped out.

Being here forever, being really alive, has to do with being a quality body, a person that has ended the split between the mortal and immortal. The split creates stress and conflict within one's own form. The conflict is what tears and breaks down the body, and causes it to age and deteriorate. We have to remove from our flesh that which destroys our bodies.

We have to move quickly to end the split. We do not have forever just because we've experienced being physically immortal. The body will deplete itself over a period of time, there will be aging and death right along with our great wake-up, if we don't move to end the duality. When we have awakened to something, when we know to do better and we don't do it, it's destructive. Anybody who is awake knows when they're doing something that's wrong for them. Don't protect yourself in it, kick ass, say "I'm done with this stuff".

When there is no more split, the body walks free; there is no more stress to weigh it down. Just trying to eat well, exercise, take vitamins, get the sleep you need, be a nice person - isn't enough. None of these things make you physically immortal. Doing these things might bring about longevity, but it doesn't take care of the split in the body. I'm all for anything one can to do to look better and feel better. But all of our movement in these areas will not stop aging and death.

Duality is death

B: Duality is a killer. You can't walk two roads and get anywhere - only to death, and I'm not interested in that. It's wonderful when you can suffer and then come out from that suffering, but I'm not looking to suffer any more. I have learned to keep a clean environment for myself that doesn't have duality in it, by which I mean dual people. I don't want to be with dual bodies. People who talk behind my back about me and treat me like shit and then come around my face with a smile - I have no time for it.

The universe itself has no duality. The universe is straight universe. The animal kingdom has no duality. They are straight animal. Food has no duality about it, it's food. The earth is earth. The planet is a planet. There is no duality about it. The only place I find duality is within humankind, and it's really destructive. Duality is death.

JS: The spirit, the mind, the intellect, the soul, everything is one in the flesh. Some people want to bypass the intellect to feel the body. The mind is the body too. The mind has been split from the rest of the body for most people. They entertain these ideas of the mind and the spirit going on without the body. This is one of the most sophisticated concepts of duality that's been propagated on this planet. This is what keeps the devalu­afion of the body going. Without the flesh there is no energy that can be manifested.

B: We can have the greatest enlightenment in the world and still live a dual life, and that slows us down. If we want to move all out we have to dump the duality We've got to only go one direcfion. You can't do one thing and be thinking about another You've got to be clear in your body about what you're doing. We're the only ones that can make us clear The universe is not going to do it for us. The animal kingdom is not going to do it for us. The food we eat is not going to take that duality away. The exercise we do is not going to heal us from that duality It is we that cause the duality to disappear!

Burn your bridges

JS: When you end the duality, when you make a choice to go one direcfion, that means you leave behind a lot of stuff. When you really choose to have a new life, you die out to an old life. For many reasons, people are afraid they will miss something if they go totally in one direction. But the reality is that when you take a clear direction and you go that way with all your heart that is where the power is. That is where the potency is. That is when you create the joy, the wealth, and whatever else you want to have.

I have a good story about the Vikings. They would go from land to land in their ships, and if they wanted to conquer a land they would burn their ships when they landed so there was no going back. Then they knew they had to go forward. I think that's a really important metaphor for us. A lot of people want a new life but they're afraid to go all the way, so they stay on the edge of a new life, but keep practically all the same old principles. They never plunge into the depths of that new land. We are plunging into the new land. The ships are burnt behind us. There's an old saying: "Don't burn your bridges". Well in the case of immortality, you can't burn your bridges fast enough. Run for your life. Go for your life all the way.

Stop the death conversation

JS: There are so many people who talk about life and are enlightened, but don't actually live according to the passion they feel. One example would be a person who wants to be physically immortal but still owns a grave plot or has a will. And the duality can be more sophisticated: you may not own a cemetery plot but you may still share in a communication with people from a death consciousness. It's not a matter of breaking a connection with anybody you care about. It's a matter of breaking the communication of death with every individual That's the connection that really has to be broken, that old death-oriented way of living and talking.

If you're not in contact with anybody who is physically immortal, you're only going to hear death, and that's the personality that you're going to go with, even if you don't want to. If you want to really live and to be physically immortal, then you've got to jump in with people who are physically immortal with you. We're not intimidated by the personality of death any more. We know what it looks like, we know what it smells like. We're already physically immortal and we don't want anything to do with what doesn't feed our life.

People who've shared a death connection with you might try to intimidate you to get you back into that old communication, or may threaten to turn away from you unless you get in line. Then you have to make a choice whether you're going to move on, and be who you are as a deathless person and communicate a whole new life, or whether you're going to condescend and compromise just to keep that relationship. I feel the only way to end the duality is to go with a person that has no duality.

First of all, people don't have the knowledge, the awareness that they need to do it on their own. We're surrounded by so much duality that if you don't go with people that have ended it, you will be affected and impacted. You can't just make a mental decision to do that, nobody can. That's why it's so wonderful that we have such an invitation for people to come into our lives.

B: We don't want people that are just open to immortality, we want people that want to close themselves to mortality. A lot of times people are interested in immortality, they brighten up, they want to talk about it or question it, but do they want to eliminate the duality? Do they want to close the doors on mortality, or do they just want to entertain mortality and immortality together?

Refrain from dying

JS: I am not trying to become physically immortal, I already am. There's a big difference in coming from a feeling that you are already whole, you are not trying to get whole, you are not trying to get perfect, you are not trying to process yourself to that place. I am eliminating everything in my life that has kept me from being all that I am. We have the ability to continually renew ourselves in the right environment, and we're not just talking about the ecology I'm talking about the human environment. The human environment is probably the most toxic condition that we face in this world, people polluted with death, polluted with the ideas of death, polluted with all the belief systems around death. What's so beautiful about what we're doing is that we're just dissolving all the belief systems around death, allowing our bodies to function how they really should function deathlessly.

I saw a cartoon that showed a guy who was searching for physical immortality searching for the answer of life. He went all over the world, and finally climbed up this mountain to reach this yogi. He almost lost his life doing it, but he finally gets to top and he peeks over and there's the yogi sitting there, and he asks the yogi the big question: How do I achieve physical immortality? And the yogi says, "Refrain from dying". That always reminds me what it's about. Refrain from dying. Refrain from situations that are of death. Refrain from people who want to die.

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