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The Common Sense of Physical Immortality

Physical Immortality is the only cause you can't die for.

As an itinerant modern middle-class American guru, I seek out and study people, lifestyles, and movements, and spread practical information to people who are ready for it. Like a bee in a field of flowers, I gather ideas and share the nectar in abundance with the community of the interested.

There are many new ideas which are valuable and which are based on common sense: harnessing tidal energy, windmills, solar heating, consciousness consulting, new age businesses, to name just a few. I'm particularly interested in an idea which I've been watching for about a decade - the idea of physical immortality. There exists a well-organized "immortalist movement" and an immortalist literature. I've collected almost twenty new books on the subject. Some of the organizations which are involved in this work are the Committee for the Elimination of Death, Foundation of Infinite Survival, Theta Seminars, War Against Death, among others.

The basic idea of physical immortality is that you can take personal responsibility for the destiny of your physical body. Immortalists reject the idea that death is inevitable, and say that death is controlled by individual consciousness. They affirm the idea that the human body is able to last as long as the rest of the physical universe. Immortalists permit reincarnation in their world view, but prefer staying alive to the traditional and popular practice of disposing of each body as trash. If you're going to survive death anyway, why not just stay around? As alternatives to aging, they suggest youthing (getting younger), or agelessness (maintaining the same appearance indefinitely). All of this is made possible as a function of changing your thoughts, of establishing an eternal self-image and immortal mentality.

Immortalists have no desire to deprive a person of the right to die or to destoy his physical body if he wishes. But they desire to make the immortalist alternative a live option in a deathist-programmed society. It's an interesting situation: If by changing your thoughts you can live forever, then whoever doesn't believe this will die off, eventually leaving only immortals. Why not have your laugh last and last? Immortalists point out that physical death will always be available, but that it is and always has been a matter of personal choice - a choice that people have habitually failed to appropriate.

Death is a grave mistake.

Death is Unhealthy

The belief that death is inevitable is unhealthy to humans. This is just common sense. psychosomatic science has proven that our beliefs influence our health. So what practical value does believing in death have if you desire health? The belief that death is inevitable has probably killed more people than all other causes combined. Even if you survive illness, accident, and old age, your own belief in death will get you in the end, unless you change it. Seriously questioning the idea that death is inevitable is good and practical for both mental and physical health. Immortalisits argue that if death really were inevitable and beyond your control, then believing in physical immortality wouldn't hurt you.

A Useless Custom

Another common-sense finding that immortalists have made is that death does not occur at random, but seems to occur statistically according to family tradition. The time of death is not controlled by God or Nature or the Devil, but is determined by a family pattern: Parents sell death to their children, consciously or not, generation after generation, without questioning it. Insurance companies make a profit on the fact that, statistically, family members tend to die generation after generation of the same symptoms and at about the same age. If you wish to attribute this to genetic factors, why are there then any exceptions to family tradition? Charles Dickens died at age 58; his son, Charles Walter Dickens, at 58. However, dozens of descendants lived 10 to 50 years longer than that. These divergent tendencies seem to indicate that family tradition may be passed as a mechanical pattern unless the individual becomes conscious of his own programming and takes responsibility for it.

Immortalists say that we can consciously change these patterns and control the quality of our flesh. The body is a living, plastic organism that can be molded and transformed by the scientific use of autosuggestion, as well as by more physical disciplines. It may be that the whole issue of death is determined by your mind. This means that if you die, you are responsible for killing yourself; using accident or disease as an excuse is just an unconscious cover for committing suicide. Immortals don't get into accidents or get sick. Everyone who dies commits suicide; only the honest and enlightened are conscious enough to know it and admit it. A person who doesn't use mental and spiritual methods of healing when medicine fails is just ignorant.

It's worth thinking about!

Perhaps our loyalty to death or "death urge", is a personality trait we could do without. The U.S. Constitution says we are innocent until proven guilty. Be immortal until you prove otherwise. Your death urge is only a philosophy until you are dead. Death is only an idle speculation as long as you are alive, but thinking about it may produce illness, failure, hate, depression, or helplessness when you could be enjoying life.

Your body doesn't have the power to kill itself. It is only the eternal consciousness which guides your body's growth that can destroy it. Your mind is stronger than your body, and survives your body whether you like it or not. There are many clinical reports of people who have died and returned to life and report a continuous memory of the state in between. If your happiness or misery continues without your body, then the value of physical death is highly overrated. Why let your death urge decimate your whole personality? You have to be immortal in order to kill yourself.

Dying is no way to live.


Immortalists have composed affirmations which can be used to establish certainty and to clarify one's thoughts. These ideas can be written down several times a day or can be recorded on a tape cassette and listened to repeatedly:

"I am alive now; therefore, my life urges are stronger than my death urges. As long as I keep strenghthening my life urges and weakening my death urges, I will go on living in increasing health and youthfulness."

"Life is eternal. Since I am life, I am eternal; My mind as the thinking quality of life is eternal, and my body as matter and energy is eternal. Therefore, my living flesh has a built in natural tendency to live forever, to persist."

"As long as I am breathing, I am alive; I am breathing fully and freely."

