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Creating Heaven on Earth

We say you don't have to die to go to heaven. You can be creating heaven on Earth. You make your own heaven. You make your own hell. So why not stay around and get better all the time? This is what we feel we were meant to do. This is what we were meant to be as human beings. This is the higher life we feel and are going for. You hear a lot of talk about ending suffering, ending wars, ending discrimination, ending prejudice or limitation of any kind. But people live in a state of separation, one from another. That's the norm that's the status quo, and that's why belief systems are so strong. People connect in belief systems. They connect in various ways but they don't connect physically. They don't cross the gulf that exists between people. This gulf that people find so normal is where the starvation is, is where death is.

This is where people are not keeping one another alive. And that's the major issue addressed in People Unlimited. Breaking through the separation to make a real physical human connection. That's what a higher power is really about: people who add to your life and increase your life and expand your life. People who inspire you to be more and different. People who want you fully alive, forever, physically immortal, not dying, constantly evolving and getting better. In that is the beginning of the end to suffering, wars, discrimination, prejudice and limitations, and everything we need to really live a higher life and for creating Heaven on Earth.

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James Strole and Bernadeane are the founders and directors of People Unlimited Inc. They've spoken and written on physical immortality for over four decades, and are the leading anti-death activists working today.

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