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Drop Relationships

There are many, many relationships, not just the "in love" type - there's multitudes of them.

It's so important that we drop the relationships with whatever we've got going in our bodies that keeps us from living to the fullest in every kind of way. Make this a physical reality, in every facet of your life.

If you want to stay with the person you're with and you really love them, and you want to be with them forever, drop the relationship - otherwise you're going wear out on each other. If you really want to be with a person and expand with them, and have a freshness all the time, you need to drop the relationship. Because the relationship keeps you from really feeling spontaneous.

When you live with somebody on a daily basis you've got to have some fluidity there, you've got to have some spontaneity, and you've got to have some excitement. If you don't have it, look at what you do have. I'm not saying leave that person, I'm saying go after them, and drop the relationship. Go after them in such a way that you're not being the person you've always been.

The relationship with yourself

It would be great if, in the moment, when a person expresses to us, we could just say, "yes", and not hold on to our relationship with whatever is really destructive to our body. No matter how much good may come from it, as long as it is destructive to our body, and affects people around us, then there has to be a change.

I have been told, off and on, especially by the people I live with, that I've kept a relationship going with myself. I thought this was a good thing, and at times, although I would feel how they had a feeling for me and my life, I would feel criticised by them. But despite seeing, and knowing, and being aware, and having people tell me about it, it still required a physical movement of the body for me to end that relationship.

Now I have experienced what it's like to walk free of this relationship that I've had with myself. I realized this morning that I now have the taste for this freedom. I have it in my body now - it's physical - and the feeling is so great that I don't want to carry on the relationship that I had with myself anymore. I don't want to carry it on because it doesn't taste anywhere near as good as the new freedom. The freedom from it is so tasty, it feels so good, and is so fresh.

But this relationship with myself was something that I carried all my life. I've had so many past lives walking on my two feet, yet I had kept that relationship, I had never let go of it, I had kept it going up till now. Now I can't, because it doesn't taste good anymore.

This is what I want so much for us: to get a taste, a physical taste in the body, of what it is to live free from all the relationships we have going on. That it's so easy to be alive.

Although there are many things that I could let interfere with this ease, I have the feeling and the taste now that I'm not going to let anything interfere. I keep moving and walking more free all the time, and I always will, but any relationship I take along with me is just a distraction. And it's a big one, and it's what could take my life.

The relationship with your profession

You need to drop the relationship with your profession. The focus on your profession is not going to go away, but the relationship keeps you tied up in knots.You cannot experience the spontaneous flow, the fluidity that brings an expansion, that brings prosperity, that brings everything your heart hungers for.

I feel like I'm dropping the relationship with my own profession. I'm not stopping the work, but I'm not having a relationship with it where I can't be true to every person. I'm not creating a business that keeps me bound up - I've done that in the past and I'm never doing it again. I've learnt my lesson the hard way and I'm glad I'm done with it forever. I'm not creating a business that eats me up.

My business is to touch flesh. My work is to touch you, to wake you up out of relationship, totally, all the way, without any little strings attached. Just a tiny, tiny bit is too much. I can't limit my business, I have to stop the relationship so that I can't limit my movement with people - so I can be to you who I need to be.

There is nobody that I cannot love. I don't care who they are, what they are, how they live - nothing about them matters to me. I cannot be that small person who can only be involved with just a certain kind of people that I click with. There are certain people I click with, of course - there isn't anything wrong with that - but what's wrong is if I have a relationship with them that keeps me from everybody else. Then it's sickening.

Lose everything

I'm dropping the relationship with everything. This past year I've had to face my years and time. I have dropped that relationship with time. That is a past life. That Bernadeane had to go, and she's gone. There's a brand new Bernadeane happening now who has no time attached to her - none whatsoever.

It takes something. It takes a dropping of everything to hold on to your life. Don't have a body that you can lose. This is what's happening to me: I'm dropping the body that I could lose - I'm letting it go. There are bodies that we can lose, and we need to lose those bodies. The sooner you give up the life you fight to keep, the better. Give it up because it needs to go, and it'll go anyway. It'll go in death if nothing else. Because that kind of a body does take you to death. We need to lose everything we can lose until there is nothing to lose anymore.

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