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Beyond Age

Physically immortal bodies are not of age - age has nothing to do with us. We are timeless, we are alive. For us, there is no middle age, no old age, there isn't any of it.

I experienced recently that nohody has yet gone beyond old age because all there has been after old age is death. I realized that we must create beyond old age. We must create something else, and then the ones of us coming up never need to fulfill old age. I am never going to fulfill middle age, old age, death or any of it. I took myself off that wheel when I declared that I'm physically immortal.

We have to say "no" to death, "no" to the time clocks, "no" to the voices that come up, telling us to age and die.

But there's also being so alive as well, so in love and so creative of the present and the future. That piece has to be there too, we can't just say "no" and be in an endless struggle against. We have to be so alive and so joyful that there's something to live for!

These days I experience being on a roller coaster all the time. I never knew how many changes I'd have to go through, but it's OK because I have other bodies who can hold me, bodies I can fall into.

I never doubt any more that I can move on. I used to think that I couldn't do it, I couldn't be physically immortal, that I wasn't going to make it. But all that has just gone. I experience being on the roller coaster, but I feel safe and I actually love it! I celebrate every single tiny move we make. I always experience there being more to change - it never stops - but I always celebrate.

I'm celebrating all the time these days. Every single change, no matter how small or how huge, it's just wonderful. Every single thing we change feels so good and exciting.

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