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Bernadeane - It’s a great thing to feel that you're physically immortal. I want to encourage us all to keep moving, keep feeling, keep experiencing being physically immortal. Don’t take how you feel lightly. Sometimes you may not feel that way, but in your guts, that’s who you feel you are. Keep feeling that, because it’s a build up in the body. What we feel builds in our body. It builds. It keeps building.

Don’t put off the potency that you feel in your form right this moment. What you experience today will build you stronger for your tomorrow. Carry it, keep it, keep feeling that, and tomorrow it will be stronger for you than it is right now, than it is this moment.

Being physically immortal for me hasn’t diminished. I feel more physically immortal than ever before. More than how I felt when I awakened at 20 years of age. I’m solid today, it’s who I am. I felt it then, but there’s a living of who you are that builds in your body, and it just gets stronger and stronger physically and there’s a physical manifestation that takes place in the the body. It’s absolutely fabulous. Pretty soon it’s like we don’t get sick anymore. I hardly know what that is anymore, to be sick. Hallelujah!

I’m not going to die. This feeling builds in my body. Let it build in your person. Keep saying it. It will click in that you're not going to die. Of course at times you'll have some negation about it. Don’t let the negation be stronger than your reality. It’s good to say it because our words are flesh, our words are the body. So, the more you speak the word of your flesh, it keeps enlarging. And eventually, there is something that clicks in a way that it never has before. Physical immortality will become to you that which it’s never been before. You will feel a newness of yourself. Let us not be contemptuous of where we are now. Let us keep moving for a new experiencing all the time.

Jim Strole - Right in the midst of some of the hardest and most frustrating moments you might be experiencing, you’ve got to be able to say, “I'm not here to die." Speak the deathless life that we are to ourselves and to one another. It's a fresh new movement and it’s the same for every area of your life.

It’s one thing to take an individual stand - and that's important - to say, "I can’t die" - but then you hold back and don't really give because of a fear of death, of loss, of not getting too close. Not getting too intimate, not really pouring out your passion with somebody because of those fears. And you can say, "Well you know, there’s a lot of other reasons why I don’t. There’s things this person does I can’t really praise them all the way. I like them, I feel them, but I can’t really praise them all the way."

Underneath all that is the death urge. Underneath that struggle, the critical mind, everything - is the death urge. There’s no death in me. There’s no critical mind of death in me anymore.

So the great news is, there’s no stopping place any more. I can’t stop on you. It’s not in my body. Love that has never even been seen before is what we’re experiencing. And there’s more, and it’s deathless. There’s no fear in it. There's no loss. If you're not feeling good one day, I don’t have fear of loss of you in my body. I'm moving forward. This is why there’s always got to be, like Bernie said, newness all the time. I can’t go back and go over what I went over with you before. It might look like it sometimes, but it's actually a new movement all the time. And I have a new sound all the time for you. New movement. Yes.

Charles Paul Brown - There is no devil, but there is death. And if there is a devil it is death. It’s dark, there’s no light and it constantly moves in separation and division. The root word of devil is divider, divisive, division. And that is precisely what the devil represents - separation within the body of man. And the subtlety of it, the sleepiness of it, there is a tremendous sleepiness in the natural functioning that brings about death. It’s also instinctive, and intuitive. People are following the natural way of life, which ends in dead.

Just look at when you go see a doctor they try to get in touch with our genetics. They give you those long forms to fill out all about your ancestral history and all the maladies that have plagued them. And so these are the many faces - people are the many faces of death. And a dark energy from the chemical action and reaction that goes on between people is released on the planet. There is a chemical of sickness. There’s a chemistry of disease. Each disease has its own particular chemistry. And I'm asking, where is the end of all of that?

There’s no sound from the dead. There’s silence. I don’t want any one of you to be silent. Let there to be a loudness of who you are a loudness of who we are. Let it be that there’s coming from our bodies that which makes others know there is a difference. By being in our presence they know we're different.

There is an intelligence of death. You may think I'm glorifying death, that I'm giving death power. But this death intelligence absolutely seeks to operate in this sleepiness. It operates in the sluggishness. That’s why we have to shake ourselves sometimes, we have to allow ourselves to be shaken, and we must shake others. We must shake any time there is a sluggishness that would begin to happen among anyone here. There needs to be a speaking to. There needs to be a touch, and you should be thankful for that touch. Be thankful. Man, how sacred.

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