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Physical Immortality and Death

The Cult of Death

There are many cults on this planet, but the largest one is the cult of death. It's composed of human beings who have made an agreement to die. All down through history, this agreement has been the strongest force at work on the planet.

Let me give you an example of how this cult works. I remember a lady we met in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. She was in her eighties, and she was saying that all her friends were telling her to slow down, because it wasn't right for her to be so alive at that age. You see, she was making her friends very uncomfortable, because she had so much more energy than they did. So they were telling her she needed to slow down and get ready to die.

This lady needed to be around people who would encourage her to really live! There is something wonderful about finding people who really want to live. Find as many as you can - create a world around you, and an atmosphere and environment that is unto your living.

You see, most of the world today is in total opposition to staying alive. So it's very easy to become intimidated if you are not willing to break that agreement with death in your own body.

This agreement has made it easy to die, and hard to live. I want us to turn this around. I want such an agreement to live that we make it hard to die, and easy to live.

I am here to cause people to question their belief in death. I am here to bring about a feeling in human beings that will make them uncomfortable with dying.

I can't understand why so many human beings want to remain in an agreement to die. Death is so awful. There is nothing beautiful about the body aging and dying. It is absolutely horrible to see people get sick and experience pain and disease. There is nothing wonderful about it.

Oh, let's raise up a standard within flesh to agree to live, to really be healthy! This is my agreement - to see an earth filled with people who are so alive, so healthy, so loving, so giving unto one another that there will be no more wars, no more taking of another's life.

I am so thankful I'm here! I'm so thankful I had a hunger in my heart, even before I knew it would be possible for us to outlive that agreement with death, before I knew there would be an agreement to care for one another, to really be together on this planet - an agreement stronger than death.

I feel such a fire burning in me. I want to find more people who feel as I do. I want to wake people up, to let them know that there is a new way of life here for all of us. And I want this fire to spread, to cover the globe, until we have created such an agreement to live that we have made it impossible to die, and only possible to live.

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