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The Language of Our Bodies

You guys that are Spanish speaking get in touch with yourselves as physically immortal bodies. Forget the English language that we speak, get in touch with being physically immortal because all languages are subject to our life. All languages are subject to the Physically Immortal life.

The personality of the language must bow, must bow to our life. You want to speed up learning something? Begin to give to an immortal intelligence operating in your body and you will be able to speak in any tongue. But the greatest tongue you can speak is the language that is deathless.

We must be passionate about this. We must be the living that’s giving praise. Death cannot celebrate. There’s no celebration in death. There’s somberness and quietness. There must be a praise that comes from us. And what is that praise? It's being a light shining to others. A deep feeling coming from us. Whether a word is spoken or not, there’s a feeling that’s coming from the body that can be felt. There’s no celebration, there’s no praise from the grave. There’s no sound. Go out and stand in a graveyard. You are not going to hear the sound of anything except the birds and the bees. I have broken that circle. I want you to know. That circle is broken. I’m proud. I’m proud to be home, I’m proud to be home in your flesh. I’m proud to be the body I am.

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