"I am immortal until I prove otherwise. You are immortal until you prove otherwise. They are immortal until they prove otherwise."

"Death may never come, but immortality is already here. Eternal life is here, now and throughout all eternity."

"The purpose of the physical universe is to support my body in health and youthfulness. I have a right to keep my living flesh as long as the universe exists."

"Eating chocolate chip cookies once a month for the next 500 years is a good enough reason to be immortal."

Physical immortality lasts as long as you do.


Real spiritual enlightenment is running rampant in the land today. Maybe we are ready to get in touch with our bodies; maybe we can now enjoy them fully; maybe we are enlightened enough to be responsible for them.

Maybe physical immortality is an idea whose time has come!

If you think that this is the century that will conquer death, or even if you would like to help immortals make a dent in the power of death in the history of mankind, there are two things you can do:

1. Spread this information! As author of this piece of writing, I have remained anonymous so that you can feel totally free about reprinting this essay. Give it to your family and friends. Mail it to newspapers, magazines, newsletters, churches, radio and television stations. Mail it to famous personalities, politicians, to anybody in a position of influence or leadership. Mail it to your local morticians, police stations, doctors, and hospitals.

The more we change the mass thinking about death, the easier it will be for us. Every person who questions, seriously or humorously, the inevitability of death, weakens its power. The campaign to make the world safe for immortal humans is a campaign to save your own life.

You have my permission tp reprint this and use it in any form you desire. You can do it cheaply or expensively with artwork - use your own imagination and creativity.

Another reason I have chosen to remain anonymous is because the news media are often irresponsible for the quality of information they pass on. This irresponsibility pretends to be "objective reporting". Media people sometimes think it's smart to make fun of or be negative about whatever ideas are good for mankind. They also tend to lack respect for personal privacy. I expect my desire for anonymity to be honored.

2. Let go of your own personal death urge. The death urge is a real psychic entity which can be isolated in your own mind and destroyed. Your death entity is composed of beliefs and ideas about death which you absorbed from your parents and culture. You can transmute this into aliveness simply by changing each negative belief into a positive one - one thought at a time. Use the affirmation technique. Instead of believing that you might die or be killed at any moment, simply affirm: "I am at cause over the fate of my physical body. Nothing can harm me without my consent.".

Just question death and the death urge starts to crumble! If your fear of death causes you to master the immortalist affirmations, then your death urge has self-destructed. Longevity drugs cannot destroy your death urge. But your body will spontaneously manufacture within itself whatever chemicals are needed for your personal immortality as soon as your beliefs are right. The best that drugs can do is give you a rationale for changing your beliefs.

Your body heals itself in accordance with your mind. Ultimately, it is only your personal connection to Infinite Being (all power) and Infinite Intelligence (all ideas) which will save you. You are an expression of all that is, and are by nature eternal. Your death urge is by nature self-destructive, and its power lasts only as long as you cling to it. The moment you let go of it, the eternity which is the fundamental quality of your being will manifest on a practical level as love, wisdom, joy, peace, and physical health. You can feel it expand with each postive thought. Let your body outlive your death urge!

Actually, it is very difficult to destroy your physical body. Your life urge, if you pay attention to it, warns you again and again before a fatal accident. There is a tremendous margin of safety in the universe.

Fatal illnesses usually take a long time to kill - plenty of warning to change your mind. Over 90% of all suicide attempts are unsuccessful. Your life urges are making you immortal now. all you have to do is to listen to the messages in your own body and to honor them. All pain is anchored in negative thoughts; If you keep negative thoughts out of your consciousness, you will live forever. Pain is the effort involved in clinging to a negative thought. Positive thoughts instantly bring pleasure. Physical pleasure is experiencing the love of God personally.

Try living with immortalist ideas for awhile; If you decide you liked it better the old way, you can always change your mind again.


1. Memorize the above affirmations and aphorisms.

2. Whenever you are tempted to give up - don't! Feelings of depression, hopelessness, and helplessness are impotent and will dissolve spontaneously if you trust life.

3. Fear is a negative thought which you can change at any time by replacing it with a good thought. Try one of the affirmations.

4. If there is a God, he loves you and your body. When you enjoy it, he enjoys you.

5. Talk about your feelings to friends or spiritual counsellors.

6. Make abundant living and physical immortality socially acceptable topics.

7. Let go of all negativity and morbidity in your mind.

The belief that death is inevitable is just as ridiculous as the belief that machines heavier than air can't fly. Over half the people alive today may already be immortal, only some of them haven't found out about it yet. It's up to you to tell them the good news. If you don't, they may die and join the scrapheap of deathist believers.

This message is your tool. If you are afraid of what your friends might think of you when you become an immortalist, imagine what they will think of you when you are dead. You have the option to be eternal, or you can choose to be dead right.

Visionary ideas may seem strange at first, but they may save your life.

My two favorite books on physical immortality so far are "The Immortalist", by Alan Harrington, which is being reprinted by Celestial Arts; and Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, by Baird Spaulding, which has been kept in print continuously by Deborss and Co., since the 1920's.

Multiply this message and spread it around! Let's see what it's like to live in an eternity of conscious human beings! It's time to stop pretending! Love yourself, your brothers and your sisters with greater freedom!

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